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  1. So here is a person that I drew that I guess is supposed to be @Spin Attaxx's Jessica but it doesn't look that much like her. I guess it's more an experiment to see if I can draw a really scowly person lol


    1. Spin Attaxx

      Spin Attaxx

      You could've fooled me, lol.

      Looks good!

    2. Kiah


      Late but it looks like Jess to me and looks good!

  2. Most likely a mixture of both I would say, but yeah this is a much tougher question and area to discuss than just statistically guessing if there is life at all.
  3. There are estimated to be 2 trillion galaxies in the observable universe, and the average galaxy has 100 billion stars. That means there are ((2x10^12)(1x10^11)), or roughly 2x10^23 stars in the observable universe. And on average (at least estimates here in the Milky Way) say there are 1.6 planets per star. This means there are roughly 3.2x10^23 planets in the universe. And this is likely a lower estimate. You have no right to say that there isn't life out there that isn't intelligent and has developed technology similar to ours. The numbers are much higher than you think. Like, the question of us ever communicating with life forms of this caliber is another story completely, but statistically I'd say there's a pretty good chance that this has happened many times and will continue to happen many times. We still don't know if there is other life existing in out own solar system. If there is in fact life, do you know how high the probability of life appearing is (this to be fair is only a question of life, not intelligent life to our standards)? I'm just saying, you can't just say you doubt. The universe is much larger than you and me can comprehend casually.
  4. Statistically this has to be true.
  5. b4bc5c18bac8413abbca9727eb17c22d.png


    Don't break the oath 

    1. ShroomZed


      Image result for mercyful fate don't break the oath

      what it's based off 

    2. Forte-Metallix


      I was scared until I saw the lack of swirls in his eyes.

      I think we're all safe for now.

    3. Mightyray


      This needs to be inked, pronto.

    4. Kiah


      Whatever I did wrong, I'm sorry! :( 

      Seriously though nice work as always! :)

  6. Can I just ask why anyone should even care about their ages? Like everyone else has said it has pretty much no impact on their personalities. An example? Sonic was originally 18 (just check the technical documents on Retro), was changed to 16, and now he's 15. And he's pretty much the same character. Age has no relevance in this series outside of pedantic trivia.
  7. forgive me, but who are you? lmao I can't keep track of people as they change anymore 

  8. Ooooh, you're doing AoStH now? I may regularly be showing up for this one.
  9. Actually yeah can I just say I've never been a fan of Orbot and Cubot? They're not interesting and they don't do anything. Orbot is the list every flaw in the leader's plan guy and Cubot is the fucking idiot. That's it. Why do people like them so much? 

    1. E-122-Psi


      I sort of liked them for Sonic Boom, where they got far more spotlight. They also became more pitiful characters in how Eggman treated them. It's obvious in some cases that they just want some appreciation from the doctor. This makes all the difference in a character like Orbot who goes from just a standard disrespectful snarker to a frustrated hard worker venting having to work under an ungrateful imbecile.

    2. Ratcicle King

      Ratcicle King

      As characters maybe they arent the best, however they shine in giving Eggman someone to talk, giving the Doctor some screentime and making him a highlight in most of the newer games

    3. Kintor


      Going back to SatAM, I think that Snively is a better foil for Eggman. At face value Snively is pretty much just a miserable toady, clearly in over his head by working for Dr Robotnik and he knows it. But at the same time Snively is also competent, self-serving and ambitious; seeking to usurp Dr Robotnik's authority but smart enough not to sabotage any mutually beneficial evil schemes while doing so.

      It's just a more interesting dynamic. Snively is a respectable second in command. Orbot and Cubot are literal goofballs and not a threat to anybody.

      Not that I expect Snively to suddenly appear in the games (although Sega could certainly do so) but a more compete calibre of supporting characters for Eggman would certainly be a welcome development.

    4. Metal the Mario

      Metal the Mario

      They do fit better in a series like Boom, now that I think about it. I haven't minded or thought about them all that much in the main-series games they've been in, but I could see them overstaying their welcome. However, I do think that Eggman did just fine as a villain without any sidekicks in the games before they were introduced.

    5. Diogenes


      every villain needs his minions

    6. JezMM


      I like 'em, but not any more or less than previous robo-minion duos like Scratch and Grounder or Decoe and Bocoe.  I'm glad the main series games have them, and yeah I agree their biggest virtue is giving Eggman someone to play off of.  They are a bit more one-note than I'd like, but have their moments.

    7. Bowbowis


      I'm not a huge fan of them either. They're not particularly funny, they never actually contribute anything to the plot, and at this point they only seem to exist for the purpose of taking up screen-time and destroying what little credibility Eggman has left. Even in-universe it's hard to see the point of them: They don't ever seem to do any actual work; they cause unnecessary problems for Robotnik; and he doesn't seem to like them which makes it difficult to understand why he even keeps them around.

      Orbot was better in Unleashed, he was still snarky and gave Eggman someone to talk to but he had a more clear in universe purpose as Eggman's butler/advisor, actually put effort into those roles (which makes it easier to see why Eggman keeps him around even if he ignores his contributions), and didn't waste time by showing up to reenact Shakespeare for no reason. It also helps that Unleashed took Eggman a bit more seriously than Colors and Lost World, Orbot's snark isn't quite so overbearing.

