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  1. Animals score needs to be buffed or reworked. Rose characters are trash compared to the rest now even though scoring with animals is the hardest to execute which makes no sense. SEGA logic
  2. Hi, me and my friends compiled a list. I gave it to Blu to send to Aaron but idk if Aaron got it. Just to be sure: - Revert episode score threshold for episode completion - Revert nerfs to Shahra, RC Battle Cruiser and King Arthur - Buff item duration and wisp duration. Also revert Yellow Drill's multiplier to x10. - Revert RSR rewards at the end of episodes - Revert Eggman Chance Time duration - Revert companion score limit - Revert Roulette screen graphics (colourful with featured tag and custom BGM) and revert item roulette screen graphics - Revert special egg compensation for duplicate buddies and special roulette property of guaranteed new buddy or character - Balance companions seperately for Timed mode vs episode mode Basically almost an entire revert of 2.0.0 back to 1.1.4 but leave timed mode, the new main menu, and new theme song alone.
  3. Except Episode 50-4 doesn't give red rings anymore
  4. I presume you will be writing an article on this?
  5. You so funny! Don't listen to the haters! :P

  6. It's on purpose. The PR representative most likely doesn't know everything going on with the game and it was just probably so shocking to see those spike walls that he legit thought it was a bug. Wait 'til he finds out it's not lmao.
  7. Yes. Power stages have more super enemies overall so it kinda balances it out, but my god will it be hard to complete the gold enemy challenges now. I tried the ones at level 5. The combo required is too high to rely on the companions; the walls have 3 second intervals between them.
  8. Too bad there are no buddies we can make good use for surpassing spike walls. And we only get three free passes if we use equippable items.
  9. It's not a bug because the spike wall is preceded by a square of red crystals and spike balls in the formation of X's which signifies your impending death.
  10. Characters and companions were rebalanced to compensate for the new scoring system. 13 mil is nothing now if you compare it to the episode complete threshold which is 97.5 mil. The good companions were nerfed directly and indirectly (Shahra, King Arthur, Battle Cruiser) while others were buffed significantly again directly and indirectly (Light Chaos). Also most premium roulette characters were straight up nerfed. There is little to no advantage of taking one of them over Team Hero since Distance bonus is actually good now.
  11. Except it's going up to Level 1. Prestige at Lv 4? This isn't prestige, it's a common feature in a lot of other mobile card games. When you get duplicates, you can merge them together to increase its "Star Rank" which gives you other benefits. This means no more refunds or special eggs on duplicate characters and Team Hero will most likely be on the roulette now
  12. We're getting Daily Login Bonuses in this game! This image shows that this person got x5 Red Star Rings, x5000 Rings, and x2 Item Roulette Tickets!
  13. mb, I saw 300 on mine but I realised the little green bar was 90% filled. That's strange, considering both Omega and Halloween Omega are cheap and cost the exact same amount to level up.
  14. "Blaze doesn't replace Double Amy really well" ummm no. She requires much less rings to level up and if you're a good player you won't die with your first character (meaning you can just use Amy the whole run). If you do die, then you get a free revive with a shield.
  15. Bad news. It looks like you have been banned along with me. When did you see all these hacked scores appearing? I don't even know why SEGA is doing this now
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