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  1. He was also in a heavily armed mech with nothing standing between him and Eggman at the time though; in Forces, he's on his own with Infinite and seemingly four other villains and has no effective way to immediately counterattack Eggman. I think the thing that breaks Tails is not just the fact that Sonic is gone, but the fact that Eggman is able to take over the world as well and essentially wins. It's not explicitly stated in the game when exactly between Sonic's defeat and his escape that Tails has a breakdown, so it could well be that he does actually fight back against Eggman initially like in Sonic Adventure 2, but loses it when Eggman actually takes over, perhaps feeling that he's let Sonic down by not being able to stop him (unlike on the ARK where he's able to take Eggman down immediately).
  2. Nestor

    Sonic Headcanons

    My headcanon regarding Professor Gerald Robotnik was that he was a kind and genuinely benevolent man wanting to do his utmost to benefit humanity with his research.... who also happened to have an almost catastrophic level of cheerfully absent-minded carelessness and lack of caution or basic health and safety. If you actually look at his record of what went on in the ARK, it’s slightly disconcerting how many of his experiments to benefit humanity went horribly awry in some way, and I can’t help but imagine him being this well meaning crazy scientist enthusiastically sticking his fingers into the electrical socket of knowledge for science. I can totally see him having the same approach to safety as Stanford “I'll keep this artifact that could wreck the universe on me in this cheap plastic case" Pines of Gravity Falls fame - I'm pretty sure that's why he's on the ARK in the first place, that GUN wanted him to do his world-changing research... but wanted him to do it as far away as possible so that the inevitable misfires caused as little property damage as possible. And so put him in low orbit. I mean, can you imagine how his funding meetings must have gone? GUN administrator: "So Gerald.... I hear there've been a few... issues on the ARK?" Gerald Robotnik: "Oh, you mean that robot that wrecked most of the colony? He was an ancient automaton from the Fourth Great Civilisation, so advanced and potent that I theorised he may have actually been the cause of that civilisation’s destruction!" GUN admin: "And so you...?" Gerald: "I switched it on, plugged in a Chaos Emerald, showed it my weapons collection and gave it sentience." GUN admin: "Uh... okay... I hear that Project Shadow is doing well though?" Gerald: "Oh yes! I've managed to overcome the final research hurdles and have almost fully completed the ultimate lifeform! We, uh, may want to think about collecting the seven Chaos Emeralds in the next fifty years or so though?" GUN admin: "Oh....?" Gerald: "I finished the project by extracting the DNA from an immortal alien in exchange for providing him with the Chaos Emeralds and allowing his people to harvest the human race in fifty years time." GUN admin: "I - you what?!" Gerald: "Oh don't worry, it's fine! I converted the ARK into a huge planet destroying laser we can use to stop them." GUN admin: *eye twitch* Gerald: "Just plug in the Chaos Emeralds and it's good to go, we’ll be perfectly safe! Er, speaking of safety... is there any chance we could have a few more GUN troopers on the ARK, please? I created some artificial lifeforms using the DNA of an entity known as the God of Destruction and a few might have got.... loose, possibly? Just an FYI." GUN admin: *stares* Gerald: "Do you think I'll be able to keep my current funding level?" .....at which point GUN went “Nope" and came up with the plan to shutdown the ARK and frame Gerald for causing an accident, as that was apparently completely believable with his track record.
  3. Nestor

    Your Unanswered Sonic Questions

    My reading of that scene was that the Egg Robo or Mecha Sonic had stolen the Master Emerald and taken it to the remnant of Sky Sanctuary - Angel Island is tilting wildly in the background and barely able to stay aloft, so it seems like it being there wasn't something Knuckles intended.
  4. Nestor

    Your Unanswered Sonic Questions

    It seems like the Master Emerald actually needs to physically be on the island for it to work - when it was taken to the remnants of the Sky Sanctuary by Mecha Sonic, Angel Island began to wobble and become unstable. As to what Sky Sanctuary actually is, that's a bit more difficult; it seems to be some sort of outpost orbitting Angel Island, but the presence of more advanced technology underlying it would imply it was created after the island first rose. While the echidnas of Tikal's time were advanced for their era but not by modern standards, we actually know nothing about what happened during the 4,000 years between the Chaos disaster and the island rising and the present day - it could be that the Knuckles clan became scientifically advanced over the millenia and were able to create structures of more sophisticated technology.
  5. Nestor

    Do you aggree with the Two-worlds??

