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  1. I wonder if Sonic discourse is so stagnant because there isn't much left to discuss or if it's because it's slowly but steadily reaching that point of no return after which nobody will care about it

    1. neezTHEhuman


      just look at the ages of the members on today's birthday list. The fanbase is diminishing and the franchise is headed for extinction.

    2. Sonikko


      Uhm... maybe? But this is also a forum which is kind of obsolete in the eyes of young kids, so that has to be playing a part in it, right?
      All things considered Sonic had a good run, but yeah I can see it fading into obscurity sooner or later

    3. Wraith


      I'm not sure if you can gauge Sonic's popularity from here. Kids who like Sonic are not going to sign up for a forum. They're on social media like twitter/reddit/youtube.

    4. Sonikko


      But then, does that mean that the older side of the fanbase has finally been extinguished by SEGA?

      That sure seems to be their final aim, or it seemed to be for the past decade, at least as far as making them their least important demographic.

      But, if that is so, then why even keep the superficial references if keeping an older crowd around ultimately leads you to not satisfy any side of your audience.

      Or, maybe, is it that older fans are still around for the games but moved on from discussion? Would be very interesting to have some data on who buys the games exactly

    5. Wraith


      I don't think they intended to snuff us out or anything. That's just too dramatic. 

      They want our money, but we just aren't their primary concern. A lot of the older folk are realizing it and turning their attention elsewhere. There' no narrative to it. It's just business on both sides. 

    6. Sonikko


      Yeah obviously, I didn't really mean they pushed us out because of spite ahaha, I just meant they are going after a clearly different crowd.

      Guess it's just easy to keep the old fans spending money on products that vaguely resemble what they're used to, but at the same time I feel like they are really souring the younger crowd with all the past rehashing

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