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  1. Just stuff Colours DS under Rush's general praise here for my opinion. Generations 3DS was nice but very easy though I tried my friends' lost world 3ds and of what I tried, oh god they're terrible. I have little experience with the other ones though.
  2. Pinkolol

    What's your favorite obscure Sonic song?

    Sonic Colours DS Special stage. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HgcW1Ng92I8 Also Sand Ruins from Sonic Riders. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZQEUNrR0F2c
  3. I would've enjoyed the plot of Colours, Gens and the like without their cruddy writing, and with the former, at least in the DS release I mentioned in my previous post, I did. For example, in the first colour wisp meeting cutscene in the DS version, after the Red Wisp goes into Sonic's body and Tails explains the translator told him that it's fire power, Sonic instantly says "Nice! That sounds fun! Maybe I'll go singe off Eggman's ugly mustache!" before we're launched into the tutorial stage on how to use the Wisp. It's not overplayed like the Wii cutscenes I've seen. Another example is how Yacker suddenly disappears in the story. They mention the concern in the factory cutscene, but the cutscene where Tails gets pushed back has Sonic saying "it's not over 'til we've found Yacker." Things get explained, and the story progresses. As I played through the game, I wanted to know more of the story, what would happen. I have a fond spot because of it. It's not just because they have a name to who's writing it. Capturing aliens in a space theme park? Fixing space-time from the creature that interrupts Sonic's party? Fighting the Deadly Six? I'd have loved those plots were they written decently, but they're not, except for the DS examples I mentioned.
  4. Well this isn't saying much but it doesn't seem like too much of Pontaff was included in the DS release of Colours and I preferred that version better since it seemed more inline in the characters in the same plot the Wii version failed to follow without making some comedy in it. DS version as well, they directly reference Knuckles in the main story, sure he appears in a side mission but they directly mention him, plus there's explanations how they met the Wisps, no silly McNosehair stuff, Sonic acts pretty genuine, except from the cutscenes directly pasted from the Wii version I felt the DS one was just written better in my opinion and it lacked alot of Pontaff's involvement. As for my general opinions pretty much a few people have stated already, even if they only wrote the dialogue I can barely feel invested in the stories anymore with 'characters' (?) that I knew and liked. Back just before Generations' release I was beginning to despise their writing and with each game I hoped the story would be better so I could feel involved, but alas it got worse and worse. I returned my Lost World because I had no reason to pick it up. Game aside, there was no reason for me to get involved in the story of that game. Roger's explained the points pretty well. I mostly feel a similar way. I cannot laugh, but infact cringe at their cutscenes, knowing they've butchered some of the characters I liked. Everyone, really.
  5. Pinkolol

    Tumblr/Twitter Sonic's latest exploits

    That happened to me too.... that's really odd. I haven't touched anything and I already voted...
  6. When I bought Yoshi's Woolly World, I traded in my Sonic Lost World. Granted, it wasn't even a proper save (literally wasn't touching it) but of what I played on my Wii U before it died (Up to Sky Road I think), I was really done with the game already. I still play Sonic games that I have of which are before Unleashed but barely and it really makes me sad too about the story direction like some others have stated. They're just not the same characters to me and each time I look back it makes it even harder to look at the recent stuff. If it is so bad that I only really own Colours DS (because that game had differences in writing that were nice) in terms of recent then yeah. Though there are fangames to help but still, totally agree with that it's hard to care anymore.
  7. Pinkolol

    Tumblr/Twitter Sonic's latest exploits

    So back on topic I voted Blaze and Rouge. Thought the girls should get some more love.
  8. Pinkolol

    Tumblr/Twitter Sonic's latest exploits

    They did say on the blog you could vote for the Chao if you enjoyed raising them as well as their species in general. My friend, silly as it is, literally only likes Amy because she's pink for example. It's silly I know, but design still speaks alot about a person's interest of a character. If I buy a game called Sonic Adventure I expect an adventure yes, but adventure can be subjective and it can mean alot of things, so raising Chao isn't necessarily out of the picture so much as running through various landscapes. They are mysterious anyway. Chao as a minigame is a 'minigame' that is the only reason I pick up the older games in my honest opinion. There are others who do too. Yeah that punishing thing is a bit extreme. I don't think you'll be going to jail for murdering sims, it just depends on the context. I mean for all the animals I've killed in MC for example would say alot judging by that logic but I don't want to totally undermine raising Chao and gaining growth just because they're video game creatures. If that's true then I should be totally heartless as I haven't been able to raise an animal in my life lol
  9. Pinkolol

    Tumblr/Twitter Sonic's latest exploits

    Apparently Chao according to the blog is supposed to rep the raising aspect in SA1/2... and I like that over Big. Still love Big to death though.
  10. Pinkolol

    Tumblr/Twitter Sonic's latest exploits

    ^ I hope. This poll makes me even more hopeful too though lol.
  11. Two worlds, silly because of reasons others have mentioned. I'm not too bothered about the Super forms thing, but only male just seems a bit much. Don't mind Tails not having one but like, girls deserve to be powerful too and the only one remotely close and not even canonly considered is Blaze. But I'm more bothered with the 2 worlds bit.
  12. Someone recently created a video detailing the Chao breeding system and I played with my Chao in SA:DX/SA2:B after about 2 years of abandonment... they're still alive.
  13. Pinkolol

    How did you get into Sonic the Hedgehog?

    First saw Sonic in the movies advertising the second Olympics game and got a DS rom of the first one. Beforehand I'd watched my cousins play Sonic Advance on their broken cartridge (it couldn't save, it was like a genesis game, turn the system off and start all over)
  14. I showed 'Open Your Heart' to my class years back and they all cringed. Plus I used to reference it everywhere. A game where a few people have to guess their assigned person on the board above them (they can't look) and I would assign Sonic to them. I was an obsessive little one. I also happen to have alot of plushies of the characters.
  15. I slowed down to a stop in that wall-hugging section (GCN version) and Sonic does magnetise there, but in my few attempts he literally just jittered there. He would just stay there and his model would flicker there. No falling through the ground there. Glitch is still weird though but it is a special section so I can't say too much. Again it's one of my fav games, SA2:B ranks lower than it to me but it has its flaws.

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