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  1. Well, yeah, but by that same token, we have good comic book stories and we have comic book stories Penders wrote, but they're all comic books. ...much as the latter scratches and claws to escape that fact.
  2. Not that I'm aware of, but can't confirm or deny. I just took the first usable results from a few Google Image Searches.
  3. Seems like your standard comic book universe sourcebook profiles to me, aside from the aforementioned flourishes unique to Penders himself (I.e. family trees).
  4. Ick, I'd hate to have my body associated with this thing. And is it me, or does the guy laying on the table look less like an "Echyd'nya" (or whatever) and more like just one of his many Knuckles clones? As for the chair thing, playing devil's advocate here, but maybe he's doing it because of their tails? (They do have tails still, right?) You know, like those 90's pics of Looney Tunes where they're wearing pants backwards so their tails can stick out of the zipper?
  5. Ah, so he's following the Duke Nukem Forever approach to development. Kind of obvious in hindsight. I can't believe I didn't see it sooner.
  6. I might have, once, but on that last point, as time has worn on and he's showed his true colors more and more? Well, this panel from the new series says it well:
  7. Pretty sure I got one for my DVD player when those were still a relatively new thing.
  8. I always wondered if that gettup he's wearing was supposed to be the equivalent of the Death Egg Robot.
  9. Rarity and collectability. Usually, comic shops have to order X number of regular copies in order to receive one incentive cover.
  10. It shouldn't, but he's Ken Penders; concepts of "should" and "should not" don't apply to him, because he's a smart businessman!
  11. The first Death Egg was such a waste in the comics. At least Ian got some good use out of the second one.
  12. The dialogue acknowledges it vaguely, if I remember correctly, which would seem to imply it was in the script Penders wrote.
  13. Cool, though I always imagined something based on the SatAM characters. I wonder if these are the ones? But these say Sonic & Knuckles and have Metal Sonic, but those came later.
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