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    Monkey Destruction Switch reacted to JezMM in Chamomile   
    SSMB's image handling causes some inconsistent image widths here... shouldn't hugely affect the experience, but if you want an ideal time reading this special 150th comic, I recommend doing so on deviantART or tapas. Thank you all for reading!
    Chamomile #150

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    Monkey Destruction Switch reacted to JezMM in Chamomile   
    Chamomile #149

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    Monkey Destruction Switch reacted to Milo in [ARTWORK] Milo's Museum   
    Besides the Rose Gone Rogue piece, here are the other pieces I've done so far this year:

    Vrame Not Wearing Frames
    Some pretty small peepers hiding behind those giant lens. (Yes, this is the pic I've been using for my avatar for a while now.)

    Wyn Wyn
    Whether you wyn or lose, you can't go wrong with Wynnie either way! (This was the only piece I could get out for February, I was hoping to get some more art submitted in February, but I've been busy with classes and getting a bunch of Smash Bros. videos uploaded [that one is a long story with that one].)
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    Monkey Destruction Switch reacted to Milo in [ARTWORK] Milo's Museum   
    An Accel-themed update.

    Flutter Flame - Based on a concept I had of Accel being able to ignite fire on her gloves by striking it on the ground. Not unlike a matchstick!

    Colures - Everything about this piece is in the title (double meaning).

    An Alternative Look - You might see Accel wearing this when she's not working with the Postal Squadron.
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    Monkey Destruction Switch reacted to Big Panda in Canon Immigrants   
    She was friends with Sally in pre-SGW Archie Sonic too. They even explained in one issue why Amy was okay with Sonic dating Sally:

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    Monkey Destruction Switch reacted to Big Panda in Archie Sonic Main Discussion   
    Prototype cover art for the canned Knuckles #33. It’s been floating around online for years now, but I just felt like bringing it up again.

    It clues us in on how the Sonic Adventure arc was originally going to be distributed (four Sonic issues, two Knuckles’, and a Super Special).
    I get the impression Big’s introductory backup story was originally going to be in here too (made even more evident by how Penders wrote said story).
    The cover was, of course, reworked to become the cover of Sonic #80.

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    Monkey Destruction Switch reacted to SBR2 in Archie Sonic Main Discussion   
    I know this comic in and out because I reread what I have if it yearly so I can safely say that I always can remember the bits and pieces mentioned here. That is the saddest statement I've ever made.
    I've sworn to myself if I ever review Sonic comics myself I'm not touching this one. It's a clip show. There's nothing interesting to talk about, there's nothing to make fun of. It'd be like doing a review of the Source Book. 
    Also on a separate note for the next three Knuckles issues you might want to slot in Sonic #58 between Knuckles #11 and 12 because it actually is essentially the third part of the story line and #12 picks up directly from it.
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    Monkey Destruction Switch reacted to Tracker_TD in What if Sonic Team did make all the humans in Adventure Era up have the same overall syle as Sonic and Co.?   
    If we have Uekawa do the humans, then I have a better idea.

