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  1. Of all the Mario nostalgia cash grab movements, NSMB 2 has to be the most miserable offender. I can't think of a single reason for that game to exist, outside of more money. I find it insulting to the original NSMB also, since I think that one is honestly up there with SMB3 and SMW. 

    1. RedFox99


      I really don't see the need to use the title New anymore 

    2. JezMM


      I feel it would've been a lot better recieved had it got the budget it deserved for new visuals and all that.  Also I feel the title "New Super Mario Bros. Gold" was much, much better for it.  Finally, I also think it would have been a better recieved game if NSMB Wii hadn't happened, and/or 3D Land showed off how good Mario on 3DS can be before, and NSMBU showed off how good NSMB could be when given proper love and care just a few weeks after.

      Regardless, I enjoyed NSMB2 a lot and put in enough hours to get 9,999,999 coins on it.  My only criticisms for the game are that the secrets were obnoxiously hidden (alternate exits etc), and the final DLC level pack was just spitefully hard and had no place in an official Mario game (also the fact that you couldn't freely play the DLC levels in regular mode to practice them or have fun playing them casually).

  2. I kinda wish they would bring back all those really weird boos from SMW like the snake ones and the kind that turn into blocks (??) 

  3. aMZiE2ogQPShRTk5O5xSvg.png

    2 kool 4 skool 

    1. Polkadi


      someone get chili dawg in here

    2. ShroomZed


      @Chili Dawg you have been summoned 

    3. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      Hiiiii everybody!

      Prrrromotions all around on me

  4. I'm getting more and more tired of this "kids stuff is more serious than you think" crap, it just reminds me of those people who go around yelling "THIS ISN'T MEANT FOR KIDS" left and right because they feel cool when they do so. I'm so grateful I have a mindset where I can just enjoy something for what it is and don't have to try and make it look cool to impress others. 

    1. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      Why cant Sonic be for ADULTS again like when I played it as a baby

  5. Why don't you take Sonic seriously?

    No one does, except for people who are kidding themselves frankly.
  6. Why don't you take Sonic seriously?

    That's exactly what makes Sonic great, or at least did. The entire concept and setting is ridiculous, but if you're willing you can play on it's level you'll have a great time while still having a good laugh. It's kinda like how UK Top Gear used to be, it was completely ridiculous and meant to be laughed at but it immersed you and you were always rooting for something to happen despite it explicitly being ridiculous and laughable. It's one of those things where you're SUPPOSED to laugh and not take it too seriously, but you could always get into it and have some level of passion. It's actually sorta amazing that way.
  7. Why don't you take Sonic seriously?

    The explicitly silly designs of the characters does have something to do with it, but the plot and setting just aren't serious stuff dude. Actually you know, this isn't a one way street. If you want to ask us why we don't take Sonic that seriously, I want to ask why do YOU take it seriously? Where in any of the classic games or Adventure 1 or anything after the dark age do you get the impression that this is supposed to be a serious series?
  8. Sonic Crushes <3

    I absolutely detest the spiked crushers from Marble Garden. Especially in that one section where there's two in a row, so you'll more often than not spin dash under one to be crushed under the other. Fuck those ones.
  9. I'm just gonna assume from now on when someone says fucking motobug looks tough that they can't accept that they like something little kids like 

    1. Tails spin
    2. ShroomZed


      People can't admit they like a kid's series so they have to say that "it's tough" and "directed for teenagers" when it's meant for all ages including little kids to protect their ego 

    3. Tails spin

      Tails spin

      So your taking about the stream and not the lovable first enemy of the sonic

    4. ShroomZed


      no I'm talking about the badnik.

  10. Why don't you take Sonic seriously?

    Not all badniks have animals inside. The ones in CD had seeds in them, I think it's safe to assume there was nothing in those ones. They're just bombs with feet.
  11. Why don't you take Sonic seriously?

    tbh I feel like the people who are so adamant to say the badniks are "dark" and "not cute" are just afraid to admit they like something that appeals to little kids.
  12. Why don't you take Sonic seriously?

    I put Sonic on about the same level of seriousness as Rocko's Modern Life or Animaniacs. It's a cartoon.
  13. Why does Sonic eat chili dogs?

    Sonic eating chili dogs is only when the cameras are on. Sonic is a member of Erinaceus and usually has a mouth full of insects, worms, and slugs. It's a beautiful sight to behold really.
  14. you know, I'll be honest. I was never much a fan of Tracey Yardley's art. I always thought a lot of it, especially facially-wise looked really generic. 

    1. ShroomZed


      I mean he was a really good druaghtsman and consistent, but it always looked as if he had to pick from a set of stock expressions and poses for each panel. There's just not that much life in it to me. 

    2. Mysterion


      He's alright, but there was always much better people that could do Sonic better than him on the Archie book.

    3. TCB


      Early on his art looked more fluid (alhough coupled with who did the colors then it stoof more to me), it started getting blockier overtime

      Then Bates and Hernandez (ChibiJenHen) came in and became my favorites

    4. Marcello


      Your face looks really generic!!!

    5. ShroomZed


      Thank you. 

  15. Vhu3HURjQs2DXkeexJWa6Q.png

    First time ever drawing Blaze, although just the head here. I'd like to imagine her hairs get more ragged and point up more when angry. 

    1. PaulyBFromDa303


      She looks evilly angry XD Someone must've started a fire