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  1. We'll see. I imagine that it could be some kind of "team gameplay" or maybe a new character. No matter what it is, in Sonic Team I trust. And what's wrong with the word "Glorious"?
  2. I'm really looking forward to Sonic Forces. It combines key elements of Sonic Colours (Wisps) & Sonic Generations (Classic Sonic) and expands it with a brand new (yet unknown) component. Glorious!
  3. If I remember correctly this is not true. SEGA announced the discontinuation of the Dreamcast months before the release of Adventure 2.
  4. I thought about that too and yes, they probably won't. ;( I wonder what happens to the vehicle coop mode and race mode in the PC version. I guess they are scrapped?
  5. I'm not sure. Maybe they could remove 100 rings = 1 live and instead offer other ways to get lives. In Colours you didn't get a live for 100 rings but for example you could get 1 live if you achieve A rank and 3 lives if you achieve S rank and you destroy the letters of the score during the finish screen of a level (if I remember correctly). Also I like how you get an extra live in modern Mario games if you jump on top of a lot of enemies in a row without touching the ground. Maybe Sonic Team could implement something similar into their games. For example "defeat a certain amount of enemies with a wisp and you get an extra live".
  6. When you die in time trials your run is bad anyway and when you die you also shouldn't get a good rank. No need for punishment there. To be honest: I think the old school live system only really makes sense in games like Sonic 1 which you can complete in ~1 hour and where game over really means game over. I think in any other game this element is broken. It's not fun when you play a game and then you lose a lot of progress and if you don't lose much like in a lot of modern games it doesn't make sense either. Nevertheless lives need to stay. Sonic has classic roots and they should preserve something of that. Lives and points (there is no good reason to remove points...) are a part of Sonics identity. Additionally, it feels rewarding to collect a live and to hear the extra live music, doesn't it? So to avoid frustration lives should be easy to obtain but not too easy. Players shouldn't get game over constantly but it shouldn't be "basically impossible" to get game over. btw: I find it interesting how a lot of people complained that you didn't get a live when you collect 100 rings Sonic Lost World (they changed it with an update later on) and here people say that it's too easy to get lives. Shows how opinions can differ...
  7. I think they didn't care that it's "Service Games Games". At first the name seems weird as you mentioned but from their point of view it makes sense: SEGA Sammy has a lot of divisions so if someone is talking about "SEGA Games" you know directly that he is talking about the games division.
  8. I hope they plan the development properly next time so they don't have to delay the game in the first place... but of course it isn't ready when it isn't ready!
  9. I know potential reasons why they didn't show the game since the announcement: 1. Probably they were thinking about a delay since a while now although it was officially anounnced recently. So there is still plenty of time to promote the game when the release date gets closer and SEGA might think it would be wasted money to promote the game now. 2. Webber didn't even give a quarter for the release date. Officially Fire & Ice is just schedueled for 2016 from now on. That implies that Fire & Ice is sicnificantly delayed and not just by a few months. Thus the game could change a lot in the meantime and the game in it's current state (let alone the version from a few months ago) doesn't closely resemble the final product. A similar thing seems to happen with Zelda Wii U. Nintendo showcased the game on E3 2014 but later on they delayed it and they didn't show the game during E3 2015. There are other possible reasons to delay a game other than quality. Maybe they would like to release the game simultaniously to a new season of the TV show? So we don't know yet if this delay is an exception or if SEGA really puts serious effort into quality from now on. We also don't know if they use all the time until release to work on it. We should just wait and see how it turns out. btw: Not taking the recent statements about quality into account I still think that Sonic 2016 will suprise some people... but that's another story. ;)
  10. Haruki Satomi said he believes that they will announce a new game for home console at TGS and the games you mentioned were announced earlier, weren't they? It is confirmed that Yakuza studio will reveal a new game at TGS and it is also confirmed that they are working on a non-Yakuza game (it is not 100% clear which kind of game they announce at TGS) so it seems very likely that Haruki Satomi meant that game.
  11. I doubt that they need Pixar. They have Marza. Seriously: I don't know how movie development works in detail and if they have enough resources so I might be wrong but I think that SEGA could create a great CGI movie all by themselves or atleast for the most part. It causes problems if too many different companies are involved because everyone wants something different...
  12. It's no use but I voted for Cream nevertheless. Silver looks somewhat like a fan character to me. I don't exactly know what it is but for some reason I just don't like him that much.
  13. My predictions for the semifinals: Eggman vs. Knuckles Tails vs. Shadow Amy is one of the more popular characters but I doubt she can win against Eggman. It will also be interesting to see what happens with Big. A lot of people hate him but I think a significant amount of people will vote for him as a joke. I hope Tails or Shadow wins. Tails because he is Sonics sidekick and Shadow just has a pretty cool design. Also it would be somewhat funny to see Shadow win because some people would be upset about it for sure. In my opinion the Shadow hatred is exaggerated anyway. I believe people dislike him only for Shadow the Hedgehog and for the fact that he is one of the most popular characters although he is not one of the main characters. I like Metal Sonic too but I don't think he will get that far.
  14. Did Iwata post the picture of him in his house by himself? If not, please respect his/the privacy of his family and don't share it everywere. Anyway, here is a little video for Iwata. I like it because it focuses on the fun. The translation of the title is: "Thanks Satoru Iwata for over 30 years Nintendo fun"
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