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  1. Well in that case, if it was played at SoS it's probably definitely the classic remix! I most certainly don't hate it - and I agree, it's really catchy and energetic. Endless Mine is an awesome addition, hands down. I just personally never quite got into the Cash Cash sound during Colours (though both Reach for the Stars and Speak With Your Heart are catchy and fun tunes!) after being used to the heavier C40 of the Adventure era. Give me catchy and fun a la Reach for the Stars versus something more epic like What I'm Made Of... and I would pick epic every time. That's just my personal music preference, I'm a heavy metal fan over pop so it's no wonder which way I swing! I don't think it's a bad remix at all, just not as much in my taste as the original. Wonder if the Modern version will be the same as SA2...? And does this set the scene for classic remixes of some of the newer BGM, more synth and pop-y?
  2. Is this a genuine rip from the game or just a clean post of the Sonic Boom live performance? I heard at Retro the music for City Escape was missing from the demo. I don't mind the Endless Mine mix, or the more techno influence, but this particular version is a little too peppy for my tastes. If it makes the final version I won't be up in arms but I always thought this was a slightly different mix for Sonic Boom, exclusively.
  3. Totally, 100% agreed! I remember working my way through the Archie comics, a few years ago now, and it was about the time that Sonic was flirting with about three separate girls at once including Tails' crush I decided he was an asshole who was not the same Sonic I liked in the games. This kind of extends to SatAM and AoStH but I can accept that at least the latter is light-hearted and so the OOC-ness doesn't bother me - they're excused, anyhow, from how much they had to extrapolate character from the source material. I don't give current Archie, Chronicles or Colours that liberty. I don't think Sonic has to be a jerk or a whore just to be snarky, or have attitude. He can be quick and witty regardless; SatSR and SBK were definitely some of his crowning characterisation moments I think. Colours-Sonic did the snark better...but way, way too obnoxious. +rep to you for putting it way better than I ever would be able to. There goes the next secret! - I never finished Chronicles, I just couldn't stand some of the characterisation, and in an RPG that was something really important to me. Also didn't like the blatant Archie rip-offs.
  4. - Though I played the classics once or twice as a very young kid, I didn't get into Sonic fandom until 2006 - Sonic '06 was the first Sonic game I actually "owned" in that sense for myself, and I saved up all $650 to buy an Xbox 360 just to play it - I had an awful crush on Shadow when I was 12 years old - Also when I was 12 years old, I discovered fanfiction and wrote terrible terrible stories where the cast got drunk and had (implied) sex all the time, including my own fancharacter who was a recolour of Knuckles but female and a demon and a vampire and could use magic - I also find Sonic to be pretty darn attractive, mostly because I adore his personality I have a lifesize Sonic plush myself, which is at present lying next to me in my bed where he has remained for a year and a half now, who is also falling apart...though the honest most shameful things I have ever done to it are large amounts of hugs, cuddles, and more times crying into it than I can count (those things are seriously just fragile!). My SMALLER Sonic plush though I used to kiss goodnight by "kiss" I mean peck on the head, and heck, I was about 12 when I started that habit too. Oh, also, pretending my giant plush is real. Which leads me to... - I also have elaborate daydreams every day of having adventures with Sonic, particularly before I sleep when I can spend hours awake doing this...I serialise them and an entire "story arc" can take months o__o Oh gosh, YEP I AM SO GUILTY OF THIS. I love Sonic fanfiction, I'll say it now, and have written plenty myself (though rarely post it). And there is nothing I like more than seeing my favourite characters (read: Sonic) tested to their limits - emotional, physical, I don't care, I love seeing the characters I care about defy the odds, overcome insurmountable challenge...again, less hurt/comfort for me, just how-far-can-they-be-pushed. It extends to fanart too, I like my characters suffering. - Weird couplings? Well, I have ONE crack-shipping which is pretty darn weird and that's Eggman x Metal Sonic but there's a loong inside joke associated with it between me and my best friend. I suppose the weirdest pairing I'm guilty of actually shipping is selfcest, and I have a soft spot for Sonic/Knuckles after almost growing up on fanfics by the likes of Orin, also love sonamy....but nothing I am ashamed of. - I am however ashamed to be one of those irrational Sally-haters, and also can't stand the Archie Sonic-comics, and RAEG about Archie-Sonic's personality...so yeah, Chronicles is in my rage-list, along with elements of Colours' Sonic. - I adore Sonic X, but only in Japanese (makes all the difference for me). Back in '06 when I was discovering Sonic fandom for real, it was basically my main source of fandom related media - I have a crush on Junichi Kanemaru and his heavenly voice, have downloaded just about every song he's ever sung, and Sakende Yaruze!. - I've collected four Chaos Emeralds, and for a year of my life I slept, showered with, and carried one in my pocket at all times. I did spend an hour and a half with my friend at school trying to use Chaos Control. This period of obsession only ended when said Emerald chipped and I had to face up to the fact that it was therefore not real.
