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  1. Yeah, he seems to turn to the fans for all sorts of things: 3D models, translations, the title of his book...
  2. Maybe he thinks he's hurting the official Sonic comics by constantly promising the "true" continuation is coming.
  3. This is more or less the stance he's taken before -- that as soon as the original creators left a book, it might as well be over. I mean, he's right -- few are capable of writing characterization as blandly as he can and think they belong on a pedestal. Doesn't he usually tend to @ people a lot, including Ian? That would be a good reason to block, and I know he didn't do so here, but what would have been the point?
  4. The only thing worse than waiting for this to just happen already is the knowledge that if it ever does, there will be six more waits like this for the remaining volumes. Unless he decides to just release it Netflix-style all at once for binge reading, and that's what's taking so long. If he did that, I might even have to applaud the move.
  5. KingScoopaKoopa

    Help Me Understand The Love For Mighty

    I just like armadillos. I like the things that have been done with Mighty on top of that, but that's not a bad foundation when there's been little else, either.
  6. KingScoopaKoopa

    Sonic Mania is better than Sonic Mania Plus

    The only way this makes sense to me is if we're grading on an average. Like, Sonic Mania gets an A, Encore Mode gets a C, so Sonic Mania Plus gets a B as a result, which is down from Mania's original score. Except I don't think many people tend to rate games that way?
  7. KingScoopaKoopa

    Nostalgia Critic review of Sonic 1999 OVA

    Welcome to film review in the 21st century, circa YouTube. I've always wondered why they call these things "reviews" when it's more like a roasting or lampooning of them. For all the appreciation Doug heaped on Siskel & Ebert after the latter died, I don't think they did a lot of play-by-play of every movie they talked about.
  8. I think he might just be saying that of the non-Sonic fans who have shown interest, most are female, rather than how the Sonic fans add up.
  9. I thought he said there wasn't going to be a proper book, just the app? "Conventional mediums can not contain the scope of my greatness ideas," and all that.
  10. Oh, is this not available yet? I was just about ready to drop all my other cosplay ideas and just go to the rest of the conventions this year as "a very bad idea."
  11. KingScoopaKoopa

    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    That's what I was referencing.
  12. KingScoopaKoopa

    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    Yep, that's how it wound up playing out.
  13. KingScoopaKoopa

    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    I figure it's allowing them to fulfill some sort of contractual obligation without pulling a Sonic Adventure 2 adaptation on us. Remember that little bit of derailing that didn't gel with where the comic was at the time and didn't see a proper in-book resolution for over a decade?
  14. Not making fun or anything, just amused at the thought of Penders only having one or even two problems when he's spoiled for choice. He's like those people who take hits to tons of stats in an RPG to buff up something else, only I have no idea what he stat dumped.
  15. I like how you use “problem” in the singular.

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