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    Monkey Destruction Switch got a reaction from FFWF in College Essay.   
    Paying someone else to write your essay for you is unethical and dishonest and an insult to anyone who actually completes their courses through hard work and honesty. I get that college-related anxiety can be tough, but that is not the answer.
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    Monkey Destruction Switch got a reaction from Sonictrainer in College Essay.   
    Paying someone else to write your essay for you is unethical and dishonest and an insult to anyone who actually completes their courses through hard work and honesty. I get that college-related anxiety can be tough, but that is not the answer.
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    Monkey Destruction Switch got a reaction from Zaysho in College Essay.   
    Paying someone else to write your essay for you is unethical and dishonest and an insult to anyone who actually completes their courses through hard work and honesty. I get that college-related anxiety can be tough, but that is not the answer.
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    Monkey Destruction Switch reacted to DryLagoon in What are the elements make a Sonic game feel like a Sonic game?   
    I have to admit I'm a bit confused by your post. I was expecting an explanation of what Sonic means to you, but instead it seems like you described what elements of a game in general are. Maybe I'm looking at it wrong.
    I think there's a good reason fans have the Classic, Adventure and Modern split even if it's all Sonic. So I will try to explain what each means to me and what parts I think overlap or differ.
    Classic Era Sonic
    Gameplay: Despite many saying Sonic is all about speed and is promoted as such, the actual game has various slower moments. This is probably repeating what other fans have said, but if I had to sum it up, what people like about the Classic gameplay is the sense of momentum. If you do well, you are rewarded with a higher path, and if you do poorly you get the lower path. Different paths makes it enjoyable to replay levels. Dedicated players can continue to replay the levels to master the controls, while casual players can race to the end. Speed running is a natural part of Sonic's community as well. Graphics: Sonic and his friends are inspired by classic animation, and it's a style I really like. It comes off as both cool and cute, depending on the character. The zones are enjoyable to look at with bright greens for the nature zones, and a lot of grey for the mechanical zones. Spinoffs: I really enjoy Sonic R and Sonic the Fighters. They take the designs from the main titles and give them a different spin. Music: Catchy stuff. The club style of JP Sonic CD was interesting. It goes to show simple can be better. Sonic R's OST was great, even if not as "Sonic"ish. Plot: You see the series grow with each title, and get a good sense of the setting and characters. Sonic 3 & Knuckles is really impressive what they were able to show, and I love how Knuckles is able to tell a different story with his route. I'd say the roots of Adventure's multiple stories truly started here. Adventure Era Sonic
    Gameplay: Adventure era really upped the spectacle of the series. It was born from a desire to show off what the Dreamcast could do, and that spirit stuck around. While some of this was automated, it also introduced new staples like the homing attack, light speed dash, and grinding on rails. Some of these came out of needing better aiming for 3D space. If I had to say what differs from this gameplay from Modern, it would be the wideness and exploration in the levels, even if it was sometimes only the illusion of doing so. It also introduced the ranking system which rewarded not just finishing the level quickly, but doing it with style too. Graphics: Sonic and friends got redesigned to fit in with the era and bring back that sense of coolness. I really love the artstyle here too, it has a graffiti like image with bold linework. The poses were made more stylish to fit the design, and it's something I miss seeing. Levels had a mix of more realistic and fantasy (I love Pumpkin Hill). Additional playstyles: I really like both treasure hunting, and the shooting styles. I think they work within reason. Also prefer the speed of Gamma's version compared to the SA2 style. I'm a bit mixed on if the radar should show all pieces, as I enjoyed the surprise of stumbling upon a piece and getting a lot of points. I also like using the hints to get better at spotting them. I get why many don't though. Spinoffs: I enjoyed Sonic Riders and Sonic Battle. Sonic Rush was okay, but it also inspired boost so not so happy about that. I liked Advanced's partner system. Music: I enjoy the wide variety of genres and would like if it returned. Plot: SA1 really felt like a nice finish to the Classic Era story. SA2 is one of my favorites of course, even if not considered as traditionally Sonic. I don't care much for Shadow's game. 06 is mixed. I like the storybook games. Sonic Battle was shockingly good for a spinoff. I still debate if Unleashed fits here, but it was fine. Modern Era Sonic