    That's true with regard to the Knuckles Clan at the time of Pachacamac - it's possible however that their ancient ancestors were a nomadic diaspora and travelled between the worlds before ultimately settling in what would become the Mystic Ruins. Indeed - but then it goes into very little detail about the mechanics of the research at all other than it was based around Chaos Emeralds; it also doesn't mention Gerald visiting Angel Island, but he clearly did considering the obvious similarity of the Eclipse Cannon core to the Master Emerald shrine. Gerald may not have had to even do the leg work himself - the ARK may already have had samples of each of the genomes from Sonic's world for Gerald to work with.
  6. Nestor

    Your Unanswered Sonic Questions

    Sky Sanctuary seems to float alongside Angel Island rather than above it (in Knuckles's story in S&K we see the island in the background) so it probably fell into the sea rather than onto Angel Island itself. It hadn't completely disintegrated when Sonic and Tails boarded the Death Egg however - there was still at least a small section left afterwards in Knuckles's S&K story where he fights Mecha Sonic and recovers the Master Emerald.
  7. Nestor

    Do you aggree with the Two-worlds??

    Just because we haven't been explicitly shown them doing it before doesn't mean they never have or never will - indeed, it would be incredibly strange for them to not try to keep tabs on the man who blew up half the moon and threatened the entire planet with destruction. That doesn't mean they'll always send Shadow to do it every time, but it certainly does leave the option open and thus gives a rationale for him being in Sonic's world occasionally. Considering that Eggman is Earth's number one threat at this point though, I'd argue that going after Eggman would be considered 'proactively' guarding Earth and fulfilling Maria's wish. Gerald's explicitly visited and researched ancient sites and cultures (he's obviously been to Angel Island and knew of the Fourth Great Civilisation), it would make sense him visiting a world with strong ties to the Chaos Emeralds. As for why a hedgehog, one assumes he went through numerous different Earth and Sonic's world genomes to find the one best to become the ultimate lifeform. Since apparently male hedgehogs are able to most fully use the power of the Chaos Emeralds naturally and the ultimate lifeform project required their use, it may be that hedgehogs were the best fit genetically for his experiments. [Whoops, messed up my quoting and double posted...]
  8. Nestor

    Your Unanswered Sonic Questions

    I thought that that was why it was falling to pieces - that the Master Emerald did keep it afloat, and without it, it was slowly falling to pieces. The Sanctury also seems to have some sort of more advanced ancient tech underpinning it, if Generations is anything to go by, so it may have been able to stay afloat for a short period without the Master Emerald, essentially 'running on empty' a little longer before collapsing.
  9. Nestor

    Do you aggree with the Two-worlds??

    I'd put my money on the whole two worlds thing beginning to form around the time of Sonic X; whether it had always been an idea bouncing around that was never implemented or whether it only emerged then, it would not surprise me at all if Sonic X was the catalyst for this direction. That said, it does seem like the Adventure games at least were designed on a one world principle, with the point at which Sonic team actually deciding on two worlds definitely being a thing coming at some point afterwards, possibly even as late as Colors.
  10. Nestor

    Do you aggree with the Two-worlds??

    You could I suppose assume that GUN have assigned him to keep an eye on Eggman sometimes when he goes back to Sonic's world - though to be honest, this isn't really much more of an issue than why Knuckles is in any given adventure rather than guarding the Master Emerald. Not necessarily; it just depends how often the island's flight path intersects with the gateway - it could cross worlds every month, every week, or longer or shorter. Even if it was there for longer rather than shorter periods, it shouldn't be too much of a problem from a plot perspective as the time jump between games is sufficiently vague that the writers can have the island always be wherever they need it to be. He was able to interact with them - Gerald is able to cross between worlds too, just like the rest of the cast (and indeed anyone on either planet) if they choose to.
  11. Nestor

    Do you aggree with the Two-worlds??