    Make every NPC Hatsune Miku. Here comes the money.
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    Monkey Destruction Switch reacted to Wraith in What if Sonic Team did make all the humans in Adventure Era up have the same overall syle as Sonic and Co.?   
    Sonic and co are supposed to stick out from the humans so overall I wouldn't like them to blur that distinction. I understand the call for consistency but you should also be able to tell your main characters apart from the crowd. There are still normal animals in the series for the same reason. 
    The humans look fine to me in SA1 and Unleashed.
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    Monkey Destruction Switch reacted to DryLagoon in What if Sonic Team did make all the humans in Adventure Era up have the same overall syle as Sonic and Co.?   
    I tried doing two of the NPCs in a mixed style. Sorry if it looks somewhat off (and blurry only have phone cam), but hopefully enough to get what I was going for. The NPCs used are TrainGirl and UnusedBoy. I felt his was the most Sonic-ish to use. Thanks to @Speeps for the model images.
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    Monkey Destruction Switch reacted to Sonario in What if Sonic Team did make all the humans in Adventure Era up have the same overall syle as Sonic and Co.?   
    I dunno, that'd make them look like Humanized versions of Mobians, which would look kinda unsettling IMO. Personally, my favorite design for the humans was the Unleashed style. I feel they mix the best with the style of Sonic and co (especially since Eggman's also a cartoony human like them). But I just want to see human and animal civilians in the same setting instead of Sonic and co being the only animals in a world full of humans or the world being full of animals and Eggman being the only human.
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    Monkey Destruction Switch reacted to JezMM in What if Sonic Team did make all the humans in Adventure Era up have the same overall syle as Sonic and Co.?   
    Unleashed is definitely my favourite, but I also wouldn't mind if they pushed it further and went full Professor Layton - design every human to be as unrestricted in their makeup as Eggman himself is.  I think giving them normal clothing would be enough to make Eggman distinctly look like a big deal in comparison due to his elaborate outfit.
    Sonic X did look fine but at the same time that was a canon where Sonic and co are aliens to the human world, so I dunno if that affects my perception of it at all.
    But yeah, either way I'm generally with the crowd of "Eggman shouldn't look like a different species from the rest of the humans".  I'd also be fine with them really establishing that anthro characters aren't unusual by putting them in too - take a leaf out of Sonic Boom or Big/Vector by not limiting them to just being "Sonic-like" in design too so they have plenty of bodyshape variety like the humans.
    Granted despite being an Unleashed fan, it would be a mistake to retroactively include anthro NPCs there, would sort of confuse the idea of Sonic travelling around "our" world with these believable settings.  But if they did another game with a lot of different locales, they could always imply that some regions are more anthro-preferred and some are more human preferred.
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    Monkey Destruction Switch reacted to Wraith in Sonics Colors is Garbage and here's why   

    It's hard not to see Sonic's selection of color palattes in the Smash bros series as emblematic of it's relationship with the franchise overall. There are rumblings that Sonic isn't allowed to be portrayed as a different color than blue, so the team went with variants with emphasis on accessories to tell the difference. This is as good of a solution as you can ask for but I feel like this is an example of Sega's mandates harming the gameplay. It got a little confusing when there were four Sonics around. Most other characters in Smash have bold, distinct color pallets for alternate costumes.

    In Super Smash Bros Brawl's sequel, Smash 4, they loosened up on this. The alts are more distinct with a few of them having different primary colors for Sonic entirely. There's still more blue than I'd like but there's a little more variety here. The "Crystal Ring" alt and the purple alt that I like to read as a NiGHTS reference were my favorites. 

    Ultimate reuses a lot of content from Smash 4 so the skins are ultimately the same. 

    Still though I can't help but wonder how much Sega's influence hangs over his depiction in this series and how much of it is the creative team's own decisions. I'm sure both Sonic themed stages wouldn't have basically been the same without outside influence but I wonder if it was Sega or Sakurai pushing for Windy Hill in the game. Smash Bros usually goes to the latest game nowadays for stages so they can reuse the high quality assets without having to make new ones, so that's the most likely answer, but advertising the latest game works out pretty conveniently well for Sega too. Either way the lack of variety is disappointing as a fan of the franchise's various locales. And then there's the obvious topic of music selection. The Smash franchise is basically a dream for any VGM enthusiast as great composers from all across the industry come together to provide spins on eachother's work, but Sonic, one of the most acclaimed VGM collections around, is left out of this fun for reasons nobody is quite able to parse. Sakurai has hinted in the past that any lacking musical selection is usually down to the IP holder's restrictions. Most people have made the obvious connection with Final Fantasy's lack of music but Sonic fans have been wondering about our team as well. Sakurai went as far as to contact Jun Senoue and Tomoya Ohtani to do remixes for the latest game, so he's aware of their popularity as composers, but Sonic still remains largely untouched by anyone. It's a strange and sad situation, especially since Nintendo basically let Sega's sound team have access to the entire Mario library for the Olympic games to excellent results. 

