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  1. I agree, but at the same time, would you want to publicly admit to getting a commission from him?
  2. Just came across this list of comics industry advice from veteran Mark Evanier: https://www.newsfromme.com/2020/09/22/25-more-things-3/ I found the last one most interesting/relevant here:
  3. Shame that game had to go away. Is there any place online with all that story stuff transcribed or screencapped?
  4. To Penders' credit (what's that burning sensation when I say that?) -- and to be fair, I'm probably misreading it in such a way that my mind can comprehend it -- I figured it ran like so: -Dark Legion yeets Echidnaoplolis into another zone, but loses their means of doing/fixing it - Knuckles is here, he's angry, and oh yeah, he's a god now - Dark Legion: "You're a god now, guess you're calling the shots now, because if we don't do as you say, you'll yeet us out of existence. But, uh, your yeeting methods look like they could use some precision tuning, maybe we can help with that (and find a way to use you to our advantage)?" - Knuckles: "I'm a god now, so I can do pretty much whatever and yeet these fools if they get out of line. But they know how to use my yeet powers better than I do, so maybe I'll just play along for now until they teach me how to yeet fool's properly." And then Mogul happened and that was a waste of time.
  5. I think it's about 14 years too late for that.
  6. I have no idea how you can know that, because that sounds like precisely the sort of thing he would do. Might need to nip this or tuck that, but considering how he's handling The Lara-Su Chronicles -- he could have made it an alternate universe similar to Archie Sonic, but no, he insists that it is Archie Sonic (now with 100% less Archie and 50% less Sonic) -- I can see him making it a convoluted continuation from where he left off. After all, he always said if he'd returned to Archie Sonic, he'd basically ignore everything that came in-between. Heck, he practically did that when he took over the book before Flynn came on, effectively making Return to Angel Island all but completely inconsequential. Why should we think he would treat this any different, even if he has to pull some sort of Steve Gerber craziness to make it work?
  7. I thought Episode 2 had some pretty backgrounds and stuff, but found most of the bosses tedious and annoying, and the final stage is like a motion sickness nightmare.
  8. So, a game set in Sonic's world with little sign of Sally in it? Isn't that most of the franchise already?
  9. I mean, that's literally what it goes for digitally now.
  10. In fairness, I think the investment by SEGA there would be minimal. I'm pretty sure the Sonic movie, for instance, was made on Paramount's dime, not SEGA's. What that means is Penders would probably be able to shop his vision around to find an interested party -- an actual film company -- willing to make the thing. And then there's distribution...
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