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  1. Ok you guys, banned member profiles are not threads to talk about them and speculate on why they got banned. Any more of this will result in a strike so don't push your luck.

  2. Dang, I guess he must have mouthed off at the admins or something.

  3. So...anyone have a clue what he got banned for this time?

  4. Wow. I can't believe you've been banned. And quite frankly, I have no idea why (and neither does many other people)... we'll miss ya, Ryan. You brought us some majorly-good topics and things to think about. ;)

  5. Looking at his posts and topics I do have to wonder... what on Earth was this guy banned for?

  6. AW. This sucks. Your topics always brought people around for discussion, Ryan. I'll notice you're gone. D:

  7. What?!

    ;(....ok I'm officially sad now.

  8. To be honest, the Genesis era Sonic game that rocked the hardest was, to an extent, Spinball. The intro, the Showdown level and the Options screen...oh man, the Options screen. That tune is BEGGING to be put to chords...
  9. It was probably difficult to ind a voice for Mickey before Allwine came along. One can only imagine how hard it'll be now.
  10. Hmm...I think it'd be interesting to see some Sonic Advance tunes get a fresher treatment on a console. Neo Green Hill, Secret base, Casino Paradise, Hot Crater, Ice Paradise (gasp), Ocean Base, Chaos Angel, and the like would sound awesome if revisited.
  11. lol

    All right, I'll stop.

  12. With this pokey pokey business we could be going ALL day!

    *pokes you with a stick, then leaves*

  13. Well it is a community isn't it ? register on it and be active help out. Duh! Normally what "join" means. ;)

  14. I know.

    Professor J suggested I ask Dreadknux for hosting. That way C:M can be as Sonic-y as it needs to be.

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