    Now and again the idea of another Sonic character in Smash gets floated around. I don't expect this to ever realistically happen but it's fun to think about. Knuckles and Shadow would be my go-tos as a fan even if they're a little basic. One of my biggest beefs when it comes to actually playing as Sonic is his lack of kill power and one of the "sonic but stronger" archetypes would help with that while retaining some of his fun movement. I'd prefer Shadow for personal reasons though. Eggman would offer a lot more variety than anyone else as he has shown he's basically capable of creating anything in the games. Deeper cuts like Amy or Blaze that I'd really like are basically guaranteed not to happen but it's fun to think about mechanics like Amy's hammer jump and Blaze being able to overload her boost meter in that context. 

    Overall though I'm glad Sonic himself is in the game at all even if his content isn't my favorite to mess around with. You could nitpick Smash as a piece of fanservice in a lot of ways but it's important to stop and appreciate the insane amount of work that went into what we have just the same. Sonic's reveal is still one of my favorite game trailers and while there obviously wasn't enough time to give him a more substantial role in the story mode having him save the day at the end serves as a nice apology.

    Sonic's animations were a little rough in his debut but they've spent the past two game tightening up his design and animations to the point where it's one of my favorite versions of the character to look at.  There are a lot of callbacks in the way Sonic animates without completely regressing the character to his sprite like they did with Megaman. It's a good mix of old and new that keeps fans of all stripes happy.
    He's just bouncy and expressive with lots of little subtle animation tricks and tweaks the modern Sonic games don't do. THere's also little references hidden all over his moveset from obvious things like the hands on the hip pose/idle animation being a send up to the classic titles and attacks being inspired by the Sonic fighting games. You can tell that the animation team has a lot of enthusiasm for the character. 
    It also can't be understated how much his moveset has been tightened up game after game. Sonic having two spindashes has always been a point of contention but I feel like it's gotten to the point where it works well enough that I wouldn't change it all that much. Both side B and down B are  distinct and it overall keeps that simplicity that's at the core of the character's movement. Other tweaks like Homing Attack's wind up time being shaved off make him a much snappier, more aggressive character than when he debuted.

    It's a shame Ultimate dropped the trophy collection aspect because I had a lot of fun collecting them. It was nice to have a more tangible piece of my favorite characters in the game in some small way. 

    What do you think of Sonic's representation in Smash? What kind of additions would you make in your wildest dreams?
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    Monkey Destruction Switch got a reaction from Cuz in Foils for Sonic   
    I feel like SatAM and Archie provide a lot of foils to Sonic.
    Sally - Strategic, level-headed leader as opposed to Sonic's rush-into-action approach.
    Antoine - More polite and proper in contrast to Sonic's brashness. Traditionally cowardly in contrast to Sonic's recklessness; after he goes through character development, reflecting on his past gives him humility, which contrasts greatly with Sonic's ego.
    Geoffery - Because he's an adult and "more experienced" and uses weapons I guess? ...Blah blah, not that interesting a character as conceived by Penders at least, but he seems to be designed as some sort of foil to Sonic so I'm putting him here anyway.
    Scourge - Do I even need to explain?
    ...I legit read this as Big the Cat and got so weirded out...but anyway, yeah I do agree and I think it would be fun to explore Sonic and Blaze's dynamic more. Especially considering Blaze is supposed to be a literal alternate dimension counterpart to Sonic, if I'm not mistaken.
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    Monkey Destruction Switch reacted to XTREEMMAK in Time for some Sonic JAMs! [UPDATE: 03/17/2020]   
    Hey all,
    First off, thanks again for the warm welcome here! Glad to be amongst other Sonic fans :D.
    I hinted at it on my intro, but I'm also a musician and do a lot of music and sound production work (and yes, it'd be a big dream of mine to work on an actual Sonic game XD), and a couple game covers from time to time 😊.
    While I don't have much Sonic based works up yet, I do have a new work coming in March. For now, here's one of my popular VGM Remixes that takes the Sandopolis Zone music from Sonic 3 and Knuckles and makes it Ska! I had a lot of fun composing this as this was also my first ever venture into Ska as well.
    Also available on SoundCloud for Download: https://soundcloud.com/keyjayhd/sand-trap-sonic-3-knuckles
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    Monkey Destruction Switch reacted to Big Panda in Let's Make Sense of Sonic Geography!   
    The jungle area with the temple and Big’s hut is absolutely part of the Mystic Ruins itself and not Angel Island. I believe the overall implication is that Angel Island was a part of MR’s landmass in ancient times before it broke away and rose into the sky (leaving the temple behind in the process), ergo when it landed next to MR in SA1 it basically returned to its original spot.
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    Monkey Destruction Switch reacted to Big Panda in Let's Make Sense of Sonic Geography!   
    If you’re looking for some more inspiration on how to chart these places, the Archie comics (primarily post-reboot) are a good base imo.
    By the way, Unleashed’s Empire City probably belongs within the UF.
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    Monkey Destruction Switch reacted to Natie in Let's Make Sense of Sonic Geography!   
    This series has never shied away from changing and making things up, in fact, now we have a series that has changed planets. Most of this stuff is simply the devs changing their minds/forgetting things, but I wanna take on the challenge of unifying and mapping out this mess of a universe. I'll present my layout of the AS CLOSE TO CANNON AS POSSIBLE geography of Sonic's world(s), using as much official evidence as I can, and I'd like to know everyone's thoughts on anything missing or incorrect. Plus, your opinions! I'll be using {these brackets} for statements based only in theory or headcannon, usually to connect unexplained threads.
    Let's start at the beginning.
    Fantasy Earth
    The Chaos Isles 
    United Federations 
    Sonic's World 
    Phew, whadya think? I will edit this when receiving info i missed or didn't think about. 
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    Monkey Destruction Switch reacted to JezMM in Chamomile   
    Whoops realised the other day I'd neglected this topic but didn't realise for 3 weeks on end lol.
    Chamomile #146

