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  1. I remember when I first started learning about game development, I actually tried to make a Knuckles fan game that was JUST treasure hunting lol. Was struggling with making it work (obviously, since I was like 12) and discovered this place only to find out everyone hated that aspect and decided it wasn't worth it, as much as I loved it. Also had designs going for a sequel to Shadow the Hedgehog...abandoned for the same reason haha
  2. Ah so that's where people are getting Spagonia. That makes sense I suppose. Either way, I'm just happy to see that while it has a Crisis City vibe, it also has no shortage of color. Plenty dark without losing the Sonic feel. A+.
  3. I've been saying a City Escape vibe personally. Look when Sonic first lands and see the buildings behind him, they look like San Francisco styles and colors. That or an entirely new city. I don't see Spagonia either.
  4. In regards to Classic Sonic...yeah, I would have preferred Knuckles & Tails. Or Blaze. Or Shadow. Or make this a grand reunion of all his friends. But ultimately Sonic Generations is my 3rd favorite Sonic game and to have that style applied to brand new levels with a dark story is still really exciting to me.
  5. Looks like they're finally embracing the darkness I love from the Adventure games!!! It appears to be a screwed up City Escape and while I really wanted a full 3D game with other playable characters, Generations is my 3rd favorite Sonic game so I'll take another one with all new levels!!!
  6. A couple things... 1. people keep saying "I'm sure it'll come to NX" but Project 17 had an NX logo in the bottom and this did not. 2. drop dash looks sick and I'm curious to see what stages they touched 3. does this mean we're STILL not getting S3&K from Whitehead? It's the best 2D Sonic game by a mile but it often gets neglected in re-releases and collections 4. THANK YOU KNUCKLES IS PLAYABLE. 5. I hope this game is as long as S3&K and not as short as the Sonic 4 episodes. 6. I was disappointed with this at first as a Modern Sonic fan...now that Project 17 has been announced, I'm stoked for both games! Also, can someone get some screens of those headshots after the trailer says "3 playable characters?" I wanna do something with those but my print screen button is broken lol
  7. It looks like the city from City Escape, but destroyed. Seems to be using the Classic/Sonic gameplay but as an actually new game. I'm stoked. I mean I wish we were getting playable Knuckles but at least he's in Sonic Mania!
  8. At the time the series aired, a lot of the fanbase was criticizing Sega for introducing normal humans into Sonic's world. Now we accept it as normal, but at the time I think they were trying to give a reason humans (besides Eggman) suddenly appeared in the Sonic universe. I thought it was quite a clever way of addressing that criticism personally.
  9. He needed some sort of link to the human world. Chris provided that, while his family provided that link for Sonic's friends, just like Topaz provided a link for Rouge and Hawk for Knuckles.
  10. Thanks to the preshow I now know where that image of Knuckles in your signature comes from...and here I thought it was terrible fanart TnT
  11. Ahhhhh that explains it. Gonna bookmark this post so I know what to look for when I'm ready to buy, thanks! In the meantime, just got a Dreamcast in the mail, now just have to look for cases for SA1, SA2, and Sonic Shuffle haha (have the games).
  12. I think Chris was necessary given the context of the world they created. Could have done without him in the Metarix arc though, or made him retain his age to really show his progress. What was the original idea for the season though?
  13. It's always been interesting to me, seeing how much hate things I love get when I hop on the internet, especially in this community. I feel like I'm the only adult who continues to adore this show lol. Rewatching on Hulu right now, just got back to Sonic's homeworld. I wish they had kept the older Chris for this arc though, he's much better than the younger one.
  14. I think it's important to remember the technology they were dealing with. Objectively they had a lot of problems, but at the time, being able to play those games on a handheld was incredible, which I think led to feelings of nostalgia. Personally, the GameGear game was my first 2D Sonic game, so I have that nostalgia myself. I do think they're still fun, but I certainly understand the problems you're mentioning, and given the technology of the time, they were pretty incredible.
  15. Just as a counter point, the difference is small enough that I didn't even know that was a thing until reading your post just now lol. I always considered Sonic just a "hard" mode of sorts because he had no special abilities, didn't know he actually played differently in his core mechanics.
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