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    I love video games, but my favorite video game franchise of all time is sonic the hedgehog, I don't care how bad people think he is, he has an awesome concept and character and I love most of he's games to be really fun
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  1. i'm sorry, do you happen to have a higher resolution version of this pic?
  2. Oh wow, nice picture, this will be useful for my Sonic Mania Hack (coming soon) Anyways, like I said, I am still very hyped for mania, I was just wondering because I don't think I believe in the phrase "speak with your wallet" anymore. I is most likely the best way to deal with companies that are not very cknnected with their fanvase and doing whatever just because it would sell anyways, but SEGA are not like that now, infact I would argue that SEGA and Sonic Team are probably more close to theur fanbase and listening more then they ever were. So I guess the answer to my question is, depands on the company and how much they care about fan feedback
  3. There is something that's been bothering me lately. You know the "Mania will have more rehashes" thing right? Well alot of people seem to be disapointed and even angry at this fact and I totaly understand, I mayself feel kind of sad that we won't have a comepletely new expirience as we though. However that's not nearly enough to make me any less exited for Mania. Anywayd I was thinking, people like to say "speak with your wallet" when it comes to telling the developers what they should do. However Sonic Mania does seem to bring alot of attention to many people and will most likely sell really well. Probably well enough to make SEGA and their developers to think that they are in the right direction and that there is no error that are necesary to fix. While I do think Sonic Mania is awesome and I love it I still wish for better then this. So does that mean I have to skip Mania to show them this is not what we want? Because that might tell them "we hate this idea" rather then "you could do better". I'm just confused on what to do if I want to show that I still like the idea but I wish it was better.
  4. well, I guess that description was a bit oversaturated . But I am not the most active preson and I even have something called long QT syndrom
  5. Oh yeah, I play those two. You know what? On second though there is to many stuff to occupy me, I think that this year I was just very tense and exited because I was woried about sonic's future after sonic boom. I mean everyone was on the edge of leaving the series and I had to know if whatever they had next could save them or they would lose everyone's interest. But I feel more calm now that I finally know what the future for sonic is.
  6. Shit , I should have though of that. Thanks Also I agree lego dimention's sonic apearance look amazing . But I tried looking into lego dimentions and it looks...not to worth it for me. As much as I love sonic I don't feel like buying this game just so I can use this one sonic aspect of it.
  7. I am really truly exited for both Sonic Mania and Project 2017 and I can't wait to get my hands on both and I am exited to hear that Sonic Team are taking their time on this one. But I was thinking about something lately, I am just so used for sonic games to have yearly releases that I don't think i'll be that patiant. Yeah I can play other games and I am, but sonic is something special for me, it's that one series that I am always awaiting for, and I think I got a bit spoiled by sonic team rushing the games to come out every year that the though of having to wait longer is kind of scary. I'm not dare to say that sonic team should keep rushing games, but I really hope they at least do something to keep us bussy, this year I learned just how impatiant I am with sonic games, I had to wait since boom for a new game and runners was nice but it wasn't enough, I was just beging for something new. I mean sonic is mostly a single player game and while I do love replaying his games for a very long time , even a whole year in my case. you can replay the old ones for so long. I don't think its enough to keep me accupied up until the next game. I just having the though that. "What if now I only have 1 sonic game per 3-5 years , and so I will have like 3 or 6 games until the rest of my life" but then I relized, thats silly. what if they will accupie us by releasing more classic sonic games by christian whitehead and cannonhead or maybe more spinoff games and Boom games, not to mention the movie and other media's. Hack, why not finally even work on other franchises, I know what I said about how i'm impatiant with sonic specificaly , but i'm still a sega fan aswell, i'm still dying for ports for shenmu 1 and 2 for pc and especially jet set radio future. Anyways , what do you think sega can do to accupy the fans so sonic team won't have to rush their games? And did you learn to be as impetiant as me when it comes to sonic?
  8. Just onw question,does it have a better sound chip?
  9. I never really had a dream stage, but I though this could be a fun thread so I decided to think of something and throw an idea. I was thinking of an area that has a whole bunch of stadiums in them and sonic would from time to time go throw one of them and them perform some tricky stuff. This is a small amateur rushed drawing I made of part of the concept. Sonic would come out of the entrance, run up the ramp, then you would have to perform a light speed dash in order to reach the loop, but those are not boost loops so they won't make you fly but they will increase your score. After the light speed dash sonic would almost hit an enemy and fall into the spikes bellow, unless he will perform a homing attack before that, then the homing attack's blast will give you enough high to light speed over the other trail of rings and so on, but at the end before reaching the other ramp you have a chance to hit an enemy with a homing attack, and then the blast would make you go up and hit some boost rings and so sonic would fly outside the stadium like a homerun. Also I feel like making this joke, he might go through his OWN stadium if you know what i'm saying.