    Chamomile #147

    Chamomile #148

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    Monkey Destruction Switch reacted to SBR2 in Archie Sonic Main Discussion   
    I feel like I'm "Well Actuallying" a lot and I'm sorry but I gotta do it again. Penders wasn't the writer of Return ofthe King. Bollers was. Also it wasn't Valentino himself who was a fan it was his sons. They sent in some fan art to Archie comics and when the editor found out he was their dad he asked him if he wanted to do a pin up and that led to discussions to have Sonic team up with the hyper violent world of Image Comics.
    On that note I do want to point out that Image did Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics and in an arc a few years before Super Special 7 saw print Savage Dragon teamed up with Leonardo, Raphael with his face blown off and giant cyborg Donatello to fight a space Freddy Krueger or something while Michelangelo made out with a supporting character of his. So that's a thing.
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    Monkey Destruction Switch reacted to Dr. Detective Mike in Archie Sonic Main Discussion   
    Sonic Super Special - Issue #4: The Return of the King

    It’s the most appropriate Lord of the Rings reference this book is probably going to get… aside from having an issue literally called “Lord of the Rings” where Sonic dives into all his billion rings like Scrooge McDuck.
    Despite the earlier frustration with the initial couple pages being rectified, this was still a pretty bad story. The conflict here probably could have been interesting but it had such an intensely rushed conclusion. Ixis Naugus, the person responsible for this, isn’t even properly seen. He just reveals himself as the villain and then disappears a page or two later after jumping off a roof because immediately after revealing himself he goes “Oh shit, actually I’m fucked” and loses.
    I’m hoping this remains a bit of a footnote in this comic’s history because the idea that this would or could be the resolution to a plot line set up in the main issues disappoints me greatly.
    I want to see what the asshole king does now that he’s fully restored.
    Sonic Super Special - Issue #7: Parallel Paradigm 

