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  1. SEGA definitely reduced its budget with the most recent games in the series, possibly due to the disappointing sales of Lost World and Rise of Lyric. I guess this would also lead to less console games being developed simultaneously; less money to spread out. I believe the comparatively less cash being pumped into Forces is a significant contributor to what has been characterized by some as a “low-energy” feeling that the game displays, especially noticeable for a game that is relatively ambitious in terms of its (on paper) plot and scope, compared to the more recent predecessors before it. Here’s hoping they’ve opened the wallets a little more for whatever’s planned for next year.
  2. I believe she's just referring to online chatter and the obvious post-credits scene inferral that Tails will play a significant role in a sequel.
  3. Another reason why I think that scene could’ve given Sonic Adventure vibes was the music. It felt very Jun Senoue-ish to me. I don’t think it's included in the released soundtrack for Tom Holkenborg’s score either, part of me was/is speculating whether that could’ve been a little guest-composing from Jun there, but probably not.
  4. I guess it's eight tenths of the way there indeed, but it might seem strange in comparison when a full two years has passed and Generations is still being referred to as having been released almost 10 years ago.
  5. To be fair Generations isn’t even a full 8 years ago yet, rounding it off to almost 10 years to sound as long as possible is a bit of a stretch. Plus Amy’s voice sounded the same in Lost World in 2013. I agree though, her voice actor definitely changed her performance for the better around the beginning of the Sonic Boom era! I think Roger’s voice for Sonic changed a little around then too. While I’ve always personally liked his performance, from Boom onwards he’s generally seemed a little less shouty and boisterous, to a bit more chilled and relaxed in recent times.
  6. I did find it strange that Amy knows of the company too, as it's never really been made clear that there was any established ongoing connection or communication between Sonic's world and other parts of the galaxy.
  7. https://mobile.twitter.com/Tracker_TD/status/1074375349960630273
  8. While it’s understandable that a lot of us presume Sonic Team will develop the next game, it’s important to consider that they’ve reportedly been dissolved and absorbed into a larger studio that are seemingly working on other franchises now. While the 4chan post is likely bogus, I do think the possibility of the next mainline game not being developed internally by SEGA is a very real one. Given the relocation of various Sonic Team veterans to the U.S, I can absolutely see SEGA seeking an acclaimed western studio to work with and develop the next instalment. They’ve possibly been preparing for such a thing since Iizuka’s move in 2016. For one thing, I think the marketing element of “Hey guys, THIS team is making the next game!” would work great (as opposed to "Big Red who?"), plus the reception of Sonic Mania may have affirmed to them a notion that a team located in the west (where the franchise is more popular) may have a slightly more accurate cultural ear to the ground with regard to what the zeitgeist considers a solid Sonic game (as fragmented as that zeitgeist is). Kind of a “It worked with 2D, so let’s do 3D now” type approach. I dunno, just a few thoughts.
  9. Forgot to mention those 2 black bars that need to be hovered over on the actual page, first one mentions an Unleashed port being handled by Sonic Team in Japan, and the second one mentions an announcement of a Sonic Movie sequel and trailer if the first one does well, as Paramount have a 3 picture deal. No idea why those are censored, seems arbitrary. But yeah, not convincing. I could buy the idea of SEGA having a high profile western studio work on the next mainline game, especially since Sonic Team seemingly doesn’t exist in the way it used to. But yeah, 3 games by 3 studios in one year is a little nuts, unless two of them are smaller scale games or something. In addition, the in depth description of the little trinkets and collectibles included in those collections sounds waay too specific for it being around 2 years away from release, I don’t think a lot of those finer details would be locked down yet.
  10. Came across this archived post from June. I know “anonymous 4chan post” isn’t a convincing credential, but haven’t seen it discussed anywhere which led me to believe perhaps not many people have even seen it to dismiss it. If you google “Sonic” “30th Anniversary” “4chan” the link is still there though. Again, I’m aware it’s likely bull. Apologies if I’m breaking any rules. Not intentional.
  11. Infinite never really actively took part in that battle, he just kind of held back and watched. I don't think that's meant to be the Sun or Infinite, looks like some sort of projectile blast Zavok is about to throw, although I can't recall if the real Zavok ever had that kind of ability. But meh, "Phantom Ruby" explains it away. The Phantom Shadow seems to be doing a Chaos Spear version of the same attack. Question of my own: Is Eggman’s Interstellar Amusement Park actually meant to be populated by visitors during the events of Sonic Colours? Even though I’m starting to believe so now, I never got that vibe playing through the game back when it came out. I had imagined that Sonic and Tails had kind of snuck on board to investigate before its grand opening or something. Sonic comments (in the English version) that “somebody was dumb enough to leave the keys” in the space elevator which implies it wasn’t meant to be in use at that point, but in the Japanese language version Eggman mentions that he’s only denying entry to evil people. The park always felt really empty to me as we never actually see any other visitors in-person for the entire game. But I guess the hover vehicle traffic in the background of Tropical Resort and Eggman’s P.A messages seem to imply that the place is open for business. Hope everyone made it off before the giant black hole implosion!
  12. More of a factoid that I don’t completely buy rather than an opinion, but IMDB continuously credits Roger Craig Smith as being the voice of the Wisp Announcer, but I’ve never seen an actual original source for this. Never really sounded like him to me (although admittedly there is significant voice distortion used), and not really 100% convinced it’s the case. To be fair, Sonic Colours only credits the actors who we know voice Sonic, Tails, Eggman, Cubot and Orbot, there’s no credit for any sixth actor, so that does work against my point, unless it’s an uncredited voice or someone other than Roger is doubling up. The “English Voice Actor Fandom” site strangely credits Kirk Thornton as being the Wisp Announcer but only for Team Sonic Racing. I dunno, it’s a strange ‘un for me.
  13. I think that budget/production value is also a sometimes overlooked factor in why Forces turned out the way it did. I know it’s easy for us to at times simply write off missed opportunities as “Laziness” or “Uninspired” (and they may well play a role too), but the amount of money being put into the game’s development is often a vital component as to whether or not their true ambitions can be realized too, and it seems like Sonic games aren’t really getting the budgets they used to. This is even reflective in their prices at launch, with Forces and Team Sonic Racing both releasing significantly cheaper than a lot of other games. I kinda hope that Forces’ budget was attributed when it was going to be somewhat of a spin-off focused much more on the Rookie (allegedly), with Sonic’s role only being greatly increased after the fact, and that SEGA will majorly beef up the budget for a 30th anniversary mainline title. Would be great to see another game like Unleashed, which I’d wager to be the most expensive Sonic game ever made, with a couple of others close behind it. Although given how much of a success the relatively low-cost Mania was, perhaps SEGA will think that smaller budgets are the way forward.
  14. True, I'd thought that was the case with the character maker cutscenes, but with this particular scene it's relatively impressive just with how seamless it all appears, what with there being a couple of instant camera switches back and forth between the Rookie at the top of the tower and the battle on the ground with visible Chaos replicas. (Unlike the previous cutscene where Infinite first summons the sun and there's a very clear fade to black finish between the pre-rendered sequence and the Rookie's real time sequence.)
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