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  1. Weird, it has been the opposite experience for me. I really struggled with the motion controls on Wii but I'm having a good time on Switch. I do recalibrate veeery often though, but I prefer being able to do that on my own so I'm always sure the calibration is fine, rather than having the game do it automatically who knows when exactly. It's just a button press and it's seamless, so it doesn't really bother me tbh
  2. I'm actually team motion controls, having a game like Skyward Sword on Switch makes me wish we had something that used motion this extensively again. It's fun to me, might not be for everyone but I think there definitely is potential.
  3. Just finished Minish Cap in the morning and started Skyward Sword. Feels much better paced than the original release, it looks lovely and plays pretty well. The motion controls feel a bit more precise than they used to, so that's a plus. Handheld mode works, that's about it, not the ideal way to play imo. The game still looks gorgeous.
  4. Idk if the claim about it being emulation is true, but if it were, it'd be even more impressive for it to be 60fps because emulation is way more taxing than native code for the CPU, so that kinda defeats your point, as native code should be fairly easier to run, so SS being emulated and 60fps still puts Ultimate to shame.
  5. If they actually used Godot as an engine to port the game over, that engine has no documentation nor support for consoles, so they either had to port it themselves (like Big Red Button did for Rise of Lyrics and Cryengine), or they had to license the port process to someone else. Either way, it's kind of on them for using Godot in the first place, if they actually did so like the pre-release leaked portfolio material seems to suggest. Pretty sure the game would've ran at a smooth 60fps if they used any other engine to actually port it over, like say, Unity like Sega did for SMB Banana Blitz HD. It's probably a matter of the engine not being optimized for consoles, so while the XBox One and PS4 manage to brute force through the lack of optimization, the weaker Switch hardware just can't do it. And it's not the Switch's fault, it's the devs' for choosing that engine in the first place. Colours should run at 60fps on Switch like any other Wii port, native (Skyward Sword, De Blob 1 and 2) or emulated (Galaxy), that we have, especially considering it looks not great.
  6. I still don't think Colours Ultimate looks good, or even on par with the original. Also, I really don't understand how anyone could say Skyward Sword is a bad remaster, it's a re-release of the game with the artstyle being intact, the shaders being faithfully recreated for high resolution, it has 60fps which must mean they have worked on the damn thing since the physics were tied to framerate. The fact that it looks identical while being on different hardware just means that they actually went into it with care and meaning to preserve the original game's artstyle, while bringing it to modern hardware. On top of that they reworked the parts of the game that people were not happy with, added autosave, made motion controls optional, added an option to skip cutscenes and dialogues. Colours Ultimate has some (dare I say ugly) gloves and shoes customization, overbearing bloom, no lightfields support which means the lighting is actively worse and broken in so many instances, which have already been pointed out and haven't been shown to be fixed (the water and plants in Planet Wisp for instance, the entirety of Asteroid Coaster and so on), 60fps support which is already there if you use an AR code, albeit wonky, Metal Sonic time trials, whose animations were not rigged correctly to the model, the Tails save thingie which is decent in theory but also the game did not need it since it showers you with lives anyway. The only thing Ultimate has over SS is the pricepoint, and even then, I prefer to pay a bit more for a good modern version of a game, than a bit less for the what is gonna probably go down in history as the worst Sonic re-release since DX.
  7. Nobody ever bothered to fix the Nights into Dreams port on Steam, unfortunately.

    Still locked to 8 directions :(

  8. If the artbook is the one from Colours Ultimate japan I'm double dipping EDIT: Quadruple dip actually, bought the game 3 times already
  9. The same website had Colours Ultimate listed for less than the MSPR or am I mistaken? Maybe the price is a placeholder, but on a guts level I agree with you, this is probably just a normal re-release with some physical goodies they're overstocked with. I hope for the best, which is new content, but eh, don't see it happening. TSR really deserved more than what it got.
  10. Been playing Unleashed on Skyth's Xenia builds which has "fixes" for most of the crashes, so the game is pretty much playable now for me.

    It is pretty good? Much better than I remember it being actually.

    I got so used to playing the Unleashed Project that I kinda forgot how the real thing felt, and it's honestly better than Generations in so many regards.

    I like how you have more control on the character and you're less often on a scripted path, but at the same time Sonic is so powerful that you do have to get the controls just right.

    And the DLC acts are the most fun I've had with boost Sonic to be honest. The 2D sections are much smoother and not out of place.

    Generations has some better 3D sections here and there, but overall? Unleashed comes out on top, never thought I'd say that.



    1. Sonikko



      Here's the build in case anyone's looking for it

    2. Bobnik


      Does it fix Windmill Isle act 1 where the game's graphics just "blow up" in the quickstep section, making it unplayable? I want to play it from the start, but that crash has been a big issue and RPCS3 needs a very demanding CPU for the game.

    3. Sonikko



      You can't fully complete the game on this build either but it fixes *most* of the crashes.

      I've been able to complete 10~ish levels in a row without a crash.

      Some of the DLC stages are the most problematic, mostly Svannah Citadel in general

  11. While waiting for SS HD I replayed Ocarina and Majora 3D, ALBTW and Link's Awakening.

    Unsure if I should give Minish Cap a go, wonder if I can finish it before SS comes out.