  5. That really annoyed me in Unleashed; I felt that the air boost was a bit of a statement against precise platforming. I fondly remember especially in SA1/2 using the homing attack to get a little more airtime or length on my jump, eg in Final Chase with those rails, or SA1 where you could skip entire portions of a level with careful application of your spindash. I felt like Sonic's repertoire of moves was really designed to let you take advantage of them and make the level your playground, but a failing of Unleashed for me (and I love Unleashed regardless) was how limited you were in what you were allowed to do in a level. There was a set corridor, and you obeyed it - you couldn't take advantage of Sonic's moves, you only did the action the game designers wanted you to do to achieve your objective. Even the multiple paths and hidden areas in Unleashed were often in that kind of really...I hate to use this word, since it has so much negative stigma in the fanbase, but a linear manner. EDIT: Actually, I lie, in Sonic Unleashed's DLC they had some REALLY innovative level design that took advantage of exactly those things in the way I wanted to see. Playing with the level gimmicks there was a TON of fun to play through, worth the extra money of the DLC, though of course I would have loved to see it implemented more in the main levels. The only complaint I have there is that the less tight controls of Unleashed made a lot of those levels more difficult than they needed to be. Not that I can really talk - I've only beaten Eggmanland once *sigh* I feel like over Colours and especially Generations though this has been fixed; I really enjoyed some of those homing-attack sections in Colours where you could reach multiple paths, and City Escape in Generations especially is taking advantage of the ways you can use Sonic's moves to play with a level and its alternate paths. Way better level than GHZ which suffers from that very directed gameplay just a little - but it is the first level.
  6. Thankyou so much! Perfect The multiple pathways in Classic's level are thrilling, I love that they haven't ignored the power of the third-dimension to add a lot of depth to those alternate paths. The momentum platforming and build up of speed needed to get across the gap...ahhh, wonderful SEGA! The spammable SA1-style spindash, eh, not so pleased about (it seems to almost function like a boost) but it's by no means a deal-breaker. I'm just so impressed by the level design...what a treat. It takes me back just looking at it, I'm itching to get my hands on this level. Looks like so much fun! Even the GUN truck fits perfectly, reminds me of the Hydrocity wall. Wonder what happens if it smashes everything before you manage to make it up to the next storey. I'm not sure what I think of the fixed height from bouncing off badniks...on the one hand, it would help with calculating timing and such, but on the other hand that takes a lot of fun out of it. Bit like the lock-on on the homing attack, I really enjoyed trusting in the power of my own stick-skillz where Sonic was gonna turn up next The speed of Modern's level is MELTING MY EYES. The openness..those multiple paths.... did--did I just see USING A JUMP DASH TO CROSS A PIT?! Unleashed formula is now perfected in my mind. Oh, SEGA, just take my mo-- *sees glitch* Oh, SEGA Not that I mind, I am sure bugs will be ironed out over the next six months and even if not, the glitches are really not a game-breaker for me...only a source of more entertainment. Glitch or not, this footage hypes me. So much.
  7. Unfortunately that one has been removed by user...is there an alternate hosting? I had a quick search but didn't find any on youtube.
  8. Really? I'm loving the humour to fill the time between new info Those Orcas have seriously made my day, guys. I tip my hat to you all. Is there a repost of the IGN City Escape footage? It's been removed and I was really looking forward to see it. Time zone differences make this really hard - when all the new information is released, it's 6AM or so where I live, then by the time I wake up...BAM 20 pages of discussion have been added!
  9. Hang on. So he's boarding down City Escape again with a piece of scrap metal....is it just me wondering how he got the board to begin with? Are we going to see another helicopter cutscene or something similar?! That would be awesome! Thanks Woun for the higher quality upload!
  10. I am so incredibly depressed I wasn't there. Recording a birthday chant to be put in game?! This reminds me of SA1 when it was first revealed - the chant of "SO-NIC! SO-NIC!" made it into the game's final boss in what I thought was a very beautiful moment...it really sucks being on the other side of the world and having exams in less than a week, it really really does. I've seen a couple of photos of all those cosplayers and damn, way to make me feel like a failure of a fan, SEGA.... What I'm really dying to hear is that Crush 40/Cash Cash concert. Oh please god tell me somebody recorded that...I heard there were new Generations tunes. And -- hold the phone, everybody -- CRUSH 40 REMIX OF SONIC BOOM, THE SONG. HOLY CRAP. I HAVE WAITED HALF MY LIFE FOR THIS MOMENT. Videos. There must be videos or great raeg will commence. EDIT: Yuji Naka himself signing autographs?! WHYYYYYY!
