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  1. long time no see i stopped playing long time a go after i paid $20 and the game stopped responding to me. glad i didn't spend much on it,it was good game on the beta,after that it went horrible. there was no point of always online in this game,i went on vacation for 3 weeks in an area without any connection and didn't play it because of that. the roulette was the worst part in the game,it become a joke.
  2. this is the roulette in game game in a nutshell
  3. i already installed the game when they released it world wide
  4. hmmm so, to update i must uninstall the game first ? how to do it ?
  5. ummm... what ? i don't understand my version is installed from my google play store so they return to japan and canada ?
  6. hmmmm i am sure i payed for 800 red rings , why they are not registered ?
  7. then what the point of "restore purchases" ?
  8. i really feel dumb i payed ~30$ to get the 800 Red ring offer everything was good until i reached E* then i can't promoted any more even now i see the leaderboard i am in is somehow broken the boss fights are near impossible not to die , suddenly i was played good then in the next level the boss become very very hard if i reset the game , can i get those rings back ?
  9. for fuk sake , What did i do ? and the worst part is , i payed real money to get the 800 ring offer , i payed $30
  10. ok , the space ship does not do anything 5 levels and i didn't get any red star
  11. so from now on all the bosses will stay like this ? good to know
  12. episode 38+ ( i think ) oh god , the boss fights are pain missiles and springs all the time question , after i beat episode 50 , the boss fight will return easy ?
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