    Gameplay: The major addition is of course boost and wisps. I like the addition of sidestep and drift. This era is defined by it's obsession of trying to mix 3D with 2D segments. I am not fond of this at all. It messes with the flow in my opinion, and the 2D segments feel like slow padding instead of fun. Wisps are fun, but I would rather have more varied power ups. wispons I might be ok with, I'm not sure fully. I don't care for boost, but I get why some do. Graphics: Sonic went from 2D pop art to 3D rendered art. It's ok, but the poses became really bland. Lost World's cover still bugs me. Sonic is a mascot, but he doesn't need to be bland. I can't recall much about the levels, but this era was trying too hard to reuse old designs from the Classic era. Spinoffs: Sonic racing was fine. I can't comment on Boom. Olympics is fun for what it is. Music: I like some tracks from Colors like the Wisp planet theme. Sonic really tried to go for club party music again, this time EDM and remix based. Forces felt like a rave at times and I kind of like it, but wouldn't want it to be the only music. Avatar's felt like DDR music and I also like the return of vocal music. Plot: I'll keep it short, too many jokes. Too much meta. The usual complaints. So what would I say Sonic has in common in general? It's current trends. Be it the art style, the plot, or the music, they tend to reflect current trends. This can be for the better or worse. Despite many, I don't think Sonic is just a platformer that's all about speed. Again, the 2D segments in Modern feel more like a punishment than fun. To me it's about a system that is easy to progress in, but takes time to master, that just happens to have speedy parts. Different routes makes short levels more replayable. Missions give you different ways of going through the game. As you master the skills you naturally get faster at levels.
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    Monkey Destruction Switch reacted to Kuzu in What are the elements make a Sonic game feel like a Sonic game?   

    This series means different things for many people; whether you're a Classic fan, a Modern fan, an Archie fan or anything else in between that you define yourself as. We have our own preferences and whatnot, but the one thing that binds us is love for this stupid blue hedgehog. This topic is an attempt to tackle the age old question that seemingly nobody has an answer to. This isn't going to be a simple "What do you want from the series" type of topic, but to better understand the elements about this series that personally define it for us so we can find some type of middle ground for compromise, and how has the series integrated those elements in the past, and how you would want those elements to be integrated in the future. That and we're going through a huge drought right now and I feel we need something substantial to talk about than just cynical musings in the Status Updates. 
    So I guess I'll go on and start off with my own personal defining elements; I'll preface this by saying that by no means do I feel my preferences are inherently superior to anyone else's, these are just the things that I have grown to associate with the series and wish to see them better utilized in future installments to satisfy my enjoyment. By no means do I feel my preferences are good for everyone and I'm fully open to critique and opposing opinions if anyone objects.
    Kuzu's Primary and Secondary elements for a Sonic game.
    Primary Elements: I'll start off by saying that I wholly prioritize gameplay above any and all else. While I understand that the franchise has expanded to encompass far more than a simply video game series, it's still firmly rooted as a video game series to me and I want the series to actually be fun and enjoyable as a game to play first and foremost.
    Speed: This is pretty self-explanatory, it's simply not a Sonic game if speed is not involved in some way. Speed is what separates from his contemporary platforming brethren. And by speed, I don't mean simply "going fast" 
    Control: In short, the different ways to control and dictate how Sonic's speed is utilized. It's 2020, and I still don't feel the series has really has gotten this down yet past the classic titles. Some games are certainly closer than others, but Sonic has yet to just feel.."right" to control in a 3D space. 
    Level Design: How the game is designed to use the above two elements essentially and how they can come together.
    Secondary Elements: By no means do I feel these elements are inferior to the aforementioned, and they do in fact greatly impact the game's presentation and overall enjoyment for myself.
