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  1. Can we make threads about Jesus?

  2. I really do think the JP Soundtrack to CD is the best soundtrack. I know it's what everyone says, it's just the way the melody is played out in the different time zones is genius This is a great example.
  3. Holy fuck Nepenthe. What's the secret to your success?
  4. I've heard of this supposed legal issue but it can't be that big of a deal for SEGA to have been able to have released Sonic 3 tons of times in the past and still have the game available for download everywhere can it? I really do feel the legal issues with Sonic 3's music is massively blown out of proportion.
  5. I don't quite know why people think this. Sure, you have the whole music conspiracy, but other than the misinformation that Michael Jackson was involved (there's literally no evidence whatsoever that his idea ever got past initial stages) there's no real legal issues that aren't speculation with past composers like Brad Buxer. Sonic 3 is on multiple Console Stores and is on multiple Compilation Products. I think the reason they haven't made the decision to release it on IOS is because Sonic 3 was always the least commercially popular and something like Sonic Dash is so incredibly lucrative to continue work on.
  6. I'm aware, but he's mentioned that he's working on his own independent game so this isn't some random hacker so to speak. Keep in mind that the engine the game is running on is entirely made by Whitehead himself. He's probably not an amazing pixel artist and I'm not sure how good his level design is. It doesn't matter, because he wouldn't be doing either. He would be a lead programmer directing a team of talented people. He's got the vision and he's got the programming talent. That's something that would probably happen, unfortunately. Still, I would rather see a good Classic style game come out of him rather than not anything at all!
  7. How would you guys feel about a new Sonic game that's directed by Christian 'Taxman' Whitehead? He's resonsible for the excellent ports of Sonic 1 and 2 to IOS as well as the superb Sonic CD port. This level, which is almost made entirely by him other than the Sprite Work by original artist Craig Stitt, is a good indication of his current professional skill in Sonic, rather than that one fangame he made years back: He's a very talented individual and I think he would be excellent as a director for Sonic. He has demonstrably shown that he has the engine and physics totally under control with his 'Retro Engine', which is far more competent than any Sonic engine SEGA's put out in numerous years. He's a commercial success, with the good word of his remakes selling the games on the IOS platform partly on his own good merit. His games are also beautifully presented and have lots of fan-service that is always well implemented and never seem over the top, such as including additional characters, extra modes such as Boss Rush and revising cut content. The only problem I have with his output is the Hidden Palace Boss, but perhaps he could work with someone more suitable at making bosses. We've never seen him make a fully-fledged Sonic game because, until now, he's never had a chance! I say that if he got the chance to lead a group of skilled designers than he would make a truly special Sonic game that could perhaps stand side by side proudly with the Classics.
  8. The guns were something that never bothered me as much as it did others. What killed the game for me was locating every single GUN Agent or whatever the hell it ends up being to complete the Hero/Dark Objective. Like, if you miss one then you literally need to keep repeating the stage to find that last obscure objective. That and the ridiculous amount of replays required for completion (why can't I just start a strand off at any point I've already completed) are what killed the game for me. I said Unleashed was the only Sonic game I've never completed yesterday, but I never completed Shadow either.
  9. Thanks for expressing yourself in the way you did Nepenthe. I just feel that some members could just dial down the mocking is all. I know people are passionate here, and I respect that, but I (and I think many others) would be happier if the place was more friendly and open. I know this is off topic so I'll leave it there. And I don't want to feel like I'm trying to get the last word in here, so if you have anything else to add please feel free! But this is the last I'll speak of this .
  10. I liked some of the Boost levels despite their linearity. It's the horrible controls and the stop and start trial and error that got to me. I'm happy they fixed this in Generations. I actually liked the Hub Worlds in Adventure, even though I thought they were very vague and bad at explaining where you are supposed to go. Aside from Tikal's Orbs (which were a great idea), you didn't really have an inkling what to do with the Ice Stone or Wind Stone. I think this was the problem with the Hub Worlds in Unleashed, aside from the slow speed problem, which you've already brought up. I don't think Hub Worlds are an inexcusable garbage like some others think. I actually really liked the Hub World in Generations, even though it was basically a warp zone. I think a Modern version of the Hub World in 3D would have been really cool. I also agree with you that something doesn't need to be necessary to be in a game. I think the problem comes down to how Sonic Team can fuck up Hub Worlds so badly. Case in point, Sonic '06.
