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  1. Pretty funny idea for a game, it would also be quite ironic if it's funded by Euros.
  2. This game copies both SA games like...a lot, for example it has a similar cutscene setup, one really good looking one every now and then, then the rest are made with in game assets and have really odd looking movements. Not to mention the story is just a more dramatic version of SA1.
  3. I liked Shadow the hedgehog, sure the controls were wonky at times and it was needlessly difficult but it was basically a modified version of sonic heroes, and to be honest I found the idea of a cartoon hedgehog with a gun quite amusing.
  4. With the delays for Zelda U am I the only one who's worried it's gonna wind up switched to that new console Nintendo are developing?
  5. I think I know why they put the calming music in the end result screen, you're gonna after how pissed off you're gonna be by the end.
  6. I just had some fun with this game, it was during Sonic's section in Silver's version of kingdom valley when jumping into some enemies, it's still not as fun as previous games...
  7. Uhhh, am I the only one who thinks that Omega's attack looks like a Nazi salute...?
  8. Well considering what a sonic fanboy I was when I was younger (which was also the time I had a working gamecube) I probably would have bought it, would I have done it today...no.
  9. Probably the giant silver ball thing in aquatic base in 06, seriously the amount of time that thing disappeared was just infuriating.
  10. All I've learned is that sega still haven't learned from 06, albeit ROL isn't an awful game it still shows that sega think they can slap Sonic's face on anything and people will buy it.
  11. Blaze was kinda fun in sonic 06.
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