    Graphics/Artstyle: How the game defines how the world around Sonic looks and the type of world he lives.
    Music: This includes general SFX, and instrumentation. Also favorite composers (More Tee Lopes and Jun Senoue collabs plz)
    Additional playstyles: Other character flavors to the main gameplay. Personally speaking, I've grown fond of characters having levels dedicated to their own unique abilities. But I also know this costs a lot more money than normal, which makes it somewhat impractical depending on the amount of characters. I think 3-4 is the maximum any game should attempt.
    Plot and characterization: The thing that actually makes me care about what's happening in the game, and therefore, gives me motivation to proceed until the end. 
    So yea, those are kind of all of the things I've grown to associate with the series and are things I feel they've kind of faltered in lately. Honestly, aside from the music and graphics, none of the things I've listed have really been implemented well beyond the bare minimum of what's required of them. (Mania notwithstanding). There's plenty of speed by proxy of boost,  but the level design and controls are pretty much designed to do nothing but go fast with not much nuance. It's good spectacle no doubt, but it gets really boring after a while. Lost World attempted to address this, and I do feel the level design and controls are much more varied than  Boost games, but the lack of polish for the controls, and poorer use of the secondary elements kind of soured me to it. 
    Graphics have been steadily improving as far as environments, but animations are still pretty stiff and lacking in much visual appeal. Especially if we compare to the mastery that was Unleashed and Generations graphical style. Not that every game should look like that, but we haven't really push the graphical fidelity lately. 
    Music is....serviceable ; I do like how the series has tried more than just the standard rock and guitar soundtracks of old, but I don't feel most of the newer tracks are all that memorable outside of maybe 1 or 2 tracks. I'm glad Forces decided to bring back vocal themes tho, please never leave again.
    Plot...yea, it's gotten pretty bad lately lol. I don't prioritize this nowhere near as much as other people do anymore, but it's still a glaring flaw. I don't know what the hell is happening here. Not that the series has ever had amazingly written storytelling, but the latest attempts just seem to be getting lazier... I don't care about tone as much as I care about basic storytelling principles. A beginning, a middle, and end would be fine. Maybe add some more subplots to add some flavor?
    So yea, those are are my thoughts; feel free to comment on how you feel about my preferences, or list your own. What are some ideas you feel that could improve some of these elements, what you feel should be prioritized over others and why. Nothing is really off limits here. Maybe you like Archie or SATAM want to see the Freedom Fighters in a game, how could you go about doing it? No idea is bad here. 
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    Monkey Destruction Switch reacted to horridus in The Lara-Su Chronicles and Ken Penders topic - READ PAGE 164, POST 4096   
    I myself am trying to process the fact that Taelor's head was literally copy pasted and switched from this comic page....

    Likewise, I said it once and I'll say it again, but good god K'nox sticks out badly next to the Spaz designed Lara and Julie. It's just... painfully obvious that there is a clash of styles and design philosophy at work here. 
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    Monkey Destruction Switch reacted to Emperor Robrainiac in ARTWORK: Robrainiac's topic of mostly OC art, with a some Fanart   
    Here's a little something no one asked for: A profile for some characters I made! At the moment, I'm calling the idea "Checkpoint canyon..." It my take on the "RPG world but focusing on the monsters/enemies." idea. It's been done, sure, but the hell with it, I like the idea.

    This one I can't quite pinpoint where I got the idea from. I really just like drawing monsters, humanoid or not. For this particular character, I just had a bunch of ideas in mind and threw them all together. The result... I kinda like it. I imagine this character to be a medical doctor/healing mage with a personality that's a cross between a mother figure and a mad scientist. Create an RPG style world for her to be in, give her some friends, and... well that's yet another story Idea I've created.

    I love and hate having so many ideas for stories.  

    I've been wanting to come up with a skeleton character for a while, but couldn't come up with a design I liked... Eventually, I said, "the hell with it," and just made him a spine with half a skull and a hand. A pretty fun character to draw, actually.

