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  1. Hmmm...CyberDark, huh? Wonder if all of its members are duelists that use these cards: https://yugioh.fandom.com/wiki/Cyberdark And the "previews" still go on and on and on...
  2. Yeah, I agree with most of the group here. It's best to move on and either embrace the new direction IDW is going or move on to something else entirely. In the end, it's just a bunch of fictional characters and there is simply no point in continuing to cry over this. I was just as shocked and surprised as most of the Archie Sonic fandom when those major changes started happening around #243 (I think?), but shortly after "Worlds Collide" I just thought it was time to move on when the whole thing itself started to change and eventually bite the dust four years later. We will likely never get a full resolution out of all this and those unfinished story arcs will never get closure. I do not think we will ever see "Lost Hedgehog Tales" either as there is simply too much legal drama and stuff like that will likely take years to resolve, plus even with the tiniest chance that even one of those characters/storylines/arcs might end up being a part of IDW. As far as this is concerned, the characters, stories, and ideas are now in the hands of the Sonic fandom with their fan ideas/art/and what not.
  3. I remember this prototype being released some time ago. I do not know how legitimate it is, but maybe some light can be shed on this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pnsn0_w6K9Q
  4. Yeah, I am not too big on NC's stuff anymore, but I thought there was another infamous moment in that movie that was cut that looked like Sonic was flipping off either Metal Sonic or Robotnik? Surprised that was not acknowledged...
  5. I agree that the music's mostly good and one of the rare instances that I like most Act 2 music.
  6. A drawing of "Lara-Su" and her...living Pee-Wee's Playhouse flower? ...anybody have any idea what that is supposed to be?
  7. Very well said. For the readers, constructive feedback and patience are the answers to the solution.
  8. As far as I know, nothing yet aside for no appearances this year.
  9. Guess it is now either called The Julie-Su? Chronicles or she and Lara did a Freaky Friday-like body switch. Also, I noticed it was called "Meet the Echyd'nyas" and I am strangely imagining Robert De Niro and Ben Stiller's voices coming out of them now...
  10. So to him it means Xero has the best design of all time! OF ALL TIME! 😜 ...okay, I'm done.
  11. Not bad, but could be better. But is it just me, or does Xero look a bit like Kanye West? It's got to be the glasses...
  12. Yeah, threats like that just take this whole thing way too far. I neither like or dislike the guy, but it's just a setting with fictional characters, for crying out loud. I can understand a good number of people grew up with those stories and kept up with them as the series progressed and evolved. And yes, I will admit that I was disappointed as well when I saw the changes to the "Endangered Species" arc which in my opinion, started the beginning of the end to the old timeline before the reboot button was pushed. But the fact is, it's just a comic book with fictional characters. Changes will always happen to a series no matter what form it is in and will never stay the same no matter what, whether it is new mandates, new publisher, new staff, new writers, new cast and characters, etc. While I am no longer keeping up with the series as much as I did many years ago and that I am not really that invested in Mr. Penders' TLSC either (though I cannot help but be a little curious on his progress), I do not feel like going after him or Archie for a petty disagreement on whether or not certain characters would have come back (whether through Archie before its partnership with SEGA ended or IDW, despite the very slim chance for the latter).
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