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  1. Pity they both have the bit with Sonic coming back, or else I'd say that Adventures just takes place after Plus.
  2. Meanwhile, I'm here just trying to figure out what at all the second tweet he made as a reply has to do with the first, with no in-between to connect the two. "I had peanut butter and bologna for lunch today. It's usually peanut butter and ham, but I like to shake things up. Also, Sir Connery will appear in THE LARA-SU CHRONICLES. He hasn't been seen since that one story he appeared in!"
  3. Don't underestimate the power of the curious, people who want to see just how bad this is for themselves. That said, while I once considered being such a person, I'm not sure my interest is there anymore.
  4. Put like that, sure, but I didn't feel like the comic itself was specific enough that it couldn't be applied a few different ways.
  5. And he's stuck in the past -- literally, as far as what he's been updating us on.
  6. No joke, I remember going from basically reading the comic out of habit/curiosity more than anything to actively champing at the bit for each new issue practically overnight. I don't think I was even aware of the shift at Archie until I noticed how I was enjoying it so much more on a consistent level and did some digging, starting with the credits page.
  7. I can't think of any better expression of love for the medium that he could make.
  8. I don't remember how it shook out, but I seem to recall DC being involved in a case where Superboy -- the young, Smallville-raised version who escaped an exploding planet Krypton, rather than the clone or Superman's son -- was a different character from Superman. What I do remember is that apparently caused DC some headaches for years with regards to who they could show and using the Superboy name.
  9. This and the Big pic aren't on the Sonic Channel website that I can see, though. I'd love to know if they're available in a desktop wallpaper size, though, to go with the ones I downloaded from the official site.
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