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  1. THIS! I've just spent 500RSR and ... And thanks to those Star Ranks: Now I have 1000RSR and I think I will save them to the next event / exclusive character. With this update now farm RSR I harder than ever ><U
  2. I can't believe this bullshit ... almost every change is AGAINST the player! - Nerfed buddies and wisps. - Much shorter time against Eggman during stages. - After Top Speed the stage is unbelievely hard and unfair. - My rank is 661. To complete 1 chapter I need to make 100.000.000 points ><U - Now is harder to stay in S*** rank. The prizes are worse too (this week I finished 1st in total score and the prize was 70RSR, but noooooooooo ... ) I'm still atonished ...
  3. Knuckles and Sonic with Moon and Caliburn VS Eggman, and ... Invisible buddies and the effect of RC Battle Cruiser starts ... WTF?! Wow, just wow xD
  4. 1647 RSR + 3 Special Roulette Spins. I'm feeling lucky today! Let's see ...
  5. Before 1st Eggman After 3rd Eggman And 2 more Lv.101
  6. NEW RECORD !!! Amitie Amy Lv. 100 + Tikal Lv. 85 + Rappy Lv.5 + Sharah Lv.5 At last I could break the 100 million wall And yesterday ...
  7. When I add a new friend I have to start the game, Rankings, friends, Gear icon and activate that new friend to make him appear on the list. Then restart the game and THEN the new friend appears in the list If I don't appear just restart the game.
  8. Each time you send revive tokens to your friends, later you'll receive a "generosity reward" of 2500 rings
  9. I've just created a Facebook account for this game, so if anyone is interested, please send me a message to add each other and start farming free lives and rings And by the way ... This was my luckiest 25.000 power rings roulette spin And my progress so far in this event: 102 Wins
  10. After I got back the Facebook option I think I'll create one account specifically for this game. I play Sonic Runners everyday and I would like to share free lives and rings ^.^ Until now I've been using my real account. It shouldn't be any problem changing Facebook accounts in the game, right?
  11. YEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!! Metal Sonic Unlocked
  12. NOOO!!! I wanted Metal Sonic >< Oh man xDDDDDDD 1 million before the 1st Eggman! Freakin' sweet! ^.^
  13. I want Metal Sonic too! And now is even harder to unlock him >_<U
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