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  1. Not even close. Sonic's "Dark Age" is less of that and more of a "Fall from grace." The Adventure titles were good for their time, and so was Heroes, and even Shadow the Hedgehog was more seen of that "well that was weird" type of game. Really, the game that caused Sonic's downfall was Sonic 06. Ever since that game, gamers as a whole just didn't care about Sonic anymore (Sonic and the Secret Rings and Black Knight didn't help the cause). That's mainly because there was massive hype for Sonic 06 all over the internet and it delivered poorly in almost every conceivable way. To make an example, look at Metroid: Other M and what it did to the Metroid fanbase. Same massive hype and same poor delivery, and the fanbase hasn't quire recovered from it yet. Sonic Forces has had none of this. For me personally, as soon as I saw Classic Sonic appear in the first trailer I completely tuned out. None of the negativity (or selective praise) are in any way, shape, or form, a surprise.
  2. They might be talking about... -Chaos Shadow (Archie) -Hero Shadow (ShTH) -Dark Shadow (ShTH) -Chaos Boost (Sonic 06) -And of course Super Shadow.
  3. So I've researched Sonic Boom, I watched the videos. I laughed at this thread, and sighed at this thread. As a person who hasn't been following this game, all I can really say is the game overall feels unimpressive. Not because it doesn't feel "Sonical", but because I've played plenty of other games from the same genre that gives a better impression. I've always had the mentality of judging a game based off it's own merits, because I feel expecting a franchise to stay the same limits it's growth. That said, all I get from Sonic Boom is they've taken out Sonic's core mechanics and put in another franchise's. And that's essentially the main issue I have with this game. It feels like this game has not incorporated Sonic's qualities into it's Brawler-esque gameplay and made something truly unique. I will be honest and say the Action/Adventure outlook does spark some mild interest in me, but I can get that from a number of other games made years ago. The narrative is probably going to be the best part, but I don't need to buy the game to learn of it's story. I don't expect this game to be a failure, but I expect it to be just another mediocre title in the Sonic franchise that'll come and go, much like the Storybook series.
  4. The irony behind this is despite the absurdity of this statement, Mario would benefit from picking up an AK and blasting his enemies with them as his abilities in base form doesn't extent beyond jumping on people and a few martial arts moves. Outside of the Smash Brothers series, Mario has never really shown himself to being an extreme powerhouse without the use of power-ups. For Shadow, it's the complete opposite. I believe what most people who are for Shadow tooting guns are missing is, the concept of Shadow using guns just doesn't fit. At all. Shadow has no reason to ever pick up a gun, ever. Between Chaos Control, and his similarities to Sonic, he is practically the most powerful character in the franchise. Gunplay is just extra baggage for him, and this is only doubly so since the very same game established that Shadow has access to his abilities even without possession of a Chaos Emerald. In short, the game literally belittled it's own concept. As a person who actually found the gunplay from a gameplay standpoint to be "not so bad", I do not ever want to see him pick up a gun, ever. It's an antithesis of his own character.
  5. It all makes sense now... @biznizz Thanks for the summary. I remember the comics vaguely explaining that, but I never figured how he became a living chaos emerald. I'll say the concept is pretty interesting, but the fact the way how it happened... yeah, it really does make sense now.
  6. Why does Knuckles look like he smoked too much Chaos-flavored weed? Seriously, I only remember seeing the tail-end of this arc so I had no idea what the fuck happened to Knuckles.
  7. I find Amy's raepface adorable. And I may be the only one who likes Stick's voice. That name though.
  8. I meant Heroes, because of the way how the game is structured. I cited Knuckles because he's extremely slow to play as for a full level, and the majority of players would stick to the Speed character for that reason.
  9. So you like to play as Knuckles for a whole level?
  10. Definitely am not going to get into the silly conversation about Silver. That would be why. In fact, the majority of boys in anime and games tend to get female VAs for this very reason.
  11. Personally, I (still) dislike Silver because he's overpowered in design. By logic, he should be winning against everyone. Allowing him to use Chaos Control on top of that just felt cheap. If his psychic abilities were toned down some, then I'd be fine with him having the ability. It also doesn't help that the game he debuted in sucked, and was almost completely irrelevant, even in his own story.
  12. One's personal opinion of Heroes really depends on what camp you're in. For me personally who finds the Dreamcast era to be the best for 3D Sonic Games, I initially hated Heroes. Now that I haven't played the game for 7+ years (and don't plan on it anytime soon), I just don't really care for it. While I genuinely like the team mechanic, it gets vastly overshadowed by how grindy the game is, in both sense of the word. Objectively, it's okay. It's not terrible, but nothing about it was particularly amazing either. The true issue with Heroes is how irrelevant it is. It's just kind of... there. And that's perhaps the worst spot to be in as a game. Honestly, SA2 is one of those games that was great back when it was first released. It was an ambitious game by Sonic Team that paid off. But it has aged rather poorly as time went on, and the issues that were acceptable back then (such as shoddy camera controls) are glaringly obvious flaws today. Still, I'd play SA2 over Heroes any day of the week.
  13. Personally, that argument was more for myself than anyone. I really doubt anyone has that same line of thinking. I don't really care for the "Classic Cast" and "Modern Cast" myself. But I do believe a steady reintroduction is better than going for it all at once. Whether or not Sonic Team is even going to bother expanding beyond Sonic/Tails/Eggman is up for debate, of course. To be more accurate, it's more of they haven't bothered trying.
  14. Been away from this fansite for too long. So much reading!

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