  11. The environments are great, I love the art design in Unleashed. I also think the music is pretty brilliant and a massive return to what I associate with the series after Adventure. I disagree completely with your other points. That said, I think the game is irredeemably terrible for all the other reasons I listed above, that's why I would call it 'second to '06'. That being said, it's still far better than both Sonic '06 and Sonic Boom, even if that's not saying much.
  12. Hi, I just want to start by saying I love your Youtube Videos. Keep up the good work man! Well, you are right that no Sonic game is perfect. I'd say Sonic 3 comes closest and even that game has Sandopolis Zone! The problem is, it's not that Unleashed has some mistakes, the entire game is fundamentally flawed. It's a trainwreck as far as I'm concerned. I too appreciate that the game shook up the Sonic franchise because it badly needed it after Sonic '06. And, hey, I like the concept of Unleashed, which as far as I'm concerned was met by Colours and Generations. It's the execution that lets it down, for the reasons I've given above. I consider trial and error gameplay a cardinal sin, especially when there's no ability to gauge or react to stuff. As for the Werehog, I'd argue that it's badly made even if it was taken as its own product. The levels are far too long and overstay their welcome (it took me 25 minutes on average to beat the levels) and the levels are very repetitive brawling and don't offer the variation and flair that God of War does. I like the platforming in them, but they are overwhelmed by the brawling and are too simplistic far me to enjoy. The problem is that even if the Werehog is run of the mill, which I'd argue it isn't (I think it's well below par), that's simply not good enough. I'd take a game that does brawling well over the Werehog any day such as Ninja Gaiden, Devil May Cry or, hell, even Dynasty Warriors. Sonic Team simply aren't good at making spectacle fighter games, they have no experience in it, they should be making the games they are (or at least should be) good at. That's without even going into the marketing of a Sonic game and what the consumer expects. I don't want a fighting game for Sonic in the same way that I don't want a flight-sim game when I buy Bayonetta. It's not what the team behind Sonic are good at. Can you get surprised by a franchise spreading off into different genres? Absolutely! Metal Gear Rising is a fantastic game that plays nothing like traditional Metal Gears. The difference is that Kojima realised he needed to out-source to Platinum Games to get the quality level he desired. Sonic Team didn't do this. I love your content, but you won't be able to change my mind on this one .
  13. You know, I hate Unleashed too. It's the only Sonic game I never completed. Maybe that was partly to do with fatigue of how bad the franchise had fallen, but I could just couldn't force myself to complete it. I actually managed to complete '06 too, even if it was just to see how fucked up the story got (and I wasn't disappointed)! Unleashed has kinda got more love with the fanbase in recent years but I can't understand why because I think it's easily the worst game after Sonic '06. The storyline is generic morning cartoon stuff, at least as far as I played with the worst voice acting I have ever had to endure. I'm talking about Chip. I hate his character, his dialogue and that absurd voice. He's by far my most hated character in the game and he single-handedly ruins the story for me. I've heard people defend Unleashed's plot, but I can't see where they are coming from. The daytime stages were great in concept but someone who is literally the biggest moron at Sonic Team assigned the Boost to the Homing Attack button. This was totally unnecessary and is mind-bogglingly incompetent. The fact Generations changed this and added an air-dash mechanic back to the Homing Attack, ala Sonic Adventure, is the key reason why Generations is significantly better than Unleashed. The levels in Unleashed were terrible too, very stop and start and throwing death pits with next to no warning constantly. Generations is such a massive improvement over Unleashed it's actually really impressive. Of course, the game has the obvious problems. The fact the Werehog takes on average 60% of the game time and it's a terrible God of War Clone that has nothing to do with Sonic, the way the game forces you to collect Medals (and to go back to the Werehog stages one's already completed!) to progress in the game to artificially lengthen the experience and the boring Hub Worlds that serve no purpose other than padding. Man, I can't stand Unleashed. I have no idea why some people in this fanbase defend this game. I'd love to hear some good arguments defending it.
