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  1. I thought he said there wasn't going to be a proper book, just the app? "Conventional mediums can not contain the scope of my greatness ideas," and all that.
  2. Oh, is this not available yet? I was just about ready to drop all my other cosplay ideas and just go to the rest of the conventions this year as "a very bad idea."
  3. KingScoopaKoopa

    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    That's what I was referencing.
  4. KingScoopaKoopa

    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    Yep, that's how it wound up playing out.
  5. KingScoopaKoopa

    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    I figure it's allowing them to fulfill some sort of contractual obligation without pulling a Sonic Adventure 2 adaptation on us. Remember that little bit of derailing that didn't gel with where the comic was at the time and didn't see a proper in-book resolution for over a decade?
  6. Not making fun or anything, just amused at the thought of Penders only having one or even two problems when he's spoiled for choice. He's like those people who take hits to tons of stats in an RPG to buff up something else, only I have no idea what he stat dumped.
  7. I like how you use “problem” in the singular.
  8. The man wouldn't know "courtesy" if it slapped him in the face. "Courtesy" is what people show him whenever they try to placate him about his app, or most any of this. "Courtesy" is what's completely absent in his treatment of others.
  9. Well, it's certainly going through the motions unofficially. Everything you say there is true, though.
  10. KingScoopaKoopa

    Thank You, Sonic Boom!

    Does SEGA have a tendency to announce when these things are over? I don't remember it for Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, SatAM, Underground, or Sonic X. Archie feels like the outlier, and only because they were about to announce the IDW series.
  11. Why, most of his work even comes from a stall!
  12. I'm so glad that this project looks like the south end of a northbound skunk, because I definitely wouldn't want to support a guy like this.
  13. I disagree. First mistake was choosing to engage with Penders in the first place. That he seems to have only gotten more curmudgeonly with time doesn't help matters.
  14. KingScoopaKoopa

    Is There Any Hope For The Archie Sonic Pre-Reboot Cast?

    This is the first I've heard of this. Got more info? Anyway, it's not impossible, but highly unlikely. Interestingly, as time goes on, I can see the owners -- even Penders -- becoming more interested in selling. The problem is that as that same time passes, I can see there also being less interest in buying as well.

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