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    Sonic, Mario, platformers, Science, History, thinking, Drawing and writing, Disney theme parks, animals, biology, Geology, elements, rocks & minerals, Earth, atoms, Astronomy, Astrophysics, Stars, Galaxies, Planets, other celestial objects, Nuclear Fusion, Nuclear Fission, Nuclear Reactors, cartoons, drawings, weather, climate, locomotives, cars, planes, boats, model trains, other junk

    Mainly being extensively anal-retentive about everything I like
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    Spread in the Inner Planet's crusts, in stellar atmospheres, being synthesized in P-process, S-process, and R-process (depending on isotope) in neutron star collisions as we speak.

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  1. d750b36d04a249d18347b153652e0549.png

    hey look it's a picture of me looking stupid 

    1. Osmium


      in a pink bathroom 

    2. FriendBot


      Hey, are you Grump?

      Cause I'm not so Grump.

    3. Osmium


      eh I usually just happen to look pissed

    4. FriendBot


      lies and slander

    5. Kiah


      You don't look stupid. 

      I like your glasses though :) 

    6. Sunwalker


      Don't worry, it is me who usually doesn't look well in photos ? :lol:

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