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  1. My big gripe with this if it turns out to be true is that the SEGA characters not only bring more variety to the characters roosters, but also to the stages included. I'm honestly tired of seeing old Sonic locales return, or be reimagined, we've done this song and dance hundreds of times. Also, what stages do you think they'd pick if this is a Sonic only game. Lost World from SA1? Hang Castle/Mystic Mansion from Heroes? Starlight Zone? Ice Cap? No, it's gonna be Green Hill, Chemical Plant, City (what a nice name btw) from Forces, Death Egg, Seaside Hill! It's not like I'm a huge Skies of Arcadia fan, but seeing those characters and stages in ASRT made me smile for instance. And the same happened with all the other franchises. EDIT: It looks like I'm negative about this game from this post, but I'm not, I'm just a bit disappointed. I'm sure it'll play great and it'll be lots of fun, I can't wait for the announcement and the actual release. I'm excited!
  2. That's an issue in my eyes, since if I wanted to design a Sonic character, I'd want it to look official, not a cheapo knock-off. The Forces avatars look like a different franchise that's badly imitating Sonic. What Diogenes is suggesting would make it at least in line with the main characters' design convenctions.
  3. Generations didn't have a gameplay style whose main focus was combat though. The avatar makes no sense no matter how you look at it. It focuses on combat, so it expands on attack moves and has a weapon, but the enemies die in one hit and none of them pose a threat whatsoever. It's just a shallow, bad thought out gameplay style that, again, has no purpose, makes no sense and most of the time just cares about faking "gameplay" instead of actually letting you play.
  4. SEGA Forever Revealed!

    Sonic 1 and 2 don't have those weird issues. I played Sonic 2 just the other day, and the paid version works just fine, no ads displayed whatsoever. I wonder why they did that with CD. That's definitely bad.
  5. I'd be fine with Sonic Kart even if I'd prefer All-Stars Racing. I love the other characters and they all bring a different aesthethic, themes and music to the game. I am afraid that a Sonic-only Kart racing game would be full of GHZ, CPZ, SSZ, and anything else they can reuse from Lost World/Generations/Forces.
  6. A mod I've been working on 


    Mirage Saloon act 1 for Sonic and Tails.

    1. Stelgard Maximus7

      Stelgard Maximus7

      Mmm. Interestic

  7. Might have something to do with Tetris, though, not with Puyo. I heard its license is weird. Anyway, I'm excited for this release, Denuvo or not, it's the first time Puyo gets released on PC, that I'm aware of, so I'm just happy to see this happening. I'm hoping they port Project Diva on Steam next.
  8. How is Pontaff's writing viewed now?

    I used to think they were ok until I got in touch with the Archie universe post-reboot. Ian Flynn brought the characters to life, the interactions and world building was spot on, references to the past are nice for fan service. Everything ranges from ok to great in the comics, while the games often come off as cringeworthy to me, especially anytime Sonic opens his mouth. I like the idea of each character having some kind of imperfection, Sonic being a bit of a douche, Tails is bitchy and so on, that could bring a more varied narrative and deeper characters, which I appreciate, but the way they're handling it just feels out of character and just... not good. Not to mention that more often than not their jokes are not funny to me and make me want to mute the game. That said, they have written the best dialogues in Sonic games so far, Black Knight and Unleashed being an exception. Any game prior to Colours made me feel like the characters were just talking to each other, not with each other. Like a bunch of standing cardboards with pre-recorded sounds. Not that having Sonic talking to himself all the time is much better than that.
  9. The Possibility of Sonic Adventure HD