  10. So for the last year or so, I kinda had a problem with sonic hate, now I always take criticism nicely and I don't listen to people who don't like sonic or don't know anything about him and basicly just ignore when people disagree with my taste. But you know, everytime I see so many people at once, a majority of people that disagree with me, It makes me feel presured. It feels like, sure I got my own opinion and sure I have the right to keep it. But I feel like it's not worth it if my opinion isn't valuable to that many people. I feel like i'm a lower tier human being that is simple and doesn't have a big mind simply because I like something like sonic to the point of "favorite of all time" .this post sounds like bullshit already but I feel like it's the only way to describe it, so here is some more. I feel like people out there have higher standards then me and (excuse me for this) any other sonic fan simply because they like a game series that have proven themselfs to be more consistintly good and are much more fun for many people and have more reasons to be a fan of like mario, zelda, pokemon, smash, oddworld and hack even GTA. While it's true those games are not perfect (and sorry I listed almost nothing but nintendo games) they at least have lots of reasonable redeaming qualities and seem to have more reason in them to be a fan of then something like sonic the hedgehog who is known to be mostly a hit and miss series with most of it's games that are good still hardly anywhere near those other franchises and are known to be nothing more then "ok" .not to mention most games are being told that they are mostly built for their times only and are not aging well and will not work in today's age. While this other franchises have games that hardly no one are complaining about no matter what their age is and they mostly seem to age better. I also noticed just how more simple and easy sonic's games can be sometimes compare to other games which seem to give you more challenge and make you put more effort to them and make you more acupied. I feel like the fact I prefer playing sonic then those games makes me a lazy person with a simple mind that doesn't think to much. I feel like everyone around me are It feels as if anyone who is a sonic fan is either blinded by their childhood or have some sord of disability and so can't be trusted and a fully healthy human being with standards would not asoiciate himself with something like sonic because he knows he can go and do something better then that. Now I know this all sounds stupid and honestly I disagree with everything I said myself and believe me I truly do enjoy sonic's games and even those other games , and I know what you think "why did you wrote that then?" Well because I only "feel" like it's not true, I know deep inside that all of this is bullshit but I cant seem to put my finger on exactly why. whenever I think for answers it makes me think of another stupid question and I always seem to get unsetisfied. I'm just so confused, I do not even know what i'm doing and i'm not even sure if this post is a good idea. And one more thing, we all know the term "it's your opinion , you are allowed to have it, no one can take that from you" the thing is I keep seeing this statement like 20 times a day usually written in many different ways but it always leads up to that statement. Now I know what this statement means. But I don't feel setisfied with that answer, I feel like there is a differnet answer, one that is more detailed and one that may even make more sence. But it could be just a feeling. I feel like this is more about "why I SHOULD keep my opinion "rather then "why I can".
  11. Excuse me for making this any longer, but I just noticed that the submission dead line is due to end in about 2 and a half hours from now
  12. I'm not sure if i'm late to answer this, but I had a little chat with a certain someone some of you probably know and he told me and even showed me that he has an entry for the contest, however he didn't wanted me to show it to anyone else , he said that he needs to put the video on private and not reveal it until sega will allow it. did someone here who read all the rules saw something about "don't reveal your video to the public until we say so"? He also found a 16 year old who tried to enter the contest and put the video on public. The video is removed now, but I think that's due to the video's quality. The guy was mostly talking about how fun it would be to go to the party rather then why he is the biggest sonic fan and even hated on 06 and boom and literaly throw sonic boom rise of lyric in his trash while showing his games collection. "Hey sega , I love sonic, *throws their game in the trash* this video sure shows how much I love him " Oh yeah, and he was wearing a mario shirt the whole time
  13. I admit that it would be better to just report the dreamcast version, but I personally first played the game through the DX port and honestly, I don't find reason to "HATE" it, sure it's more glitchy and doesn't have better lighting, but to say that who ever plays it over the dreamcast one "haven't truly played Sonic Adventure" I think that's kind of an exaggeration. I mean it's still pretty much the same game with the same gameplay and the same story and the difference doesn't really affect to much on the experience
  14. Well, I don't remember exactly when it happened , I think back when I was like 5 . First of I want to start by saying I did had a mega drive back then. But I didn't had many gamesthe only one I remember and still own is a bootleg power rangers game. Eventually the megadrive broke and no, I didn't even herd of sonic until that happened. Eventualy my older brother was browsing through the internet and he learned about this thing caled "emulators" (don't hate) he evantually started using them to download all of this games that I never herd of (I live in israel) but really fell in love with and he eventually taught me how to use them .And of course my life changed when he downloaded Gens emulator and I walked in to the room while I sew him playing a game with a blue hedgehog on the screen, sonic's design was just so apealing to me, I though he looked awesome (and I still do) and when I asked my brother "who is that" and he simply responded "it's sonic" the name just ringed in my head in that moment, it sounded so cool I imidietly relised it had to do with speed. It was just such an epic moment to discover sonic and I was playing those sonic games ever since. And yes, I still use Gens emulator until this day even tho Kega Fusion is a thing simply for that reason
  15. Baraksha

    E3 GIF Thread

    I made a gif that is over a minute long, unfortunatly it's to big for any image uploader or even a compressor, so either I split it or someone here know a better idea
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