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  1. Yes. That's pretty stupid, though. For one, if they wanted people to stop playing after a certain point, why not just make it so that the round ends after you, say, defeat Eggman after a certain amount of Top Speed loops? Why just put a bunch of unavoidable obstacles in the player's path? For another, why would you literally want people to stop playing your game for as long as they do? That's extremely counterproductive.
  2. Oh, silly Noir. There's no Swap Nuke anymore. It's gone.
  3. DSS did a video on the whole update that shows off a lot of the new features in the update. Go to about 11:00 of the video. He goes through some.
  4. So, once you reach Top Speed, you will start encountering unavoidable obstacles, including: Walls of spike balls from the ground below to the top of the screen Clusters of unavoidable spikes when following the regular path, taking springboards, going through hoops, etc. Diagonal walls of unavoidable missiles They've essentially made it so that it's virtually impossible to continue a score run even if you play flawlessly. Not only are many of the features of this update just plain greedy, but they've literally made it impossible for you to progress past a certain point. This game pretty much demonstrates the series in general - Sonic itself keeps on changing constantly even though the original form was fine before. That's not to say that change in and of itself is a bad thing. Some changes can have a great, positive effect on a series and a game. But changing something that was fine in its inception and making it worse and worse with time and greed is something only the developers seem to have mastered. Good game design.
  5. Hey, exactly what is Hogfather's trick? I'd like to test it.
  6. He's not leaving until September. Chill out. This seems like the stupid argument about what type Silver would be again. Nobody knows what type she'll be if she eventually comes. Just wait and see.
  7. You'd swear they optimized this game to run on a limited edition potato and forgot to see if it ran on anything else.
  8. I've grown very tired of this game. Hardly much to enjoy at this stage and the fact that getting new things is a gamble makes it even worse.
  9. There wasn't a mech type logo in the game's assets, either.
  10. It's really easy to get the necessary combo for Erazor Djinn at Top Speed. If you can't manage that, I should ask how you managed to get to Top Speed at all. We don't know if the character sale meant something new on the roulette or a sale of Team Easy. Nobody knows what it meant. `>` Regarding the above: I could just as well say Blaze is coming in the next update because Silver is there. None of us know what's going to happen and all the speculation about Shadow just looks kind of dumb. What happens happens, I guess.
  11. This thread's turned into assumptions galore, geez. All the questions you're asking are really basic questions that you could probably figure out on your own, you know. They can only send revives.
  12. NiGHTS looks like a terrible buddy for score runs. All the buddies from this look pretty mediocre, actually.
  13. You do realize those were just assets from the game. We were never told these would be in this update.
  14. It still amazes me how picky people are over what seem to be trivial bits of Sonic lore. Pretty excited for NiGHTS, though. Especially in the middle of a free RSR event.
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