    He's the main character's weapon, kind of a cross between the hookshot from zelda and whip from castlevania.

    When I first drew these characters, I envisioned them as being similar to Navi from Zelda. Just orbs with wings. But as I kept drawing them, I found myself coming up with designs I really liked and... well, here we are now!
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    Monkey Destruction Switch reacted to Sonario in Sonic Headcanons   
    A little boy named Ivo grew up as a lonely orphan, bullied and ostracized for his incredible intellect. He was "raised" by neglectful foster parents and had no idea of his past. But one day, he found Gerald's journals and some videotapes of Gerald and Maria hidden in his foster parents' belongings. Reading through the journals and watching the tapes lead him to discover his own true identity, Ivo Robotnik. His heart was filled with joy at knowing he had a real family out there and he was greatly inspired by his grandfather's exploits and started aspiring to become a great scientist like him.
    But one thing that confused him was that the name Robotnik was never mentioned anywhere outside of the journals or videotapes, and no matter where he searched, he never found any trace of where his grandfather or cousin could be. It was almost as if their existence was never meant to be known. On a quest to solve this mystery, he eventually hacked his way into the government's records and found out about their ultimate fate. This gruesome discovery caused him to have an epiphany; If people treated him like a freak just because he's smart, wouldn't he suffer the same fate as his family if he became a great scientist himself? This revelation caused him to snap and gain a new mission. If the world would take his family away and reject him, he would over the world and remake it in his image. Thus the megalomaniacal Dr. Eggman was born.
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    Monkey Destruction Switch got a reaction from Perkilator in Posting takes too long   
    It seems like when I make a post, status update, or status reply, it often takes a few solid seconds to actually publish and it's beginning to get on my nerves. Anyone else experiencing this?
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    Monkey Destruction Switch reacted to Shadowlax in Canon Immigrants   
    She could just be a handicapible person. Doesn't really need that indepth explanation. She has some limbs to help her do what she needs to do. All it needs to be
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    Monkey Destruction Switch reacted to Plumbers_Helper in Random glitches you’ve had in a Sonic game   
    Oddest glitch I've ever had was in Sonic 3&K with Knuckles in Launch Base Zone. I jumped on a badnik like normal, but instead of a animal popping out a black rectangle about the size of Knuckles came out and hopped away. I've never had that happen again and despite how well documented Sonic 3 is I've never seen this glitch mentioned online before.
    Another glitch that always stuck with me was in Sonic Adventure. I found Eggman and Knuckles lying on the ground near the Master Emerald like what normally happens in the Super Sonic story...only I was playing the regular Sonic story so they shouldn't of been there. Walking over to them wouldn't trigger the cutscene. I latter learned this happened because the Super Sonic story is built on the regular Sonic story. I must have started the Super Sonic story but never went to Angel Island to trigger the cutscene, then quit the Super Sonic story and started the regular Sonic story. It almost sounds like the beginning of a creepypasta now that I think about it. 😅
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    Monkey Destruction Switch reacted to DryLagoon in Dreamcast Debut Zones: Levels from Sonic Adventure   
    You might want to trim the info down a bit or use a spoiler tag to save on page load time. But this seems fun so I'll reply.
    Zone Discussion Questions
    1. What is your number 1 Favorite/the BEST level in Sonic Adventure? Or if you can’t pick one, what are your top favorites?
    I'm a Chao raiser so of course I replayed Emerald Coast often for easy rings. And as an Adventure fan I really do love every level, even if some more than others. But I'd say stand outs are Lost World and Speed Highway.
