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  1. It's just hard to tell how much is Ian and how much is other factors. And then you have people who think writers have carte blanche to do whatever they want without any oversight. Maybe that was once true, CCA notwithstanding, but even in recent years, you get stuff like One More Day at Marvel, which I'll bet was far more editorially-driven than the stuff Stan Lee wrote back in the day. And that's without bringing license holders into it. I'm not arguing that Ian is a perfect writer or that editors/companies ruin everything they can, just that there are a lot of pieces we can't see moving behind the scenes, and while they need to move together harmoniously, they don't always. It's just something to keep in mind, especially while we're going on elsewhere about how characters like Amy or Tails or Knuckles get portrayed in the games (and sometimes I wonder if Sonic Team has to face similar issues from higher-ups at SEGA).
  2. This, plus the issue of writing for the trade, which has become more of an industry standard. On top of that, I think that while the standard from Marvel and DC is 5-6 issues, Archie made it four. Take something like a whole Mega Man game, each of which (save the first) introduces eight antagonists in eight different locations, plus all the crap in the castles and whatnot, and you're going to have a very tight fit. For whatever reason, IDW seems to be following the 4-issue trade format as well, even though they've had other series go with more. So then something like the Zombot arc likely has to be divided into "chapters" or even "volumes" that fit that space as neatly as possible. Depending on the story, I imagine it can be a very difficult juggling act.
  3. Sort of like Nintendo using ROMs found on the internet for Virtual Console.
  4. That's weird; I thought characters unlocked automatically once you had the required number of cards?
  5. I remember that happening, but I don't remember what it looked like. Is the image still floating around somewhere?
  6. "Yo Penders, I'm really happy for you and I'mma let you finish, but Anthony Mackie is the best celebrity tracing of all time. OF ALL TIME."
  7. I forgot about this guy and thought it was the human after something had happened, and then thought Penders spoiled something. I now see that's not possible, because even he doesn't know what he's doing until he's done it. Maybe I shouldn't talk, though. When I'm making characters to play as in RPGs, I'm not even sure of all the details half the time until I've played a bit and formed up the character.
  8. Stopped clocks and all, though I could have sworn there was a to-do before about age discrepancies for Geoffrey in the Archie comic.
  9. Guess it's open to interpretation. The first two are sort of shy, maybe not too open about it. The third is like freaky obsessed stalker.
  10. Ah, I hadn't heard that one! The way I heard it, third character was supposed to be Boom Sonic (hence the wrist grappler), and the bad reception to the Boom games made them rethink that.
  11. Which rumor? I seem to recall there were a few.
  12. Lost World had a lot going for it, but I wish they'd stuck with it to refine it a bit more into something truly remarkable.
  13. I'm just looking at the profiles for Amy and Boom Amy on Sonic News Network, and some stuff does stand out. They note that Amy was originally meant to be more tomboyish, but seemed to lose that trait as time went on. "Temperamental, bossy, overbearing, and stubborn" are traits used to describe her around the Sonic Adventure era, as well as optimistic, hopeful, and cheerful. Sonic Free Riders marked a turn towards being even bossier and more infatuated with Sonic, while "starting from Sonic Lost World, Amy appears to have matured. Although Amy maintains her crush on Sonic, she has learned more self-control over her demeanor towards him, and is now more caring and level-headed." With Boom Amy, she's supposed to be a natural leader and organizer (something that's carried over to IDW), but is also a perfectionist. "She is overall sweethearted and has ballerina-like gracefulness, but also a capable and tough cookie," and one trait I rather liked that didn't seem to be explored nearly enough is her expertise in archaeology. In a world like Sonic's, Boom or otherwise, I think that's a pretty cool trait to have. I've seen people here say she's "no fun," but "sensible" is the word used here, and seems right, especially when you remember some of the stuff the others got up to (Sonic and Knuckles' wheelbarrow run comes to mind). Peppiness and optimism seem to carry over from her original counterpart There's other stuff, but on the whole, it just feels like there's more to Boom Amy than Game Amy. Of course, unless we were to count Sonic X as Game Amy, we spend so little time with her by comparison that it's no wonder that she doesn't seem as well-rounded as the character who was a part of 112 different stories in around a two-year period or so. Ditto with the comic version. But then, when you see how they've changed other characters and made them less likeable at times in the games (looking at you, Shadow and Knuckles), it's little wonder I favor other versions more than the "main" one.
  14. This is what I prefer to go with. Ties things up nicely, if not especially neatly. And hey, Nocturne was in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games, so at least it made an impact outside of its own game. Sonic News Network says "former Sega Europe community manager Kevin Eva states that fans should consider the game an alternate universe due to its troubled production, but notes that the canon is essentially in constant flux at any given time for Sega's convenience." Hey, with multiverse theory, everything can be canon in some way, so that works for me.
  15. I wonder if he was at all convincing to anyone who doesn't know him. The only platform he should be given is one that has a trap door.
  16. It wouldn't even be so bad in itself if it weren't just... so... BLATANT.
  17. I feel personally attacked. More than I usually do from reading something he's written, I mean.
  18. This entire project feels off-centre, so if it is, then at least it's on-brand.
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