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  1. I can't fix what's happening with the Quote system. If you have your regular ID. The one that always appeared in the top left of the startup screen you can send it to sega mobile support and they'll get it back for you. I have to warn that it's going to take awhile though.
  2. Wow Sonic Stadium is not being the best right now on mobile. Anyway after a run during the results screen click on total score or buddy score. One of the bonuses shown is "Rank bonus"
  3. Both characters bonus's are active at the same time. The only reason one would use switch to Charmy before banking would be to take advantage of buddy types like the SA Tornado
  4. So apparantly the robofish is giving people color powers. Which is odd.
  5. And Canada. I had my region set to Canada and could still get them. They were soft launch exclusive.
  6. New score record! Was using Rouge+Charmy with Carbuncle and Shahra
  7. Just get your transfer data and reinstall the game. It goes down to around 200 MB
  8. Stopping the roulette early only stops it on the part it was gonna land early. It determines what you're gonna get the instant you press that button.
  9. He's a lot better than Knuckles. And the power type buff benefited him a ton. He's still pretty bad just because he's a power character and compared to Speed/Flight they have no chance of catching up.
  10. Rank bonus is totally a thing. I was rank 192 during that run.
  11. Metal would be a flying type because it appears that the Sonic Runners team have no idea what they're even doing.
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