    Okay, so I’m cheating with this one but I feel it's appropriate considering the circumstances behind this comic. I’ll be more covering the history and intention behind this comic’s existence rather than the comic itself because it’s a much more fascinating and hilarious story then the book we actually have here.  It's time to talk about the infamous (among this board at least) failure that is the botched attempt to get a new and quickly failed comic series turned failed pitch for a TV and movie pilot off the ground. It's Ken Penders' immediate failure and vastly ignored "series", The Lost Ones.
    The second thing I need to talk about is that, just like Sonic Live, it was reviewed by Linkara, who did so after finding out that the talented Evan Stanley drew a cameo of him in Sonic #257. She even appears in the video to talk about it.
    However, the best part is where he gives his fans what they want and he talks a bit about Ken Penders and the tumblr post detailing everything that happened within. It was a very surreal experience seeing a guy whose stuff I’ve seen so much of talk about any of this, honestly. 
    I watched the review and looked the comic over but there’s so little of anything to note or of interest that I feel posting his review might be enough in case you haven’t seen it. 
    I will say that the tradition of these comics making unintentionally hilarious panels, continues to bring joy to my heart.

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    Monkey Destruction Switch got a reaction from Sonic Fan J in Sonic Fan J Art Thread   
    Personally I think it looks very nice. I like the soft, pretty look it has.
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    Monkey Destruction Switch reacted to Sonic Fan J in Sonic Fan J Art Thread   
    I've mentioned it before (not in this thread though) but I've commissioned a number of artists to do pics of my Rosy and a couple of them inspired me to try my hand at doing more of a painted look

    I'll let the results speak for themselves, but my opinion can be summed up that the next time I want a painted look I'll commission someone. Regardless, I hope everyone enjoys the piece all the same 😊
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    Monkey Destruction Switch reacted to Count Mario in The Batman (June 2021) - Latest Update: Batmobile revealed!   
    I really dig this teaser. The red lighting reminds me of Daredevil and that's always a good thing. The music gives me a gritty noir feel before transitioning into a more traditionally bombastic gothic Batman vibe, which fits very well  with how this movie is reported to focus more on Batman's detective side (about damn time).
    I also like how the suit looks. The cowl is made out of fabric and makes me think of Batman's early Detective Comic look. While the suit looks like it's composed of individual armor pieces strapped on instead of either straight-up spandex or plastic-y and overly detailed like the Nolan suit. Please get as far as away from the Nolan suit as possible, it's so freaking boring and tacky. In fact, this new suit design reminds me of the Arkham Origins Batman suit, which is easily my favorite Batman design of all time for looking practical yet stylish and faithful to his unique look. Not to mention finding a way to incorporate the black speedo without making it look goofy.
    Lots of people (including Kevin Smith) are saying that the Bat emblem looks like it's made out of the gun that killed the Waynes, which Kevin Smith apparently wrote for Detective Comics #1000. And while that sounds very plausible ... I can't decide whether that's a clever spooky portrayal of how Bruce embraces his tragedy to define his conviction, or just hilariously trying too hard to be edgy to the point it's difficult to take seriously. If that ends up being true, I guess my feelings depend on how its executed.
    As long as they don't shove Joker into the movie to finally focus on the rest of Batman' rogues gallery, I'm excited. Especially as a fan of the director's work on the Planet of the Apes reboot trilogy.
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    Monkey Destruction Switch reacted to Big Panda in Things you remember, feel nostalgic for, but can’t find   
    Based on a status someone made earlier today (genuinely can’t remember who it was because my shorterm memory sucks sometimes).
    We’ve all been there. It could be something you saw on TV, like a show or film you can’t remember the name of; a commercial, but you can’t remember what the product was; a song where you can only recall the melody, but not the title or any of the lyrics; maybe it’s something you do still remember easily, but you simply can’t find any trace of its existence online.
    That last example is what I’ll start with:
    Back in my final year at primary school, there was this PC game I vividly remember playing called Guardians of the Greenwood. It was a really low budget point and click game where you helped a girl called Crinkle save a forest by solving puzzles. The game utilized real forest photographs for its scenery with frankly bizarre character graphics mixed in. An aspect of it that stuck out to me was the music that played during the actual puzzle-solving sections.
    I’ve searched online, and the only thing I could get was this page, containing two screenshots. There are no clips of it on any video sharing sites.
    I don’t have any desire to actually play the game again, but I would at least like to see footage of it to experience that obscure bit of nostalgia.
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