    Shadow's backstory being based on Earth at least can be explained due to him being a creation of Gerald Robotnik - reading between the lines, it seems the professor carried out research in both worlds and used hedgehog DNA from Sonic's world as a template for his ultimate lifeform.
  12. Nestor

    Do you aggree with the Two-worlds??

    It's funny, and I'm not sure if I'm in the minority for this, but I actually dislike the two worlds retcon far less than the whole two dimensions one - that seemed an entirely unnecessary and out of left field decision, and I absolutely loathe the fact that even before that, they decided to make Classic Sonic mute. The Sonic Mania team have admittedly made the best of it with Sonic Mania Adventures, but even so, it seems a really demented direction to take arguably the most iconic part of the series in. Comparatively, the two worlds thing - while badly implemented - feels a lot less disagreeable and ultimately makes changes that impact the series less markedly.
  13. Nestor

    Do you aggree with the Two-worlds??

    I actually quite like the idea, it gives Sonic a greater breadth of more fantastic locations to play with (without always just having to find one more suspiciously similar undiscovered magical island, as tended to happen when it was just Earth) and I would be happy with the setup if it was actually referenced in any coherent way in the games. I have no clue why Sonic Team have tried to retroactively shoehorn in this idea without actually defining or even mentioning it outside of interviews; if you want to introduce a concept like this, that's fine but you have to actually do it, not leave it hanging without any explanation for over a decade. If they really wanted to go this route, they also should have implemented it from the get go in the Adventure games; trying to do it now creates a whole mess of unnecessary plot holes. While most of them can be kinda sorta filled (Gerald Robotnik travelled between the worlds often; the ancient Echidna forbears were nomadic and migrated through the gateway from Sonic's world to the Mystic Ruins on Earth in ancient history; GUN's remit only extends to Earth; Angel Island travels through the gateway between both worlds periodically; the Chaos Emeralds warp between both worlds) it's... really cumbersome and inelegant storytelling.
  14. I'm.... actually okay with this, the more I think about it. While I knew there'd be changes, I'd worried that they'd radically alter Eggman to the point that he wouldn't be even slightly like the original character (like Bowser in the Mario movie, Dr Doom in either of the Fantastic Fours, or *shudder* Dr Claw in Inspector Gadget). Just from their choice of Jim Carrey, it looks like they'll be going for a wackier Eggman closer to his game persona, rather than a more serious Eggman. I can totally see him pulling off Eggman's over the top gestures, facial expressions and ranting - although I'm not sure about the voice, Jim's a bit higher pitched naturally than Eggman, it'll be intersting if he deepens and gruffs up his delivery or if he'll just do his own thing.
  15. To be fair, they do have this already - most times the Chaos Emeralds are used, they warp away and scatter all over the world, sometimes even into their own pocket dimensions. In any game they're not in, it can easily be assumed that they just haven't been found yet.
  16. No, GUN is entirely canon, until explicitly stated otherwise; the key difference in Sonic Forces is that - while admittedly not refenced anywhere, in the usual Sonic Team fashion - the game is supposed to take place on "Sonic's world", a planet populated primarily by animal people and a separate world to Earth; the planets are supposed to be linked by some sort of gateway, but details are extremely vague. Sonic Team has had this idea of Sonic being split between two worlds bouncing around in their heads since at least Colors (when the first reference to "Sonic's world" rather than Earth happened), and I believe Iizuka has mentioned it in some interviews. Earth has humans, GUN and more realistic settings, while Sonic's world has animal people and the more fantastic locations like Green Hill Zone. Why of course they haven't seen fit to explicitly reference this in the games outside of vague implications is of course anyone's guess. As a side issue, I'm not too saddened by the lack of Chaos Emeralds in the recent games; if every story revolves around them and inevitably ends in Sonic becoming Super Sonic, things would get very boring, and I don't fault Sonic Team for giving them a rest - it'll make them more special when they're properly used again.
  17. Nestor

