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  1. It's time for Toy Story 4,Incredibles 2,Finding Nemo 2 and Cars 3.
  2. Will this work on my computer? this time it's not plagiarism.I meant this not this
  3. Whatever is thread about Sonic Master System Generations Project it's still plagiarism?
  4. I never had in sonic retro warning points,but they banned me few times
  5. They should stop mentioning Sonic Adventure 3.
  6. Shrek was really enjoyable.I heard rumours Shrek Forever is just preparations from Minion to Shrek 5.Anyways it's canceled like Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 4(we had Black Cat-Felicia Hardy as Anne Hathaway and Vulture).
  7. Maybe old Sonic Adventure 3 petition from chris knopps group will explain you.I bet ed,edd & eddy plus dexter's laboratory including power puff girls return as 3d cartoon.
  8. Why the hell Sonic Adventure 3 cannot be chronicles of Tails and Cosmo?Is it only because Sega Saturn sucked up for SEGA?It fits perfect to Adventure Series as tv show,comic books and video games.SCAE aka Sonic Adventure 3 should be based on third season of Sonic X not Sonic the Hedgehog(1991) Reboot called Sonic Next Gen.
  9. http://www.sonicretro.org/2015/06/sonic-2006-emulated/#comments_wrapper Oh.Now I remember I was talking with Christopher Knopps on Facebook.
  10. Know is it in wright section?
  11. Is it unlockable for version 3.0.2 of sonic the Hedgehog 2.apk? www.youtube.com/watch?v=YSrEAVFnKc0 In virtual box in Windows 7 am I opening sonic 2 game engine,but how?
  12. I'm really happy about joining to you.I'm waiting 3 months for sonic retro how long does it take for full functionality of sonic retro forum?
  13. Finally Epic Megagames solved my problem.
  14. In Starmen.net I could expelled forever for duplication of posts.
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