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  1. I'm pretty sure how Kenneth was planning to use Shade isn't copyright infringement: cheeky references aren't illegal. If you want proof of just how far you can push 'cheeky reference' in comics and text, then go see League of Extraordinary Gentlmen where 'cheeky reference' can extended to 'just flat out having James Bond, Fu Manchu and Harry Potter in your story if you don't name them'. He's wrong about everything else relating to this and copyright/ownership but he should be completely ok - legally speaking - to say that Julie-Su used Shade as a psuedonym. Also as far as I know, Liscenced products can fall into the public domain - I believe there was a time when Captain Midnight's comics (from Fawcett) were public domain but Captain Midnight himself wasn't for instance. Also also - Kenneth: Nigel Kitchen was able to use Knuckles' set-up from Sega and make stories out of it just fine in Sonic the Comic and Sega themselves have got stories out of this set-up for decades of games now, so I guess they did do enough.
  2. ANYway, I've apparently missed something here and I hate that - is Stanley the new writer for the main Sonic book or is she just doing a fill-in arc?
  3. Sonic X-Treme as a whole would be a nice pick, but if it's too wide in scope then just Tiara Boobowski, I've had this weird fascination with her for years now (no not like that).
  4. It makes lots of sense when you think it was written by Mark Millar, the owner of the 'What if X was a c**t is his only story concept' meme, he even made the Extra life box one!
  5. Given that he’s my avatar I think it’s safe to say that StC Super Sonic is my favourite Sonic villain; he’s just a complete monster, if you want proof I suggest checking out stories ‘Running Wild’ and ‘Break Out!’ to see how fearsome he could be and that’s only from the first part of his story. Honestly though I’m partial to most of the ‘anti-sonics’ - Scourge was proof that you can in fact polish a turd and turned into a great dark reflection character, Metal Sonic's been a favourite of mine since 'The Sonic Terminator' ran in the Sonic the Comic, this ruthless robot that's such a match for Sonic and stuff like Sonic CD, The Sonic Terminator, Sonic Universe 50, Sonic Heroes, the Sonic OVA and... I need to make a countdown list of awesome Metal Sonic moments. And The Extra Life was pure evil and probably the best thing Mark Millar has ever done (and Shadow of course, he was only a villain for one game but he was impressive when he was). Away from spiny things I've always been partial to Fang and Naugus Fang is easy to justify - in both StC and Archie he was great, I think someone called him 'comic relief done right' and that's Archie's Fang all over, in StC he was just a complete bastard and that was just as great and in the game he always seemed openly villainous, almost like a Looney Tune or something and I enjoyed that (also he's my go-to character in Sonic the Fighters). Naugus kind of suffered from being in Archie though, in SatAM he was intriguing and creepy and a bit of a stand-out character, but 'Naugus Quest' and his time as Moguls' drooling pet hurt him somewhat I felt, the time he had after regaining his faculties made up for this but didn't erase it from existence, so it's a bit harder for me to defend him. Elsewhere: Infinite was awesome, while I liked him as the unstoppable badass I actually found the fact that he wasn’t all he made himself out to be endeared him to me; are counting Enerjak as three villains? If we are then Dimitri managed to make up for Sonic’s Friendly Nemesis Knuckles by being pretty damned magnificent in Dark Vengeance (until he got snuck up on my Mammoth Mogul) and then later as a head in a bubble under Flynn but Dark Enerjak was fantastic and bloody terrifying with it; it took me a LONG time to accept Bark & Bean as villains but once I did I grew to adore them, they’re comic relief but powerful enough to be serious threats when they need/want to be; Merlina’s sympathetic, powerful and a good twist but this thread seems to have exhausted the topic of Merlina; Commander Brutus had a strong start and finish but suffered from that time he fought Johnny Lightfoot over sheep and started speaking in ‘hip’ lingo; Eggman of course and if you’re interested for me it goes (in descending order) SatAM Robotnik, StC Robotnik, Video Game Eggman, Archie Eggman (the second one), OVA Eggman, EVERY OTHER EGGMAN ON THE COSMIC INTERSTATE YES EVEN THE ONE THAT FOUGHT SALLY MOON, AoStH Robotnik. Kragok and Lien-Da were just horrible people and that’s why they were great aaaaaannd I have a soft spot for Coconuts, if Fang is a comic relief done right then Coconuts is an ineffectual villain done right (IMO). Also if I can have it, Vichama from StC-O was great, his look, surprising amount of personality and sheer power as effectively a god of death made him really impressive. And I just need to get this off my chest: Wave the Swallow, someone on here years ago described her as ‘the Paris Hilton of the Sonic world’ and they’re right, which just makes me feel worse about the fact that… … I kind of fancy her. Also I like the Bio-Lizard in concept: Gerald's first try lurking in the bowls of the ARK that was actually this big monster and ended up dragging half the station down with it but it was...an apatosaurus, they're like the least threatening dinosaur after the microceratops - it was Littlefoot! I would have gone with something a bit closer to Shuma Gorath. This post got away from me a bit...