    Why the Modern Sonic Stories Just Don't Work

    To be fair, Infinite creating duplicates of a handful of Sonic's greatest foes did at least avoid the pitfall that I actually thought Forces would hit, namely finding a way for Sonic to be defeated quickly and for Eggman to take over without turning Infinite into a complete Mary Sue. Him showing up out of nowhere and personally defeating Sonic one to one in under a minute would have seemed unnecessarily fanfictiony, but Sonic having to face simultaneously and unexpectedly all of his most powerful foes and Infinite, with most of the legwork being done by the illusions, makes Sonic's defeat more believable. I agree though that so much more should have been made of the duplicate angle, particularly Shadow's and his seeming face-heel turn from Sonic's perspective. Also, I must admit, while it could have been executed significantly more competently, I thought Infinite's backstory was actually not a bad concept - having a villain who's evil not because of a tragic backstory but just because he's an egotistical douche was a nice change. His whole 'look how awesome and terrifying I am' edginess schtick synergises nicely with his backstory of being such a narcissist that him and his squad being barely a speed-bump for Shadow sends him into a meltdown - the sadistic bully so full of himself yet unable to see how pathetically insecure and fragile his ego is. The fact that his primary power is the creation of illusions gives an ironic echo to this aspect of his character nicely as well.
  18. Nestor

