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  1. Or maybe they're sticking with the nonsensical "Sonic's world and Earth are separate planets" thing, and Eggman wishes to destroy Sonic's world (for some reason) while leaving Earth alone. Which might explain why we're seeing anthro citizens instead of humans in the games for the first time. Anyway where's my boy Big at.
  2. Sonic. Shadow and Silver are the only characters capable of harnessing the full power of the Chaos Emeralds, which is why their super forms are much more impressive than Super Tails and Super Knuckles. Shadow is only capable of using the full power of the emeralds due to Gerald basing him on the ancient echidna's depiction of Sonic, while Silver can only use them due to being a descendant of Sonic (or alternatively, he can't use at all since Sonic 06 never happened). Tails gained the ability to use his super form without the Hyper Emeralds in the interim between the events of Sonic 3 & Knuckles and Sonic Mania due to gaining more experience with the Chaos Emeralds from the events of Sonic 2 and Sonic 3&K. Knuckles would be capable of achieving a super transformation with the Master Emerald (as Mecha Sonic did in Sonic 3&K), but he refuses to due to his sense of duty and fear of repeating the sins of his ancestors. Heavy King did not attain a super form from the Master Emerald despite doing exactly what Mecha Sonic did because he channelled the energy into his scepter, rather than into his body.
  3. The problem with this game (and Sticker Star) is that they claim to be Paper Mario games when the only things they share in common are the paper aesthetic. That wasn't what made the first two Paper Mario games so well loved, it was the gameplay, the storyline, and the humour. To take almost everything out of Paper Mario that makes it Paper Mario twice in a row (or three if you count Super Paper) is just baffling, especially after the reaction to Sticker Star. Hopefully it will at least fix the major issues Sticker Star had relating to the thing stickers. Would it be naive to hope for a story as good as at least the N64 Paper Mario game?
  4. Big the Cat being brought back as a playable character with his gameplay overhauled to make him play more like Sonic. I can see Big working quite well in a Sonic game if SEGA actually gave it another try. Imagine slowly gathering momentum while playing as this massive character, and then plowing through enemies and even the scenery at massive speeds on your way to the end of the stage.
  5. I'm not even going to bother trying to reconcile this "two worlds" thing. Especially since if we assume there aren't multiple South Islands and Angel Islands, the only main series games that could really take place on "Sonic's World" would be CD, 4, Colo(ur)s and Lost World. Probably missing a few there, but a tiny number at any rate.
  6. Honestly, while Sonic Adventure is by no means a perfect game, I still have great fun replaying it every year or so. Maybe part of it is nostalgia, but does that really matter? As long as I'm enjoying myself, why should I care what other people think of the game I don't remember ever encountering any bugs that weren't simply minor graphical errors in my many playthroughs of the game despite most of them being the PC version of DX. Also I don't find Big's levels that bad, if nothing else I can get through them quickly.
  7. I really can't help but feel sorry for Ken. He went to so much trouble and effort to get the rights to his characters, just to use them for a project destined to fail, tarnishing his own reputation in the process. If he hadn't done the whole lawsuit thing, his characters would have stayed loved and relevant to people and he would still have been well-regarded by the Sonic fandom. Sure, his writing wasn't spectacular by any means, but people would have still been able to appreciate what he did contribute, instead of tearing in to anything he ever created. By the time TLSC releases (sorry, if it releases), I doubt there will be anyone left who actually cares about his characters. Even now, people seem to mostly be missing the characters that were created by other writers, but erased thanks to him regardless. How is he going to react when/if his book releases and it turns out to be a failure? How does he feel about the Sonic comic still going strongly even now that the characters who he thought were so essential to it were written out of existence? Even he should eventually be able to realize he made a mistake. But will he be able to admit that?
  8. This game is the only thing from E3 that I'm genuinely excited for, I love both the Paper Mario and Mario and Luigi series, and Dream Team filled the void that Sticker Star left in my heart. Hopefully this will do the same with the void created by the lack of a Wii U Paper Mario. Regarding NOE's bizarre and often arbitrary localization decisions, yeah, I don't get it. I really don't understand why they feel a need to make their English translations different from the American ones. I mean, I understand changing words to their British spellings, but what was the point of changing all the trophy descriptions in Smash? What was the point of adding "Bros." to the end of Dream Team's name? What was the point of renaming Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon to just Luigi's Mansion 2? The change that annoys me the most is how they're referring to all Magikoopas as Kamek now, giving the character nothing to differentiate him from his species. I mean I know it's more faithful to the original Japanese, but that isn't necessarily a good thing. They may as well rename Bowser "Koopa", if that's such a large priority. Also, count me among the people that actually liked Starlow. She should have been playable in Mario Kart 8 over stupid made-up characters like Pink Gold Peach and Baby Rosalina.
  9. What are you talking about? Mario and Sonic were already in a platformer together! this is probably as close as we're ever going to get
  10. I just want Big the Cat to be playable. Would probably be an instant buy for me; if only for the absurdity of Big the Cat competing in the olympics. Anyway, made a list of unannounced characters that have a relatively high probability of inclusion: Espio (already appeared as a ref) Omega (already appeared as a rival) Eggman Nega (already appeared as a rival) Cream (already appeared as a ref) Dry Bowser (already appeared as a rival) King Boo (already appeared as a rival) Kamek (already appeared as a rival) Birdo (already appeared as a rival) Rosalina Captain Toad Professor E. Gadd
  11. I recently replayed Rescue Team and Explorers, so I'm hyped for this! I actually don't actually think Gates to Infinity is as terrible as many people seem to think it is, but it certainly did fail in some respects, such as number of Pokémon available for recruitment and the lack of a postgame. Hopefully this game will improve on those things.
  12. The most plausible theory I've seen is that the fourth game will deal with putting the final person's soul to rest: Purple Guy's. I mean, we know that Springtrap survived the fire, and this is the final game in the series, so that's gonna have to be dealt with in some way. Plus it's the only thing that can really give closure to the series after the children were freed in the previous game. And it'd make sense for him to see the animatronics as horrific nightmare beings. Maybe the game takes place in his mind, as he tries to come to terms with what he's done so he can finally pass on. But this is Scott so I'm probably wrong.
  13. It's honestly not that bad, at least by Ken Penders standards. But then maybe all the artwork he's been putting out recently has lowered my expectations somewhat. ...I still do question why it's even a thing in the first place though, fan request or not.
  14. So... Long time lurker here, finally decided to create an account. Anyway, I don't think you're all giving enough credit to Mr. Penders, his work has given me and many others a great deal of entertainment. For example, I was having a pretty bad day yesterday, so when I decided to check up on this thread and saw that Ken had revealed he would be calling The Praetorian "K'Nox", I burst out laughing and rethought my own life. I mean, my life may not be great, but at least I'm not Ken Penders.
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