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  1. Hey guys, I'd like to share a podcast that my friend Russ and I have been making for the last few months: Hogcast: Speedy Delivery. It's a comedy podcast where we talk about all things related to Sonic the Hedgehog and pizza, our two favorite things in the world. Show segments: Quillheads Talk Shop, Personally - Russ and I talk about what's been going on in our lives each week and how it ties into the worlds of Sonic and pizza. When we have guests on the show, we like to ask them about their history with the Sonic franchise. We also usually ask them what they think about the game Seaman. Dominos Goes - We talk about our 'za loadouts (pizza choices) for the week and review them. We also chat about any pizza-related stories in the news that week. Sonic News, Views, Reviews, and 'Tudes - We discuss the biggest Sonic news of the week, review an episode of Sonic Boom, and showcase the "Tude" of a character from the Sonic franchise, usually one from the Archie or Fleetway comics. Fan Questions - We answer life's great mysteries: What kind of pizza would Sonic eat? Who would you cast in a live-action Sonic movie? How is the Outkast album Speakerboxxx/The Love Below similar to Sonic & Knuckles? What's Hunnid P up to? etc. If you want to hear two friends goof around and have fun while talking about Sonic and/or pizza, then give us a listen on iTunes, our website, or RSS feed. We're a relatively new show, so we'd really appreciate any reviews or feedback you have to offer.
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