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  1. I'm trying to think of a time that IDW has made haste in reprinting old stories after acquiring a previously-handled license. I don't think they've ever done it within the first year -- maybe longer -- so Penders is probably going to be flying this flag for a while until they do.
  2. Sometimes I wonder if even he believes so much of what he says, or if he's just saying it to stir things up in a desperate bid to remain relevant.
  3. Let's not forget the youth factor-- I still think a lot of us were too young to really know any better. I think as we got older and more experienced, our sense of quality grew, while Penders' quality remained stagnant at best. I think the point before this is that even if none of this stuff with Penders and Archie happened, they'd have probably still pushed back against "Mobius," meaning it's probably not the best example to hang your hat on. I have no idea what a "numpty" is, but it sure fits.
  4. IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog (coming 2018)

    I don't mind the two worlds idea that much, so long as Ian's able to properly get out in front of it as he is here. Dealing with something like that later on in? That's a problem.
  5. Does anybody else enjoy the new mobile Sonic game?

    I like it, so long as I have a goal. I unlocked everyone and put it down. But now Cream comes along...
  6. It seems like something that might be good to bring up in an interview-- something looking at his career on the show and the book overall-- and maybe ask if any characters were his creation or design. I mean, I'd be interested in an interview like that, Penders or no.
  7. The use of that phrase here is so utterly and amazingly apt on so many levels.
  8. Why do we see Green Hill Zone so often?

    I'd rather see Emerald Hill for a change, but besides that, I'd be thrilled to see several of Sonic 1's other Zones return.
  9. Basically this. For example, I could imagine a scenario where Penders had a contract initially, and at some point when it came time to renew, the editor didn't do his job and they just kept doing things as they were without signing a new agreement.
  10. Can't help but wonder if it wasn't one of those "do what you want" editors who caused the whole contract mess.
  11. Or both. I like to think his number of supporters is shrinking. I mean, it logically has to be; he's doing nothing at all to maintain interest or attract new readers to his work, because there's not only nothing new being released, but access to his old stuff is now extremely limited -- by his own hand, no less. Meanwhile, the supporters he has are going to dwindle in number. They'll likely forget about whatever they were looking forward to, develop new interests, things will happen in their life to distract them (job, marriage, kids, etc.), and so on. And getting someone whose interest has lapsed can be even harder than maintaining it to begin with. At this rate, his only real hope is to pull in new fans. And hey, he might, despite how bad it looks. I mean, Twilight was popular, so you can't really rule anything out.
  12. I liked the hybrid mythology that was in the Mobius Encyclopedia.
  13. Was it? The story I heard was that Penders wanted to do something with Sailor Moon and whoever holds the rights said no, so that's why the story was made. Fandom urban myth? If so, doesn't speak well to Penders' character that it's so easy to believe he'd do that kind of thing.
  14. Counterpoint to Penders' statement: Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime.
  15. Oh, I'm not giving him the benefit of the doubt-- there's no point when he changes his mind and "but what I really meant was..." so frequently. But I've no doubt that much like the resemblance between his stories and Sonic Chronicles, the idea will probably take root and he'll run with it as if he thought that all along. It's just that at the moment, that doesn't seem to be where he's at.

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