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  1. /vp/ got eyes of steel. Glad to finally get some information though. I love what I see so far.
  2. Saw the movie this week and overall had a pleasant time. I'm not really a movie buff and the only times I've ever gone to movies was if I was either dragged there or if it was to spend time with friends and family. So this being the first movie I just took the time to see by myself was a pretty cool experience. While the moral was nice, what really made me love this movie was the characters themselves and the degree of depth some of them had like Chief Bogo and Bellweather. The dynamic between Judy and Nick was cool as their interactions didn't fall into some very predictable tropes you usually find with Boy-Girl duos. I appreciated that it didn't really talk down to the audience. Good movie.
  3. Thanks, yeah. It was still a bit annoying though. ORAS was probably the worst offender in terms of raw power it gave you with not just beldum but also Latias/Latios very early on. With Sun/Moon I'd want them to be a little more conservative with the free powerful pokemon. Especially before the halfway point of the game.
  4. I just hope they don't dump a whole lot of free pokemon on us at the beginning like they did in X/Y and to some extent ORAS. Before you even got your first badge you were given not only your Gen 6 starter but also a Gen 1 starter and the free Torchic with blazikenite I think if you got pokemon bank. By the time you reached the 3rd gym the game has already given you 5 pokemon with Lucario and Lapras rounding it out. I don't mind free pokemon but I don't want practically a full team of powerful pokemon given to me so early on.
  5. My initial guess as to what irl local they'll base it on was SE Asia or something around the area. A lot of tropical vibes.
  6. Just woke and the first thing I see is a new pokemon game. Wish there was more to go off of but still pretty excited!
  7. Not all surprised really. Disappointed, but not surprised. I just hope it's nothing too dire.
  8. Do you think the comics should stick to a four issue arc format or expand to possibly five or six? Or do you think it's fine as is? Perhaps maybe dependent on the arc itself? Because personally I feel four just isn't enough in some cases where there is a lot of plot going on and the whole thing has to finish in that confined amount of time. I'm not talking about sagas though, I think those don't really need a necessary issue limit as it's a much broader story and serves as a background.
  9. So how would one get the digital copies? My sub for the physical comics is coming to an end and I might jump over to the digital version. Tired of the missing issues and late delivery.
  10. Love it! So cute, the both of them!
  11. Methinks I might have a new wallpaper soon.
  12. Look, OP. This a pretty big powder keg of an issue and there is a ton of frustration when the general attitude towards your favorite characters is that they are easily expendable/unneeded and a large portion of the fanbase hammers it home for almost a decade that these characters you like are the problem, and it's not so much how they are incorporated but how it has molded over time to be their mere existence as the problem. That's what gets to me when the notion of getting rid of these characters is mentioned. Reading what you wrote, it's mostly a game play issue you have with these characters which I'd concede. I like Big but many many people didn't find his fishing gimmick enjoyable and I'd agree. I just think it's more productive to go over how to improve them rather than rid them from games.
  13. Doesn't Archie want the shattered world to fixed? Why do they stop the good guys? ;_;
  14. Just upgraded a graphics card and a power supply for the first time and it went well without a hitch.  Mildly surprised ^_^

    Now to download those textures and ENB's for Skyrim...

  15. I actually did like some of their stuff like the Don't Hug me I'm Scared stuff and the Shrek greentext story. As for the people who are guests/regulars on the show, I haven't heard or seen anyone mention them in their rants. It's just been towards the bros.
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