  6. You're so right about the body, gawd knows what was gonig on with me your design is lovely, I especially like the Julie-Su-esque boots On topic: Penders' overconfidence is worrying, it's like failure is so unlikely he hasn't even considered it, like it hasn't gone 'this might fail? Nah it won't' he's just go straight to 'this will succeed'.
  7. EDIT: post didn't say what i wanted it to the whole head is really wonky, it's very hard to get the hair and dreaflocks to interact in a way that makes them both look like they're coming form the same head and the hair isn't a wig, the fringe lays over the goggles in a way that just seems awkward, given how Penders draws them they really should lay under it, and the muzzle is just oddly shaped (the poor lips aren't it's fault thought, that's on me).
  8. We clearly visit differnt parts of the internet actually, on that, I did this: Thought I'd post it here, I buggered up the top lip and try as i might just...couldn't...get...it..right. She also came out quite chunky, dunno how that happened....
  9. So this is for the thing he's charging for right? Cos...Lara-Su is awfully Sonic styled...
  10. Hmmm... Sonic Mania because remixes + new tracks + mental association = win Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Mega Drive) simply because it's Sonic 2 Sonic R because...because...because sometimes I have guilty pleasures
  11. Art Mawhinney may have designed or co-designed Geoffrey St. John? I have never heard that before It doesn't surprise me though and it's a major point of contention with me and has been since the Penders Trial and more so the Penders Paints Himself as Warrior for Justice and Creator's Rights thing began: Penders should be the co-creator of a lot his characters and works, yet he consistently acts like he's the sole creator. I think I've asked this question before but has he ever actually posted anything that addresses this and explained it away? I mean there are totally feasible ways of creating characters and comics that he could argue makes him the sole creator - like if he drew the character himself then he and Kanterovich and the artists worked from those sketches for instance - but I can't seem to find an instance of him addressing this and really it's a pretty big thing, or seems so to me.
  12. Rough and Tumble's hair confuses me, i get it and i get it's acruate to skunks but I keep thinking Tumble's hair is his tail and missing Rumble's Mohawk (because of the Tails like hair tuft at the front that's actually just the front of the Mohawk) - I respect that this might be a problem with me and not with the designs . Otherwise I'm fine with them, they remind me of Fang and the Post-Reboot redesigns of the the Witchcarters and I mean that in a good way. Which is a point: Has anyone from Team IDW said what's going down re: pre-Adventure characters that Archie used/redesigned like Mighty, Ray, The Battle Birds, Wendy Witchcart & Crew and Team Hooligan? I mean Hooligan appeared in Sonic Mania so surely they at least are usable right? Also: I like Big too.
  13. There's a whole series history in the game itself, in the Sonic's World 3D section so it does make sort of sense, kind of, if you squint
  14. Additional info: a prototype screen that tuned up in a magazine had 'featuring Espio the Chameleon' instead of 'featuring Knuckles the Echidna', that scan used to be on a site dedicated to prototype Sonic stuff, i saved it: This showed up in the US region title screens for some of the Knuckles Chaotix beta roms that can be found at Sonic Retro Apparently it first showed up in the 1227 prototype - meaning that as early as December 27th 1994 they were seemingly planning to make Espio a big deal if not the main character in the US version of Chaotix?
  15. Worthless interjection but i think Ford Bronco and Ford Mustang are great punny names for horse characters However I still fully agree with 1) the O.J. Simpson idea was tasteless and it's a good thing that it never came to pass 2) what Penders is doing now is even more tasteless and 3) why not just use pre-established characters when you already have so many? (if you need a horse why not use Sir Connery?).
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