    Lost World to me feels like the best at capturing the idea of "Adventure" in level form, more so with the theme of this game of the Echidna tribe and Mystic Ruins. You go through the entrance of a giant ruin of the past: running through traps, riding a wooden snake in the water, running on walls, navigating through the dark with mirrors, falling down water falls, running from a boulder classic Indiana Jones style, ending with a giant mural of Perfect Chaos, all in one level. Not all of it may be the most fun to play (the water segment being slow), but it always gets me pumped to go through. Adventure having several music tracks per level also really helped each segment of the levels have it's own vibe. I learned more recently that due to a loading error, Sonic's version doesn't load the 3rd track properly so you only hear a few seconds at the end. Speed Highway is definitely one of the best. You know it's good when it was remixed for Generations. (well, mostly) I am mostly talking about Sonic's version for the sake of time. Tails and Knuckles were also fun to play as here, but Sonic gives the whole package. You've got the running on walls again and speed of the first part, the iconic running down the building transition, and the wider area of the last part. I honestly am curious what levels would be like if they were some mix of Sonic and Knuckles design. You get a race to the finish with Sonic, but you can also explore to find things during Knuckles. It gives a lot of room for optional missions too. I put this second as while it is fun to play, to me Lost World gives me more Adventure vibes theme wise. 2. What is your least favorite/the WORST level in Sonic Adventure? Or you can’t pick one, what are your bottom least favorites?
    Rather than level itself, due to Adventure reusing levels with different characters, I have to be that guy and go with the Big levels. I like Big, I'm not saying to cut him. I'm just saying if he comes back it'd be nice if they improved on it somehow. If we count non levels probably the Sky Chase segments. I'm really not a fan of them in this or Unleashed. I like the idea, but it feels like a waste compared to the Gamma segments, and you have to do it every time you want to replay the game. 3. What are your favorite Level Music Tracks from Sonic Adventure?
    This would be a long list, so I'll try to keep it short. I don't know all the proper names so I'll mostly go by the level name. They are more hub worlds, but I have to include the hub world themes here. Station Square, Mystic Ruins, Egg Carrier, all great. Also Eggman's bgm theme is good stuff. Cutscene wise I like the one that plays for Chaos, Tails meeting Sonic flashback, and the one that plays when the elders attack the Chao. All the character songs are great. Amy's theme is probably my least favorite, but it's not bad. I'm also the rare one who likes SA1 Sonic and Tails more than SA2. Knuckles is tied for both, but slightly prefer SA1 version. Level wise: Windy Valley part 3 (I learned later it was a remix), The quiet one in Ice Cap, All of Lost World, the lava part of Red Mountain is awesome, I love the Final Egg theme so much. If I had a favorite it's probably that one as it's perfect for a final level. Of course Open Your Heart is a given, but I always wished it was flipped in Perfect Chaos to be the serious music first, then Open Your Heart for the ending. 4. Is there any level in Sonic Adventure that you would want to see revisited, for plot reasons, in a future game? (Example: Return to the Egg Carrier, which is still in the ocean)
    Honestly, no. At least not the Egg Carrier. Mystic Ruins maybe, but I think it's best to leave these settings alone. Station Square would be okay though, as it can be more general than the rest. 5. Were you happy to see Emerald Coast & Speed Highway in Sonic Generations? 
    I was, but with all the "first" levels in that game I would have preferred Lost World over Emerald Coast. We already had a beach level with Sonic Heroes anyways. To me Lost World represents Adventure 1 best theme wise in a way the other games post Classic don't.
    Remake Discussion Questions
    1. Should any characters get upgrades or recent additions added to their movesets? (Example: Sonic having the Drop Dash or all characters having the ability to Grind on Rails)
    Yes. I can't really go into all the details, but I would like that. 2. Should all characters keep their unique playstyles or should they all play similar to Sonic?
    I think playing similar to Sonic while having their own gimmick would be good. But I'm a bit mixed. To me several already did this but with different objectives. I think Big and Amy could be improved, maybe make Tails a bit more fun too. Gamma should keep his style as it's part of his character and story. 3. Should the game stick to just the original 6 characters or should there be new additions to the roster?
