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  1. EDIT: Here's what appears to be a "rough draft" of what appears to be a backstory on one of his main characters. Aside from the usual uncanny valley look, I am trying to wrap my head around the "4th wall" dialogue and why it is necessary. Usually when new artwork of his characters, a rough snippet of a story outline is posted (see above for example), or even an update on a presumed release date, then yes there is critique to be said (which is usually always negative considering how he designs those characters). But the same thing has been said over and over again on how much it looks like uncanny valley, where he plans on taking the story, and the point of the matter is that it has not been released yet despite all the talk of getting it out there and getting international versions made as well as the fact that he is practically doing it by himself, which are likely factors in why it is taking so long. But then again, a lot of these online comics out there update a lot faster and usually around this amount of time, get roughly 5-6 stories done (hazarding a guess, feel free to correct my math). A lot of the people that read the old Archie Sonic comics during his and Ian's tenure have likely moved on to other things at this point, and hardly anyone would even remember these characters aside from those that still have a genuine interest in it. There is also a chance that online reviewers will pick it up and give their opinion on it but aside from those, I do not see it turning into a full-fledged franchise similar to Sonic, but this is just my opinion.
  2. There really is nothing much more to say until this product is released. This discussion has been going on for what, almost 8-9 years now?
  3. So we have sci-fi versions of a tender moment with Pepe Le Pew and Penelope from the uncanny valley. Judging from the expression, I would say he is looking to get some tail, if you catch my meaning. And maybe sweet talk her with a French accent...
  4. I did purchase Sonic 4 (Part 1 only) many years ago, but never quite got into it despite the somewhat improved graphics at the time. Never got Part 2 though, and I do not think it is available anymore, is it?
  5. My guilty pleasure for Sonic Games at the time was Sonic Chronicles. Before it came out, I used to play those fanmade Sonic RPGs on Newgrounds and wondered when a true Sonic RPG would come out, which would be about a year after I got into Newgrounds stuff. I played through it, hoping for the best and while it was decent overall (with the exception of the city music), I could not help but go through it a few times after beating it originally to try out different character combinations. I did play Colors and Generations soon after, but they did not hold my interest (though the former had more going for it than the latter).
  6. I'll be honest, it is very likely that the Freedom Fighters are not going to be in this series. To be clear, I do not dislike them, as I grew up watching SatAM and enjoyed the series dark tone. Even if there is the slim chance that they can appear, what purpose will they serve? They are known to be a resistance group, which there is already one in the current comic. They would just be shoehorned in with little to no buildup and would divide the focus on the current cast. It was easier with the Archie comics as they came out the same year SatAM was either in its final season or already cancelled (still an irritating cliffhanger, by the way.) and the comics just went off that storyline. IDW and the writers are just focusing on bringing new stories and cast (while keeping the SEGA cast and focusing on stories mainly involving them for the most part), unless there is the slim chance that SEGA will approve their use and a way is found to bring them in without making it feel rushed and a good fit for whatever purpose they are intended for.
  7. I imagine the day that happens is the day they bring Ristar back, which that will likely never happen.
  8. Probably Random Echyd'nya #666 from the K'Nox: 20 Years Later comic series. (I think I spelled them correctly?) I'll be honest, I believe very few people that even read this whenever it comes out are going to recognize/remember those obscure one-shot characters from 17-18 years ago when that story was first made, especially when they go through the "uncanny valley sci-fi treatment". And wow, almost forgot about the alien fusion version of Geordi La Forge and Kanye West.
  9. Yeah, I am pretty sure the jumping off point for his series is from the 25YL of his run and not Flynn's. And sounds like more designs from the uncanny valley are coming up...
  10. Not taking sides here, but because it is the belief that it is the future of comics.
  11. I am noticing now that someone is asking Mr. Penders about Lost Hedgehog Tales. Pretty sure that will stir up some trouble, especially if it involves certain characters. I understand its supposed to be non-profitable and the fact that 99% chance that the rest of it will not be released any time soon due to certain factors or it is likely already dead.
  12. Hmmm...CyberDark, huh? Wonder if all of its members are duelists that use these cards: https://yugioh.fandom.com/wiki/Cyberdark And the "previews" still go on and on and on...
  13. Yeah, I agree with most of the group here. It's best to move on and either embrace the new direction IDW is going or move on to something else entirely. In the end, it's just a bunch of fictional characters and there is simply no point in continuing to cry over this. I was just as shocked and surprised as most of the Archie Sonic fandom when those major changes started happening around #243 (I think?), but shortly after "Worlds Collide" I just thought it was time to move on when the whole thing itself started to change and eventually bite the dust four years later. We will likely never get a full resolution out of all this and those unfinished story arcs will never get closure. I do not think we will ever see "Lost Hedgehog Tales" either as there is simply too much legal drama and stuff like that will likely take years to resolve, plus even with the tiniest chance that even one of those characters/storylines/arcs might end up being a part of IDW. As far as this is concerned, the characters, stories, and ideas are now in the hands of the Sonic fandom with their fan ideas/art/and what not.
  14. I remember this prototype being released some time ago. I do not know how legitimate it is, but maybe some light can be shed on this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pnsn0_w6K9Q
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