  11. Oh, SBK definitely. SBK totally nailed Sonic's "core" personality for me and that's the sole reason I love that game - forgetting the gameplay, everything else just feels like a treat to the Sonic fan. The mood and atmosphere and characters are just so good. It was such a shame the game bombed on the gameplay front - the important one. I also have a soft spot for Unleashed Sonic. The scene where Chip is about to leave...has me in tears every time. He was much more mellow than SBK, not quite as outgoing or loud, but I kinda like it when you have to dig a little to see the "real" Sonic. That I think was a massive advantage of SA2-Sonic, there was a lot of arrogance on the surface but deep underneath little things made him shine. I think emotional situations were dealt with by far the best in SA2, I don't like the idea that Sonic is an emotionless being (though his methods of dealing with more complex emotions can be utterly obtuse at the best of times). Colours...oh, Colours. What to say about you? I think a number of things were done to perfection in Colours, especially Sonic & Tails' relationship. EXACTLY how it should be post-SA1/2 character development. I have no complaints there. The way Sonic interacts with Tails is SUCH an important part of his personality, I think it really helps define him. Sonic being a jerk to Tails never meshes with me...I like to see that heart of gold whenever Tails is around, it makes their relationship much more believable. This was done so well in Colours. Sonic himself...meh. I flipped the sound to Japanese after a few cutscenes and even though the dialogue didn't quite work with Junichi's portrayal that kinda fixed it for me. I loved the jokes and nonchalance and sillness of Colours-Sonic, I think that's a side of his personality that often doesn't get played well enough: his playful, prankster life-is-a-joke side. It always comes off as mind-numbingly cheesy but they did it pretty well in Colours I thought with some of the throwaway humour. LOVED that. An example of when this was done well also was *prepares for shooting* Sonic X (JPN). I always adored how X-Sonic was always joking about but when push came to shove, was serious in his intentions. What I didn't like so much was the lack of all those philosophical elements to Sonic that I'm used to seeing. I'm so used to this far deeper view of Sonic and I feel like a lot of that depth was removed from Colours' portrayal. I think I'd be a little disenchanted if this was something set to stay. 90's cartoon attitude!Sonic holds no water for me, it takes away everything about Sonic that makes the character special and unique for me. I think it's a bit of the divide between eastern and western, America and Japan have very different takes on the character. Eastern Sonic tends to be mellow and thoughtful while Western Sonic always comes off as a bit of an arrogant lovable jerk. You can probably guess which one I like better. Despite what others have said, I think Sonic is a VERY tricky character to write. I'm sure by the next game his portrayal will be different AGAIN, you can only really judge how the games are treating him by the direction they head in. I'm hoping they won't keep with this almost "reboot" otherwise I'll have to learn Japanese.
  12. I completely agree with the OP. I've recently had a new home theatre system installed and playing Wii games on a 2.4m screen is really quite grating. Even with the component cable, at that size the resolution is so bad it completely distracts me from the game and I find it hard to play without always noticing the picture quality. I agree that graphics don't make the game, but there's a difference between low poly count and giant pixels. I've tried upscaling as well, which also doesn't help much (just makes it fuzzy). If you do the maths yourself, the Wii's highest resolution is 576i. 240cm/720 gives you pixels 3mm wide...draw yourself a 3mm x 3mm square and stand six feet away from it and you can see just how big the individual pixels appear. I can still play it on my 52" screen fine, so it's not a disaster or anything, but it's just disappointing not to be able to experience that same sense of immersion playing on a cinema screen, especially for a game as beautiful as Colours. I get that people with our problem are a REALLY tiny proportion of the people buying this game so I feel zero negativity towards SEGA for not releasing Colours on a HD platform. I understand that Sonic's audience on Wii is quite different to PS360, and the HD consoles are a lot more expensive to develop for (though I find it hard to imagine a pure port would really be that costly). There's also a possibility that the PS360 team are busy with the 20th Anniversary game, or that Nintendo specifically wanted this as an exclusive since Sonic sells really well. So yeah, it's no big deal, a HD version would just be really nice. Until then, as has already been mentioned I can always emulate the game.
  13. To be honest I think that comment was meant more in terms of design/game direction...I'm not convinced this is a main series game yet. I'd love to see it link into Unleashed's intro, and having it as a main series title would be great, but with talk of a "big game" for 2011 and Sonic's 20th anniversary this seems like a stopgap to me, or a Storybook equivalent. So Colours is really Sonic Unleashed 2 in the same way that '06 was SA3, but to me it still seems to occupy the same place as the storybook titles. If this really was a main series entry I feel like they'd be releasing PS360 versions. ...how DO we determine spinoff vs. main canon these days anyway? It's not like Station Square is exactly mentioned anymore. EDIT: I take that back, just read the topic about the "Metal Sonic" planet, Iizuka confirms that this is a "mainstream 3D Sonic game". Well this feels strange, but that just makes the prospect more exciting.
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