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  1. You know what's the last glimpse of hope I have left? Colours. It was a low budget product, an in-between-games game. It came out in 2010, Generations came out in 2011 and it blew it out of the water. Forces is a low budget product too, 40€ pricepoint. The only thing that keeps me going right now is hoping that next year an actually good 3D Sonic game will come out.
  2. I can't wait to play the same stage 5 times then.
  3. I think it's actually Modern Sonic's GHZ stage
  4. I feel like the general consensus on this game is "yeah it's not terrible but it's not good either, the franchise has seen much better" so why people settle for this, I just can't comprehend.
  5. I want what happened to classic Sonic with Mania to happen to modern Sonic. Is it too much to want a good game out of this franchise?
  6. Why even play Sonic if this is the level design you want out of it. There are many games that do what you're looking for 10 times better. Edit: I've never spoken like that and I've analyzed this game countless times. But quality standards exist, you know.
  7. You know, when a franchise you love just likes to linger in mediocrity for years and people just accept it or get used to it and actually think it's good, then yeah.
  8. They didn't even bother with level geometry. It's just a bunch of boxes slapped together.
  9. The Zelda DLC wasn't day 1 DLC though.
  10. Very nice, shitty level design as usual aside, that stage loops and every loop is exactly the same and lasts 30 seconds? I thought we had hit rock bottom already, wew.
  11. 'Cause that's exactly what everyone has been saying. Also it's the third time I see a section like this in the game, or pretty similar to this. Talk about being uninspired. It's also a standard trope of Dimps games, I'd like to remind people. Eeh. EDIT: Timestamps for proof: EDIT 2: It's also in one of everyone's favourite stages :3
  12. I thought this was clear, there's nothing wrong with Shadow being a Sonic clone, the bad part about this is that it's locked behind a digital purchase.
  13. You know what gets on my nerves? It's that they're bringing back stuff people have been asking for decades, but the execution is so bad that those things are going to be shat on and never to be seen again for 10 more years. Well Shadow's going to be just the same as Sonic I guess, going with what they wrote. But... digital exclusive... really?
  14. This game is going to have 5 zones at most, we've basically seen half of them already. Mark my words.
  15. I lol'd at the fact that the LA Noire remaster had more screen time than Forces. Good stuff.