  14. I do think the people here can come off as quite toxic. I mean, it's understandable, the franchise has become a shadow of what it once was and a lot of fans aren't happy with the current direction, if it's to do with the culling of characters or the major shift in tone. That said, I do think this place would be a lot better if everyone cheered up and calmed the fuck down. It's not just affected Diesel, it's affected me too. I've been dissuaded from coming on here because there's a sort of tribal mentality where people with the overwhelming popular opinion muscle people down and it's prevalent on literally every topic. I'm not saying Diesel is totally innocent here, he did say that Blaze is a rip-off of Knuckles and never budged his opinion, which is obviously totally absurd. That said, did everyone really need to take the piss out of him? Couldn't you just politely destroy his argument? I mean, sure, you guys can behave how you want to because it's your forum. A little common decency and respect doesn't hurt anyone . I find it more infuriating because you guys are some well-spoken and intelligent people. I had no idea Knuckles was friends with the Flickies on Angel Island.
  15. There's a question I often ask myself: how do you think the franchise would look now if Sonic 2006 ended up actually being a good game? No, I'm not claiming that Sonic 2006 was in any way salvageable, I'm asking how you think the series would stand now if Sonic 2006 actually ended up being a good game, completely different to the one we got. A different game for sure, but similar to the Sonic games that came before it, an 'Adventure' style game, so to speak. It's well known to all that Sonic 2006 is partly responsible for the franchise's current dire situation. Both Sonic Adventure games have aged poorly, but they were acclaimed when they were first released. Sonic Heroes was okay, it sold well but was disappointing. Shadow the Hedgehog was a very bad game, one that hurt the franchise a great deal, but it was the first mainline Sonic title to be truly awful. Sonic 2006 was an important hallmark, it was the 'dead or alive' point of the franchise, akin to a game like Crash Twinsanity. Of course, we all know how it ended up. However, picture a world where Sonic 2006 was actually good, and not shockingly atrocious. I think many would agree that the new direction of the franchise is largely due to the failure of Sonic 2006. There are so many ways the franchise would be different! Sonic Team wouldn't be paranoid at including Sonic's friends, for if they had worked well in Sonic 2006 then critics and the general public wouldn't roll their eyes at the mention of their names. This would lead to characters like Tails still being playable and probably characters who have been essentially scrapped would still be playable too, like Knuckles and Shadow. The plot would continue to be as complex as the titles pre-Sonic 2006. If this is good or not would be a subjective issue, as some don't want any plot in a Sonic title de facto. In addition, it's entirely possible that the hypothetical 'good' Sonic 2006 title could have been perfectly solid but still have had a terrible plot. Whether good or not though, it's probable that the shift to a more light and comic story with Unleashed and then later blown up in Colours would never have happened. The Boost gameplay would never have been formulated. It's pretty much universally agreed that the radical shift in gameplay Unleashed introduced was because of the incredible awfulness of Sonic 2006 and Sonic Team wanting to stay as far away from Sonic 2006 as possible. If Sonic 2006 had ended up good then this shift would never have happened and we would still have games that played similar to Sonic Adventure. The absence of Boost would probably be seen as either a disaster or a god-send. More risks. I think a lot of fans would agree that Sonic games nowadays are quite 'safe', at least the ones by Sonic Team. Unleashed was the exception, since it was the first game to create the Boost formula. It had to be experimental to exist. Colours and Generations, as brilliant as they were, are admittedly playing it quite safe and don't want to change the formula too much. Whilst Lost World was radically different it wasn't really trying to be risky, it would just running for the Mario lightspot. Sonic Boom is unaffiliated with Sonic Team so I don't think it really counts. There are many other points to consider, such as Sonic's reputation, but I wanted to make you guys think about how different this franchise would look without Sonic 2006. Do you think you would prefer the franchise if the game ended up being good or, alternatively, do you think Sonic 2006 was a necessary evil to get the franchise to the point it is at today? Note: This is not a Sonic 2006 thread. It's a thread discussing a counter-factual theory about the landscape of the franchise if Sonic 2006 had ended up being good.
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