    The reason we're in this state where lots of fans say "Sonic can be anything, any element could be part of the Sonic franchise as long as well executed" is Sonic Team's lack of direction and understanding of their own franchise. Sonic's identity has unfortunately been stripped away a long time ago, any gameplay feature that made Sonic what it was became just a visual prop, it led fans that came in touch with the franchise during the 2000s to believe that what made Sonic, well, Sonic, is the cool attitude, and it being a blue hedgehog. I don't agree with it one bit, Sonic has a clear identity to me, one that has been ignored for 20 years now, but at the same time I feel like the fault for people thinking "any game can be a Sonic game, even a reskin of Dark Souls/Tetris/Mario (Lost World)/Ratched and Clank (Avatar in Forces being a lame attempt at that)/Jak & Daxter (Sonic Boom RoL) if well done" is not on the fans, it's completely on Sonic Team. They made Sonic the empty template it is now, so yeah, to someone who grew up with Adventure/Heroes/06/Unleashed, Sonic can be anything, as the core gameplay presented in those games had literally no identity besides "character that moves fast and is slippery to control". EDIT: On topic post: I wouldn't trust Sonic Team with a SA1 remake, I feel like they'd screw up either with a 1:1 recreation which would be a bad thing as anyone here before me already said, or a remake a-la Generations but focusing on the wrong points. Also, SA1 is the only 3D game which lets you play with physics (even if broken and janky) and experiment with level design in some points, and I don't think they're able/ want to do anything remotely similar right now, after we've seen the direction they're going in with Forces. Sonic Team doesn't understand Sonic, and SA1 is the only official 3D game that has some semblance of Sonic-y gameplay. Please don't touch that.
  10. Sonic Utopia

    ...so the best iteration of actual 3D Sonic-y gameplay in a polished form and true to the classic aesthetics and design? You might think it's a patched SA1 without the glitches, but it actually goes much further than that and expands on Sonic's moveset in a way none of the official games ever did.
  11. A friend gifted me Forces for my birthday.

    Oh boi, here we go.

    1. SSF1991


      Sonic Forces a friend to buy you Sonic Forces

    2. blueblur98


      despite how much you seem to detest it, i still hope you have fun!


      (oh, and happy birthday.)

    3. Ratcicle King

      Ratcicle King

      Are you guys still friends?

    4. Gabz Girl

      Gabz Girl


    5. Dee Dude

      Dee Dude

      who knows? maybe you’ll ironically end up having fun despite all your analyzations.

    6. Sonikko


      Sonic Forces me to wait until someone gifts me Sonic Forces 'cause I didn't want tu support SEGA on that one.

      And I've never felt so bitter after finishing a Sonic game before. I mean, I didn't exactly have a bad time, but I didn't enjoy myself either. I feel like I just... wasted a couple of hours of my existence.

      Most of the stages end so abruptly and so quickly that there wasn't enough time for it to become boring (given how bland all of them are), but there wasn't enough time to... do anything.

      The plot is a joke to me, I can't take it seriously and, to be fair, the extended cast... they don't do anything, they just appear.

      It's still Lost World/Colours all over again to me, just with more characters.

      It's like, "Hey, remember these guys? Here they are, now watch Sonic be an unfunny prick to Infinite and Eggman all the time.".

      I don't wanna write one of those very long posts, so to be short, all the things I guessed before playing the game, they were all true. I let go of the controller for so long during most of the stages...

      Btw, thanks everyone for the happy birthday wishes!

  12. Absolutely yes, I love their stuff. I would like to see how they adapt to game music. Can we please have some Anamanaguchi too one day? A man can dream.
  13. The State of Sonic Team

    I wasn't trying to say that Sonic is still relevant, 'cause in all honesty, he isn't. I was just saying that he can be relevant again and that it's still appealing. All we need is for SEGA to stop pushing out bad games. Mania did wonders for Sonic's reputation, people were there for it, I personally know many users outside of the fanbase who bought it, their first Sonic game. People like the concept of Sonic, not the execution. Kinda like most of us.
  14. The State of Sonic Team

    That's a good question, but the simple fact that Sonic is still alive despite the quality of SEGA's output should answer it for you already. It can definitely be relevant again and there's still a huge appeal in the character, that's the main reason it's still going. It has potential, people know it does and SEGA just doesn't know what to do with it.
  15. Quite the opposite, they were catering to an audience so generic and vast (and yes, that includes old school fans, Adventure fans and everyone else really) that ultimately nobody ended up caring for their product.

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