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  1. I know it's kinda useless to get angry about but I honestly get so annoyed when I see people already talking about Christmas and stuff. People now practically treat all of December and the latter half of November all as Christmas now. What a fucking glutton of a holiday. 

    1. Osmium


      We might as well change December's name to Christmas. Because that's basically what it is now. 

    2. .   .

      . .

      Yeah I agree. I don't celebrate Christmas (my family likes to think they do but they really don't do anything on Christmas day) so it gets quite irritating to me. I enjoy Christmas music and I like the atmosphere, but only when the holiday is near. I feel celebration should only be within the week Christmas is actually happening, not a month beforehand. 

    3. JaidynReiman


      I think the main reasoning behind it marketing tbh. It kinda ruined the holiday. I can't stand doing anything Christmas related before December, and even then it drives me up the wall how much December itself is all about Christmas. Let's just have Christmas on Christmas Day, k?

    4. Ripe



      And in case of the changing the name from December to Christmas, well in Finnish December is known as Joulukuu and it's direct translate is Joulu = Christmas, Kuu = Moon/month. So yeah.

    5. Osmium



      Wow, that's pretty interesting. I didn't know that. 

    6. The Tenth Doctor

      The Tenth Doctor

      I only really start celebrating it twelve days before. I buy presents in november to avoid the rush and I get presents really early for other occasions. It's ridiculous how much it takes up, my town has lights going up for pete's sake. 


      Fun fact: Most food is put out in shop's early so the date it goes off is pretty close to Christmas. Then they can put them on a sale afterwards as they will expire shortly.

    7. Sean


      I can't criticize since I'll spend all October celebrating Halloween

    8. Osmium


      Honestly that's why I don't like Halloween all that much either. These two behemoths of holidays take up whole months of the year. It's kind of sad really. 

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