    I would like to see it (I'm craving a good take on Silver's gameplay), but I think it's best to stick to the originals. Maybe have Super Sonic and Metal Sonic as hidden unlocks. (Super for beating the story, Metal for beating the usual completion) Honestly Chaos 0 and Tikal would be fun optionals for Knuckles like in SA2. 4. Should new or scrapped levels and ideas be added to the game? If so, which ones?
    I wouldn't mind some additional stages. My personal would be Eggmanland, but it might be considered too similar to Final Egg. I just always wanted to play through it and explore it as a hub, but instead we only see it in the distance in the ruins. I would also like to see the missing forms of Chaos appear somewhere. 5. Should the Act Structure stay the same (Where Mission C is the regular goal, Mission B requires getting 50 Rings, and Mission A is a Time Trial) or should they change it ?
    I think it should be a bit more clear like in SA2 how to do each one. Maybe being able to select when you enter the stage which mission and ranking info. 6. Is there any Level or Minigame that could use a major overhaul?
    I would have to say Twinkle Circuit and the Tornado segments. Both kart games in SA1 and SA2 were pretty slippery, controls like their newer cart racers might help if they did bring it back. Maybe even some other Twinkle Park minigames like bowling. 7. What is one or multiple things, not mentioned above, that you’d love to see in a Sonic Adventure remake?
    I'd like to see the hub world NPCs expanded, maybe even a tracker for how to view them all. I personally had no clue in the original of the story lines and that some would vanish during the story like tourists. Also I would like the return of holiday overlays and in game player events. Being able to select time of day for the hub worlds and chao gardens too after the story is over.  
    Next Zone Topic: I vote for 1:Fighter Battle Zones (Levels from Sonic Fighting Games)
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    Monkey Destruction Switch reacted to Natie in Worst Sonic game of the classic era   
    Glad you agree on the tragedy that is Chaotix, it was one of those games like Sonic CD where its team was more artists than game designers, but CD at least had decent gameplay. Chaotix is at all times either frustrating or super boring. I really wish we could have gotten a game with both the all-out stellar imaginative presentation of CD and Chaotix AND the tight design and gameplay of Sonic 2 and 3. 
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    Monkey Destruction Switch reacted to Rabid-Coot in The Lara-Su Chronicles and Ken Penders topic - READ PAGE 164, POST 4096   
    Feels like he bounces to a different thing every week to always seem busy while makig little progress.
    Erinaceinae is the Subfamily of Erinaceidae that hedgehoges belong to, it is correct just reads really badly because the scientific name for hedgehogs isn't one that has crossed over into everyday language.
    Species Mephitidae is a little bad though with that being the family for all the skunks and stink badgers. If he went the next level down the classification the genus Mephitis would be a better starting point for a species name paired with sapian or some variation of mobian. Or just be normal and call a Skunk a Skunk.
    Echidna have scientific names that sound made for sci-fi both the short-beaked Tachyglossus and long-beaked Zaglossus are easily better than the spell it weird and throw in an apostrophe method of sci-fi naming.
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    Monkey Destruction Switch got a reaction from All Might The Armadillo in A Total Beginner's Guide to the History of Sonic   
    First of all, make sure that you don't think of the movie being intended to take place in the same continuity as the games. The movie, like most adaptations, is its own thing, and in this case it's not a very close adaptation.
    Secondly, well... honestly, for the most part, what you see is what you get. The early games don't focus on story a lot, and ironically, once the games start focusing on story more, it only becomes LESS coherent, not more. The best way to make sense of it is with headcanons, honestly. Or just appreciate the more minimal stories in their intended context of the game and the overall experience. That's how the classic games' stories work best.
    The cartoons and comics often present a somewhat more coherent continuity, but they're usually much different from the games and in many cases have little in common with them.
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    Monkey Destruction Switch reacted to JezMM in Chamomile   
    Chamomile #154

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    Monkey Destruction Switch reacted to A Peep in Random glitches you’ve had in a Sonic game   
    Yep, that one has happened to me a lot too.
