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  1. You mean after pressing "apponent" instead of "beatable opponent"? From my experience so far, it seems that the "apponent" is still close to your current best for the day, so whenever I'm outmatched I change to a laughable opponent for 5 RSR and win 10. I don't use paid revive. It's possible I'm mistaken in how the apponent is chosen though. How do you do that? How do you even get high scores in timed? I know ring bonus is best, and limit breaking and paying for revives helps, but it's still insane how many points people get so quickly. To give you some motivation to trudge through endless mode. Maybe people who really want to know the story will pay for lives, too?
  2. So I can confirm that if you are in S***, you do not need to make an endless run to get the reward for maintaining S***. That means endless mode is almost entirely useless except to those willing/able to spend hours making 200 million runs.
  3. Maybe after the update was all that was needed then? But most people here probably spun at least once for ESP Silver, so it's probably just Sega messing up as usual. By the way, I think I may have found out a near-guaranteed way to win the daily battle no matter how skilled you are. 1) Do a bad run (in my mind that means up to 5 million. 2) Look at your opponent and decide whether you can beat them. 3) If you are 100% sure you'll win, do a full item run and stomp their score. XD If not, find another apponent. 4) Crush your new apponent who should have an easily beatable score, and win at least 5 RSR guaranteed. This probably won't help the extremely skilled members here, but for anyone struggling this should hopefully help you along.
  4. Interesting how the dataminer didn't find Super Sonic. That image was probably fake. As for the free premium spins, I'm thinking it's possible that you needed to spin during the 2nd round of the event (After the insanely long maintenance)? Maybe those of you who have Opa-Opa characters but no rewards spun too early.
  5. Same thing you get as when you beat Eggman "flawlessly" or get a duplicate buddy when the buddy is maxed, I think. Hopefully more than one though.
  6. What I'm saying is it doesn't appear that doing an endless run is required to get Shahras/special eggs, and could possibly be the the better choice if it's too hard for a player to maintain S*** or they don't feel like playing endless.
  7. Hey, I'm pretty sure I forgot to do an endless run during the last league season, but I still got the final Shahra. Guess that means that until they notice (or never), you don't need to compete in endless leagues to get the reward for maintaining S***.
  8. Hah, that's pretty amusing if true. To be honest, I hope they stay in. For me, they're a guide on exactly when to jump that I don't want removed (like the spike balls were) and since this mode has a competitive part to it I guess I want any advantage I can get. Maybe no missiles would make timers a bit easier to grab though.
  9. For the first one, I think you've just gotten better at the timing. I've never really had to use all my flying jumps because fly type is OP, but I seriously don't think they'd buff the best type. For the second, it's always been that way, as long as you're at top speed and time it properly. Very useful to get some extra hits on Eggman and to get to Eggman quicker in Timed Mode. The only actually gameplay change I can think of at the moment is that it takes a much longer time to lose a combo now, which helps a lot against top speed Eggman if you mess up.
  10. Yeah, I definitely wouldn't be fine with that if they didn't change the scoring system. In my mind, the ideal way they could fix this is removing wall spikes (confirmed) and reverting the points required to clear episodes (this might be confirmed, but Google Translate goes crazy on the tweets so not sure). The latter is not very realistic, but it would be nice if they lowered it to 20 million an episode. Even 50 million would probably be fine now that spike walls are going away, and perhaps even 100 million isn't too bad since we'll be able to run longer.
  11. I still think the spike walls are the biggest issue, along with the huge spike (heheh) in the amount of points to clear an episode. Even with all the nerfs, if it were still possible to rank up at the same pace as before, then I honestly think I'd like this update. New game mode that's pretty fun (though too short IMO) and a wheel that is more beneficial to most people. It's easier to get new stuff but harder to max them. I'd hate to be Hundjäger right now though. Must be awful now that maxing anything that's not rare is ridiculously difficult now. Why is it bad that runs were too long? If you're complaining that people were too good and you were getting demoted or something, then you just need to pay up or get better, unfortunately. That's just how F2P works. If you were skilled enough to last long but didn't like it, then why play? That doesn't sound fun. Edit: I might have found out what caused the maintenance. I found a comment on a Sonic Runners article that went like this: Please… Could you read my last message and click on the link that i posted. The issue is clear because my halloween Omega level 51 has the same stats than my Omega level 0. All Characters has level 0 in spite of the show other numbers. It’s annoying! Sounds every character lost the level up benefits. Here's the link he posted. https://mobile.twitter.com/ALEXAURUN/status/670999185454403584
  12. Haha, yes. I hope you didn't miss a certain intentional spelling error.
  13. We're sorry for the inconvenience of the 24+ hour maintenance. We would like to offer everyone a limited time 50% sale on all RSR bundles as an apology. We hope you continue to enjoy playing SONNIC RUNNERS.
  14. Yeah, it is a ridiculous change, but at least distance seems to be worth a lot more now. I'm not sure how much exactly, but it is very noticeable.
  15. Lol not anymore. The endless now gives only rings and the timed gives only RSR. And of course the amount of RSR given out in S*** timed league is at most the same as it was in endless league.
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