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  1. Today's my birthday, too!

  2. Ah, you are correct but I felt like giving my two cents anyway.
  3. The lighting is ok. The flame is unimpressive and Shadow's other hand looks off. Well, it is off because its drawn like a left hand. Yardley didn't notice that apparently.
  4. On Sonic? That's definitely a bad design choice on Spaz's part. I never said he was perfect.
  5. I read the part in Foxy's rant where the Xbox brand is regarded as a failure. It has amounted too a lot of losses but its also had some very profitable quarters regardless and has been beating the PS3 in monthly hardware and software sales since the PS3's inception. Why all the hate, Foxy? Your bias is showing.
  6. PS2 is a last gen console, by the way.
  7. Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 2 are not first person shooters, OP. And I can't wait for this disc. I will finally play Echoes start to finish and dive into Corruption.
  8. No Sonic Unleashed 2 for me, please. I rather they go real retro and return to a slower platforming style game with some colorful and imaginative environments. Basically, I want classic 2D Sonic material even if it might not happen. Real world locations or simpler imitations of them don't really work for me.
  9. Personally, I don't ever want to see the Werehog character again. While the design wasn't an abomination, he was a simple character that didn't really add much. You could easily take Knuckles or Vector and attach the Werehog's game mechanics and no one would miss him. If Sonic Team really want to integrate classic platforming into a new Sonic game they can do so without introducing unnecessary characters. Some of the DLC Sonic Unleashed levels themselves are a tiny example of what they can do. With that said, it would serve everyone better if they slowed down Sonic quite a bit and worked on making his controls more precise and friendly. While blasting through a daytime level in Unleashed with Sonic is fun, that specific iteration of the character doesn't lend itself too well to platforming.
  10. I think some people are analyzing Gamma too much. He's a simple character with a simple story. All this business about who controls the actual badnik is superfluous and pointless in my opinion.
  11. I'm glad to see that Spaz will work on covers again. No offense to the other artists but their work pales in comparison. And while I'm not a fan of the alternate future story arcs, I'm very satisfied with #200 and its change to the status quo. The book needs to freshen up and a new strong antagonist might just be what the doctor ordered. Its a shame that the writers of the book still cling to the old idea of having a Knothole Kingdom/Mobotropolis. I couldn't be more bored with the concept of having a kingdom of some sort. I'd love to see that whole concept thrown out the window so the book and the central freedom fighter characters can do something new. I'm looking forward to the Knuckles arc as his side of the story has gone through drastic changes and doesn't feel too stale (aside from the Legion & the Dingoes).
  12. I like your work, Adamis. Reminds me of my style when I used to draw.
  13. I thought the Sonic Advance and Rush games were great. And Dimps is also responsible for developing nearly every Dragonball game that has been released within the past 7 years.
  14. Its nice to want things.
  15. I agree with ya, Jix. These alternate future stories are really boring if not completely predictable. I much rather see the effort and time that goes into those story arcs go towards something more relevant. Isn't that whole future concept some old fossil of an idea Ken Penders decided to force upon the comic? The guy wasn't that original really. *recalls Sonic Live and shudders profusely*
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