      Cubot is redundant however you look at it though.

    8. Lord-Dreamerz


      They are meh to me. I liked Scratch & Grounder better. The Boom versions of Cubot & Orbot are the worse to me... They are just so boring.

    9. E-122-Psi


      Concerning Unleashed Orbot, I actually thought he was a mixed bag there, he had productive criticism of Eggman SOMETIMES, the rest of the time he just flat out insulted the doctor and called him a loser more mockingly than the later interpretations do. He was like Lawrence in Ratchet and Clank, his only characteristic was snide. It was a plot anomaly his boss didn't turn him to scrap (though since he only appeared in retooled form, perhaps he did :P).

      Boom Orbot is arguably the best compromise since while he does snark Eggman at times, he's subtle and passive aggressive enough to get away with it and still usually tries in vain to convince Eggman to do the job right. Eggman DOES abuse and snap back at him too, so he has a reason to sneer at him on top of it, especially after cases he was genuinely trying to show some devotion to his egomaniacal master. Not to mention we often see him and Cubot doing grunt work, if not always effectively (eg. stealing U.T.). I like the whole 'dysfunctional family' setup the three make in the series too.

  10. Honestly if we really had to go with one, I'd go with Grimer He looks really cool (even if he's not exactly on model with everyone else), and for some reason I just really like how he's basically a generic mad scientist with the lab coat and everything who is just the lackey. Always found him being very pathologically connected to Robotnik and willing to take all abuse given to him just to continue working with Robotnik a lot more interesting than generic whinge-behind-leader's-back Snively. On top of that, Grimer has proven many times that he may be smarter than Robotnik and better at stopping Sonic than him perhaps but he never wants the credit and always stays on the sideline. Maybe in the games he could take the role of being the creepy behind the scenes guy who is always working on something new and you don't see him much but when he comes out he acts kinda creepy, at least more than Robotnik, as well as more direct like how he did in the comic. That's just if we really had to put someone in though. I've always liked Grimer most out of all of Robotnik's lackeys, he's definitely more interesting than Orbot and Cubot who don't really do anything.
  11. Roses are red 

    That part is true 

    But violets are purple 

    Not fucking blue 


    And yeah I know I've said it before 

    1. Soni


      Daffodils are yellow

      You look kind of mellow

      How about we take a ride

      while eating some Jello?

  12. Yeah I've been watching PPG 2016 and wow the writing is absolutely god awful. 

    1. Ernest-Panda


      Amoung many, many, many other things.

      The only good thing about it is the opening.

    2. ShroomZed


      I don't even know how to describe it too well. It just gives off a really bad vibe. 

    3. Ernest-Panda


      It's a shameless, pandering cash-in created purely to sell toys, devised by adults who think kids will watch anything as long as it has references to things they like, or at least what said adults think all kids like.

      That help?

    4. Gabe


      @Ernest-Panda It's worth noting the opening intro for the show was outsourced to a different company. That says a lot about the disparity between the opening animation's quality and the show animation's quality.

  13. The past two days have been just the biggest pile of shit. 

    1. Kiah


      Sorry to hear that. What's the matter?

    2. Failinhearts


      What's wrong, buddy?

    3. ShroomZed


      I'm just getting worse sick-wise. 

    4. Mightyray


      Are you able to get a doctor's appointment? I hope you get better...

    5. Failinhearts


      Ugh, that really sucks man.

      Hope you can get that sorted out with a doctor or whatever.

    6. Kiah


      I'm sorry. Was hoping you would of been feeling better by now. Not worse :( 

      That said see if you can get to a doctor ASAP. Hope you don't get any worse and definitely hope that you feel better soon. Like very soon.

    7. ShroomZed


      I went to urgent care and got some medicines and stuff. Got influenza, found that out yesterday. 

    8. Mightyray


      Oh dear. Rest easy as much as you can. Flu like that will turn into Pneumonia and really kick your ass. I hope you recover soon.  

    9. Failinhearts


      With Ray. Rest as much as you can.

    10. Kiah


      Oh wow. Good you went to urgent care. Take it easy, take your meds, get plenty of rest, drink plenty of fluids and most importantly get better soon!

  14. God I know by the time I wake up tomorrow I'm gonna be totally messed up. 

    1. Kiah


      What's wrong? Still not feeling well?

    2. ShroomZed


      It's getting worse. When I woke up today I could feel something in my throat. Now it's becoming rougher and more prominent, I'm coughing like hell and I'm becoming more congested. By the time I wake up tomorrow I know it's going to hurt and be sharp just to talk. 

    3. Kiah


      I'm sorry. Hope it won't get too bad before it's all over. I hope you are all better soon!

    4. Failinhearts


      Shit, man. That sounds terrible. Hope you get this condition checked out, buddy.

    5. Mightyray


      I hope you can get to a doc if things get rough. Get well soon.

    6. Jovahexeon Joranvexeon

      Jovahexeon Joranvexeon

      Urgh, sorry to here that! Here's hoping you get better in spades!

    7. SonicWind


      Harsh. Feel better soon, man.

    8. CF3635


      You should go to your nearest clinic to get a checkup.