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  1. I've been following this project too, it looks cool. I hope it gets completed, I can't wait to play the definitive edition of Sonic 3 (gimme that widescreen).
  2. I thought Puyo Puyo Tetris only had a digital release (I somehow didn't notice the retail box in that very picture lol), that's why I assumed they were getting rid of Forces leftovers. Might be the opposite, or both of those things then.
  3. That would make sense, especially if they have unsold copies of Forces laying around in their storage. It would be an easier way to sell them.
  4. Probably because Mania sold very well and they would lose money with the bundle? I am not sure, maybe boundling it with a phsyical Mania release would be more interesting and end up helping Forces aswell?
  5. I wonder why this is a thing. It's pretty unusual, and as @Blue Blood said their strategy is confusing. Forces has been in full development for roughly a year, which means that the overall budget shouldn't be too high, the almost absent marketing for the first few months seems to point to that too. I wonder if Puyo Puyo will help sell more copies of the game? 50€ doesn't sound like a good deal though, Forces is already going to be discounted at almost half the price during this black friday, so you could probably get both games at a lower price than that.
  6. Are You Going to Buy Sonic Forces?

    I didn't get it, still convinced on not getting it until it hits 10€ or less.
  7. Source? You're making me post ten thousand links and then you come out with an iirc lol.
  8. Sonic Boom was a failure on every front and they even said so themselves. It sold less than 350k on all platforms combined iirc, while Mania sold 130k on PC alone lol. They also said it would've been at the top of the charts in the UK by a huge margin for the whole first week, so take that in account too. That article is an indicator that Mania helped them double their video game sales. If those aren't hard numbers for you I don't know what is lol.
  9. http://www.playstationlifestyle.net/2017/11/04/sonic-mania-sales-drive-sega-financials/
  10. The sales reported on Steamspy are global. For the USA charts I checked Amazon's top 100 during the release week, you'll find reports and maybe screenshots in some of the threads here on Stadium. I can't find any documentation of that on the internet and I really can't be bothered to look throught the topics again lol. It did happen though.
  11. http://www.pushsquare.com/news/2017/11/japanese_sales_charts_sonic_forces_completely_flops_as_awful_new_need_for_speed_overtakes https://steamspy.com/app/637100 [PS4] Sonic Forces (Sega, 11/09/17) – 5,938 (New) [NSW] Sonic Forces (Sega, 11/09/17) – 4,686 (New) PS4 and Switch sales combined. I was actually misremembering and the total amounts to ~10k sales lol. Edited the original post, thanks for pointing it out. Also Mania sold few copies on Steam because of the Denuvo+Delay mess, but the SEGA's Q2 financial report indicates that it actually sold very well, and they said so during the first week of sales. Mania definitely didn't sell worse than Boom.
  12. It didn't even enter the top 50, that's a flop in my book. Reminder that Sonic is an AAA franchise and this game was being marketed as the next big thing.
  13. It only charted in the top 10 in the UK as far as I know, at #5. It charted at around ~#80 in the USA if I remember correctly, and those are good indicators of low sales. 10k units in Japan, ~15k on Steam globally. We'd have heard from SEGA already if it sold well, like we did when Mania came out.
  14. Sonic Forces SPOILER Thread

    I mean, this one doesn't take that much experimentation, lol. It's just as easy as... don't go forward for once and boost to the right. Also, if we're going by that logic, I didn't have any major glitch while playing 06 for the first time, my campaign was pretty much ok, but that doesn't make the game any less broken. If all it takes to break it is just... go a different way rather than forward then, yeah it's a glitchy game. It's so easy to clip through collisions and stages, not even SADX allowed you to do that this often and this easily.