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  1. Umm. I wonder why they hold this festival..
  2. Good Sonic games.............. I just wish Good Sonic games, which won't be happen considering Sega's situation
  3. Ratings has direct connection with commercial advertisement. I mean, Advertising cost, High ratings-high advertising cost isn't it?, So. commonsensically, or logically 40% rating drop cause serious effect on Advertising cost, As a result, profit drops. And next, I admit that Sonic Boom Tv show wil be aired a lot of country, but, It's possible that game development is so high that Tv show and toys can't recover this loss isn't it? And.. last, The reason I posted about this is number of inflowed Sonic fans seems far less than number of outflowed Sonic fans since Sonic Boom and SLW. Even if Sonic Boom success commercially, they lose many Sonic fans Are they try to make games that has possibility to outflow Sonic fans? In this situation??? I think this is Too low chance gamble..
  4. Cartoon is just mediocre to decent (although I like this show.. It's true that Cartoon isn't really good like Spongebob(Season 1~3) plus, Ratings is slashed over 40.0% since they aired Sonic boom first. Furthermore, even if cartoon and toys are decent, Does this recover the loss which is caused by 2 Games which is assumed $20M development cost? and P.S. Any evidence that toys are selling wel?
  5. I disagree, I think Sonic Boom is worst game in 8th gen even if this game doesn't have glitches. Let's see the game concept and design. Does it have anything good things? All people criticize Sonic Boom design and graphic. And second. gameplay, Boring, Simple (A-A-A-A)..... Too short playtime. etc... In conclusion, I think Sonic Boom is ABSOLUTELY TRASH since it's concept and design or... Itself(One exception. Tv show.)
  6. Because, Inflow of Sonic fans is far less than outflow of Sonic fans now. Most Sonic fans are leaving because of horrble games and others. and Sonic Boom accelerate this. In contrast, I'm sure that few fans inflowed during 2013~2015. Because Sonic series has nothing to attract people on 2013~2015, In this situation. suppose that they made a game or something(which has a possibility to lose a lot of fans (like Sonic Boom) We already know that Sonic Boom is failed. And most people were done with Sonic. If they made another Sonic games which is not attractive to anyone (even Sonic fans either), Then, Sonic will be completely torn to pieces.(Sorry if this expression is drastic...)
  7. Totally agree. I think Sonic is bound to die within 1~2 years if sega have this mind (of course Sonic is now zombie)
  8. So. what is your overall opinion about SLW steam port?. I need some review score (or any numbers) to buy SLW steam............
  9. Oh. of course I respect your opinion :D however, I think It's true that Number is a good way to evaluate something's overall ratings (And That's why I always said that Sonic series is mostly composed with bunch of mediocre games, little Good sonic games, and bunch of bad Sonic games)
  10. hmm. It seems that people are using metacritic to reinforce their arguments and someone refutes this. However, metacritic is one of the good indicator to evaluate the game. Isn't it? Bunch of expert's reviews, Plenty of user ratings. P.S I do hope that It's not off topic... :(
  11. I agree, SA3 title would be good for business too, however, as you said, It would be treated fairly if it were good. Do you think they are good to make games? Since I don't think so, I won't welcome SA3. To be honest, I don't want deterioration of Sonic series' reputation as Sega make horrible trash like Sonic boom series.
  12. Ha. How disgusting Sega. So. Have you even fullfilled your promise "At once"?... oh please, Sega, Sonic series has overflowing impurity. please realize it. -Summary of comments that located in original source--(And I totally agree about them.)
  13. oh... 20 hours left!!. I hope that they did successful pc port..
  14. Hmm... I don't find adequate reason to hold this party.Does this party makes money to them??.
  15. - https://stevekaplanmarketing.wordpress.com/2015/10/12/sega-europes-marketing-director-on-the-transition-from-sonic-to-smartphones/ Do you think Sega won't abandon their home console games?... [Sorry if another similar thread exists.]
  16. Ok. please Sega, please make a good game. Then, you will be forgiven.(althogh I believe that they can't make Good Sonic game anymore)
  17. To be honest, I can't specify the reason why I like Sonic. Obviously, Sonic is going to die. Most people blame Sonic series because of plenty reason(Maybe... Bad game, Bad franchise management etc....) And I even know Sonic fandom is really bad. but... but... I still like Sonic.. It doesn't make sense that I like Sonic without a reason or just because of character... I have thought why I still like Sonic despite of Sonic series' reputation.... Do I like being worse Sonic series' reputation? (Sorry for bad english... T.T)
  18. O.o I thought season 2 won't be happened because ratings is dropped constantly.... but nevermind... It happens
  19. Then... there is no method to buy SLW on steam in my country. oh. Sega, Did you even know that your region lock is blamed by many asiam gamers?... :(
  20. Precisely, Sega doesn't allowed to "Launch" game in our country :(
  21. oh wait. I can't buy this game because of Steam region lock :(. Not cool Sega....
  22. Hmm. Ratings of Sonic Boom ep 46 "no robots allowed" is significantly dropped. 0.61M viewers I guess CN doesn't like this show or Season 2............... (of course this is only my opinion) http://www.tssznews.com/2015/10/06/sonic-boom-tv-ratings-week-41/
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