    Bashed By Some, Praised By You

    I actually quite enjoyed Shadow the Hedgehog and was surprised it was so loathed - while it's gameplay is less than polished and its plot daft as a brush, I... actually preferred it overall over Sonic Heroes, if I'm honest. Which admittedly isn't the highest bar to hurdle, but while I could see it was flawed, it was still an overall enjoyable experience. For me, the fact that they actually attempted to make a plot (even if it did end up hilariously overwrought) put it above Heroes's minimalist plot, and the way that you could essentially choose your own story and craft something which - depending on how you did it - made at least a modicum of sense was a cut above what Heroes offered. The large variety of missions to choose from was also a welcome change to Heroes's 'play the same game nearly identically four times' set up (with the exception of having to play Westopolis 374 times), and the removal of the power and flight character mechanics made the game seem a bit smoother. I did actually enjoy Heroes, don't get me wrong - it was a flawed but pleasant game - but I found Shadow to be just a bit better and is something of a guilty pleasure for me.
  19. I'm not sure I entirely agree - you had suggested that Sonic would be significantly different with totally different body proportions and used a modified version of the Studio Blur fanfilm as an example, however the writer was asked whether it would be identical to the games or "will Sonic look weird and freaky like in that fan film" and replied that neither would be the case, and that the design would be "still Sonic but a little more realistic" (emphasis mine). That means that whatever the new design is, it is less extreme than the 'weird and freaky' Studio Blur design, and only a little more realistic than the games, essentially a halfway house between game Sonic and Studio Blur Sonic; some of what you've suggested is rather more extreme than that, and this seems to confirm that such a drastic redesign will not be the case. I suspect that a 'little more realistic' will be a more textured surface, greater detail, and perhaps very slightly lengthened proportions (as you said, like classic to modern Sonic), rather than an extensive redesign.
  20. Well that's something at least, all though I do worry how they're going to portray him... At minimum, even if they were to stay close to his game look, I expect him to be more realistically textured and have some mild accesory variations (like his Sonic Boom incarnation). However, if your guess is right and they go the whole hog in the redesign.... well, anything's possible frankly. This is the same franchise that brought us the Werehog, thought a fishing simulator was a sensible addition to a fast paced action game, and had a romantic scene involving a heroine kissing a dead hedgehog. At this point, if they'd said that the Sonic film was going to be a musical set against the backdrop of Bolshevik Russia, I wouldn't have been surprised.
  21. Good grief. Between that, the complete lack of reference to Eggman or any of the other cast, and the fact that out of all of the incredible vistas and set-pieces that the franchise has to offer, they chose Nowheresville, US as the movie location, my optimism for this movie is not super high. I wait to be pleasantly surprised, but I'm not holding my breath.
  22. I keep seeing references in this discussion to the fact that the Sonic movie's going to be a PG-13.... but is it really? Has this actually been confirmed? Because 'action adventure' doesn't automatically mean that it has to be PG-13 nor serious, you can quite happily have light-hearted PG rated action adventures. The idea of a 'serious' realistic Sonic with possible profanity fills me with dread.
  23. That’s not entirely accurate; firstly, the fact that the first film was financially successful is slightly misleading as it's TMNT - the franchise has enough momentum that they could have shot it in claymation and the first movie would still have been a box office smash. The audience reviews may have started high, but it was panned by the critics and the rotten tomatoes audience currently has it at 51%. Similarly, I don't think it was just the ‘hardcore’ fans that reacted with... mixed feelings towards the redesign, it was somewhat prevalent all over the internet and generated a goodly number of memes. I don't think that's necessarily the case, nor is the story of the Sonic movie as revealed so far particularly serious; the original Pete's Dragon contained essentially a similar plot from its villain, and Who Framed Roger Rabbit? had a much darker storyline despite much goofier toons. The key here is the framing to allow suspension of disbelief present - if Sonic is supposed to be a mutant or something, I agree his game design would be too cartoony, but if he is a creature from a different dimension, then a weirder design is easier to swallow. Still not ideal, mind you - having the live action and CGI in the first place was a bad idea for something like Sonic - but I don't think people would react as badly to his game design as you suggest. ....Why? A creature from another dimension isn't necessarily going to share our dimension’s norms, that's.... kind of the whole point. Reams of fiction, serious and otherwise, has been written about entities from elsewhere that break the laws of our universe; the fact that they are supposed to be explicitly from outside our plane of reality is what gives them a modicum of suspension of disbelief. That's not an entirely fair example - that's a poorly photoshopped Sonic placed randomly without any ambient lighting; actual film level CGI would look superior and more detailed. However, you are right in that without any framing or context, Sonic does look strange in a real life environment, and could draw some mirth... but the problem is, so do the redesigns. Sure, realistic-ish fur may look slightly better, but imagine putting your picture, your Bluecore improvement or the re-proportioned Sonic in that picture instead. Would they look right next to the humans? Or would they still look like a cartoony mascot suit, a furry convention goer or an escapee from Monsters Inc? This is the problem with redesigning Sonic; while something like Alvin and the Chipmunks can be made to a realistic approximation relatively easily, Sonic is so stylised that anything less than a complete redesign looks... a bit strange at best and unsettling at worst. Take your realistic Sonic picture; you're obviously a skilled artist and the picture is done to a high quality, with significant detail - it succeeds in realising a more realistically styled Sonic. However, due to Sonic's over stylised nature, that realisation does fall into a rather uncanny valley area, where its not entirely toony and not entirely realistic, with the end result of Sonic looking.... less appealing than his standard design, while still being out of place in the real world. That isn't due to your skills as an artist, it's just the natural end result of trying to draw a character like Sonic in a realistic fashion. I fear that a 'realistic' Sonic would fall into the same pitfalls of his regular design - looking strange next to real environments - while also falling prey to the negative feedback and joke memes that such a drastic redesign would inevitably lead to. The only other option of course would be to radically redesign him from the ground up to look realistic, abandoning almost all his game look, but I suspect that would end in something like the live action Mario movie, where it bears almost no resemblance to the franchise it's based upon. .... Of course, that doesn't mean that SEGA and the filmakers won't actually decide to do any of these things, they've made some.... unusual choices with this film already....
  24. The problem is though, if they use an uncanny valley, totally redesigned Sonic then the movie will still be laughed out of theatres - compare the reaction to the original TMNT movies (where they stuck fairly closely to the cartoon versions) with the overwhelmingly negative reaction the most recent TMNT movies got with their ugly CGI Turtles. The issue with making 'realistic' versions of Sonic is the same - they just look a bit creepy and wouldn't play well to a casual audience. See, that story - Sonic being a strange creature from another dimension - would allow for a regular looking Sonic to appear without harming suspension of disbelief. After all, the actual games themselves have him co-existing with semi-realistic humans, so it shouldn't be too much of a stretch.
  25. My main worry is that they 'reinvent' Dr Eggman similar to how Bowser was butchered in the Mario movie to the point that he's essentially a completely different character. As Eggman is often one of the highlights of these sort of things, that would pretty much sink the movie... unless they actually managed to make an effective and compelling alt-Eggman (like, for example, the SatAM Robotnik who was significantly different to Eggman but an effective character in his own right and fit within the show's context).

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