    In other Tails-related glitches (or bugs), in Advance 1, if you play as Sonic with Tails, when you finish X Zone in the bad ending, Tails just stands there in the results screen, then he’ll go into his idle animation. Cracked me up the first time I saw it.
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    Monkey Destruction Switch reacted to UnknownByME in The Lara-Su Chronicles and Ken Penders topic - READ PAGE 164, POST 4096   
    Can I just say, while Geoffrey looks awful, he's far more tolerable to look at than the main character of the story.
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    Monkey Destruction Switch reacted to SBR2 in The Lara-Su Chronicles and Ken Penders topic - READ PAGE 164, POST 4096   
    I mean I'm expecting King Ogilvie being mentioned at some point TBH.  
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    Monkey Destruction Switch reacted to Indigo Rush in Posting takes too long   
    Yeah. I think this is why double posting happens more frequently nowadays than it used to. Sometimes it looks like nothing's happening and I've spammed that post button out of frustration.
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    Monkey Destruction Switch got a reaction from FFWF in Posting takes too long   
    It seems like when I make a post, status update, or status reply, it often takes a few solid seconds to actually publish and it's beginning to get on my nerves. Anyone else experiencing this?
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    Monkey Destruction Switch got a reaction from Courtney (ProjectSNT) in Posting takes too long   
    It seems like when I make a post, status update, or status reply, it often takes a few solid seconds to actually publish and it's beginning to get on my nerves. Anyone else experiencing this?
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    Monkey Destruction Switch reacted to Ryannumber1gamer in Posting takes too long   
    Yeah, but it seems to be a problem with actually updating the page. Usually, the post/status/reply is posted immediately, it just takes longer for it to actually reflect in your page. If you open a new tab and go to SSMB, you'll tend to see that it's been posted long before the previous tab actually shows it was posted.
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    Monkey Destruction Switch got a reaction from Harkofthewaa in Posting takes too long   
    It seems like when I make a post, status update, or status reply, it often takes a few solid seconds to actually publish and it's beginning to get on my nerves. Anyone else experiencing this?
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    Monkey Destruction Switch reacted to Strickerx5 in Sonic 2020 - Episode White Jungle   
    Just played it.
    First off, this is one of the most fully featured 3D fan projects that I've ever experienced and the amount of work here really does show. The team should be recognized for that alone.
    With that being said though, there are a lot of issues. I won't harp on it too much with it purely being a fan made demo but the jank in level design is very apparent. The game sort of expects you to know how every system works (along with their rough patches) right off the bat and, with an overabundance of pitfalls, it's really all a test of trial and error. I really don't know how someone with no experience with this style of gameplay would handle some of these sections. They're just not intuitive for the most part. While the mechanics themselves are solid, some of the segments in this level aren't.
    And that second level... yikes, it's just not good. The game just isn't in a good enough state to be doing such platforming where the penalty for failure is completely starting over. Hell, even in a complete and tight platformer I'd question a level like this. Having to start over because of one bad jump just isn't fun. It's repetitive and got annoying quickly.
    After that there are also just a number of technical issues that keep the gameplay from being enjoyable. The camera doesn't always keep track of what's coming up during loops (which really shouldn't be an issue in a boost game). Glitches are abundant. It really isn't optimized (on a processing level) in a number of areas and, while the special effects are great, the actual texture work of these levels are early 2010s Unreal dev tool asset quality. They really don't mesh well with what are, otherwise, well made Sonic series assets.
    Also, for the few lines that are there, that script could use a second pass. Sonic sounds so gd robotic and unnatural with these lines.
    Now with this all being said, a lot of this is par for the course with projects like this. For what it is, the proof of concept is there. This is more along the lines of what I wish ST would do with the main series than anything else they've put out in the last 8 or so years. It's great seeing the 3D fan game space starting to turn out more complex offerings like this. Moving away from simple Unreal/ Unity engine tech demos, or custom engine playgrounds that don't lead anywhere.
    If the team behind this can optimize what's here (and probably just remove that second level)... a lot of good could come from this.
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