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  1. Making Xmas event just a quick mode skin is just sad :/. For many, hallowen/birthday/tropical events brought players back to the game for awhile to enjoy a new stage, a free SR buddy, free RSR, and now it's just a skin in a "can't wait for you to leave the game" mode. This is the exact extreme opposite of easter event, during soft launch, when it was the first event of them all and things weren't so bad xd. No dialogues, no rewards and leader boards, no separate event menu, no effort at all in this update
  2. Backspikes being titled down allowed sonic to be invincible while consuming rings Being tilted up makes sonic not drain rings but if will be as weak as norma one That's the only explanation for Super sonic's possible future treatment
  3. So based on *starlightaurora* 999 rank run, each square in episode 50 is now 40,000, 40minutes to finish an episode and you need 1 billion to get to episode 50-5, to face eggman on a boss fight with nerfed 10 sec invincibility booster All this extra work for what? One would think they would increase the final reward back to 50 after all this extra work, but nope, all this just for 10 rsr And people STILL defend this game! This is how they get away with this, doesn't matter if this game is turned into pure garbage, people will still play and defend any changes they make. Can't wait for the day people defend Sonic runner version ?.0 where you need 1 billion per square and final episode gives 1 rsr, with buddies at level 20 and roulette spins at 100 rsr
  4. Easy one, that's why they are releasing a better Future Silver and making it premium roulette only
  5. Yes please, I would love to test the new companion combo of Boob the ghost and orca, a spead type buddy
  6. Nope that already happened with the previous version of the game even with strong wifi signal the game sometimes just kept to the music of "you died" screen while not reacting at all, not showing the ad neither progressing to the results screen due to no ad. That horrible bug, the buddies list still taking lots of time to load, charmy body being twisted after cannon bug, the fact that the download screen STILL only shows the Chaotix bio (if we were still in soft launch I would understand but come on, every character is in the roulette now, Chaotix isn't even that special to be the only team other than hero and Amy to appear on that screen), and every other bug that made the game a mess is still here. They couldn't fix anything just mess up the game even more, if anyone still defends this saying it's a game aiming at Japan, there are tweets out there showing that even Japanese people ain't happy. Anyone who still plays after this update should seriously consider coming up with an alternative way to waste free time, this just isn't worth it
  7. here you go, I suppose you're talking about the new one
  8. Hum, I think it is on purpose. The story mode info kinda hints at it, and there's always a gem rectangle shaped "box" with 2 X made out of spike balls to warn when an impossible obstacle is on the way. That has to be on purpose right?
  9. Last time an issue was looked into, it was like "your ban system has unintentional bugs, you should fix it", and they did. Now its like "your "lol, give us all your items and red star rings or die" wall that was 100% made on purpose is the problem, fix it or SONIC (limited) RUNNERS won't be making money anytime soon"
  10. The rankings have increased to level 10 too, just got Shahra to level 6 just for being in the S*** rank Also, got the new Silver at first spin o _ o , the game decided to become nicer in this update xD, except for the fact that everything else became more difficult to obtain.
  11. Dunno if I should waste the few rsr I have now and have bigger odds of getting a new SR buddy (since most rares are maxed) or if I should wait for tomorrow to spend them and probably get some egg chao or easter bunny to level 6
  12. well, you would get a refund but now your silver is just going to level up the extra star thing :s
  13. What's next, Big the Cat with speed shoes as Speed Type xD?
  14. and not everyone has a level 5 cruiser/Arthur (some don't even have one of those/both), even with both it takes a ridiculous amount of time to farm all the rsr we will need. Nope, maxing egg Chao, easter bunny and all the already maxed useless buddies isn't worth it
  15. Update 2.0 looks like it will make the game be a lot less enjoyable, even if current state isn't the best. You might be able to get the useless hero team on roulette, getting duplicates will no longer give a refund, buddies at level 10...rsr farming can't save me from all this, and that new "daily 5 rsr" won't help a thing either. Getting the team sonic omochao trio from 0 to max = 900 rsr wasted (not counting landing on duplicates or other buddies), now the same useless trio needs 1650 rsr to be maxed. I think it's time to say nope and retreat o_o
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