    1. VisionaryofSUPER


      MC is really short. Go gor it. 

  12. I did notice that too after I posted the footage, yeah. That spot was always optional, weird choice of footage.
  13. https://sonicthehedgehog.tumblr.com/post/654820771609427968/thank-you-all-from-the-bottom-of-our-hearts-for https://sonicthehedgehog.tumblr.com/post/654729413522489344/less-than-24-hours-until-the-sonic30th https://sonicthehedgehog.tumblr.com/post/649211312027615232/after-hours-upon-hours-of-scouring-every-book-in Here they are, but I included the files in the folders anyway.
  14. With Nintendo games the trick is to always pre order them on Amazon as soon as they're announced, they almost always get a 15€/$ discount a month before launch, if by the week before launch you're not interested anymore, you can just cancel the order, but in the meantime you'll have secured yourself a 20% discount. I have SS pre-ordered for 45€ currently, which I think is a fine price, not sure I'd pay 60€ for it tho. I wanted to get TWEWY as well and I was debating on wether to get SS or TWEWY too, but eh, Zelda won. Confirmation that they reduced the mandatory interactions with Fi.
  15. Updated the links with the new Tikal and Chaos artwork, testing a 1440p downscale as well, let me know how that looks if you have a 1440p screen. I think 1080p is the sweet spot for artifact removals but lmk.
  16. I saw that, sounds like a great version of the game to me. The marketing has been weird to say the least, but it's exactly what I expected it to be in the end.
  17. Some more footage from Nintendo JP
  18. I sure hope that's what they meant with it. It's not entirely clear? The way they word it, it almost looks like they added those optional hints, rather than making the ones that were already there completely optional. I'm sure it's the latter case, but the marketing for this game sure is not the best it could be lol.
  19. That's most of the stuff that needed to be fixed right? The first bit, are all Fi's hints gonna be optional? Or did they add more optional ones lol. Wasn't too clear imo. All the other stuff, item descriptions only pop up the first time, you can fast forward dialogues, skip cutscenes, looking good. Just what a remaster should be. EDIT: Updated with Youtube link
  20. Sonic's target demographic is the same one Mario games have, they're games for kids and families first and foremost, and that's completely fine. The issue that comes into play is that Nintendo EAD is able to make Mario games with a very low skill floor and a decently high skill ceiling, which means that there's enjoyment to be had even if you're an adult, because of how deep you can dig into the game mechanics and, you know, make your own fun. On top of that, even the basic routes are mad fun to take in Mario games. Sonic games go the opposite direction most of the time, trying to control the player experience from the first moment you take control in the game, which may help kids come to come to grasp the high speed action, but also lowers the skill ceiling significantly, which in return means the experience ends up being pretty underwhelming for people who are maybe a bit more experienced with games. There's a balance to be found and Sonic Team very rarely has even attempted to do that. The Adventure games did it, the first one especially, but then they kinda dropped the ball right after that and went for a different approach, maybe because it's just easier to do that, and Sonic games are extremely expensive in general for how little money they do end up raking in. Closest thing to Sonic that comes to mind, as far as game series go, is Kirby, but even then, Kirby still takes the layered design approach from Mario games, while still being easier than Mario games.
  21. I think Mania not being confirmed on the NX had more to do with Nintendo not having handed them Dev Kits yet, rather than SEGA not wanting it out on the platform. As for Rangers, I am actually quite pleased with the Switch port Forces had, it has its limitations that's for sure, but considering how the game performance scales on the home consoles and my own pc as well (GTX 1060, i5 6600, it can basically hold 60fps at 1080p but can't push further than that, when I can run Generations at 4k with hires shadows), I'd say that the Switch version's performance makes sense. Also, I do appreciate the port "down" strategy, rather than having something that looks like The Witcher 3 on Switch. I'd rather have lower poly counts on geometry than something that looks like it really wasn't meant to run on the hardware. I'm gonna take a wild guess and say that the game is being developed primarily for PS4 as most multiplats are currently, even Colours Ultimate, so if that's their target performance, a Switch port down wouldn't be out of the picture and pretty functional at that. I just expect 30fps, lower poly counts and the usual stuff. Lost World PC was SEGA of Europe iirc, and while the port is quite shoddy, it still holds 4k/60fps on my system fine. Also let's not forget that the Switch is able to run Odyssey at 60fps, BoTW at 30fps but BoTW 2 seems to run at 60 from the trailers and a bunch of other impressive games. Rangers will be fine, I doubt we'll see a next-gen looking Sonic game before 2025.
  22. The Ohtani Chillmo Club songs are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good and completely in line with my current mood and aesthetics.

    I literally grew up with his music.

  23. The website was a copy paste job from the Persona 5 Strikers website, so it had leftover data. It's EGS exclusive for the time being, but to my knowledge, all the EGS exclusives come to Steam after a year or so.
  24. If you like the Japanese Twitter Sonic artworks check the thread I just made in green grove, you may be interested ;)

  25. Not quite sure where to post this, so please move it elsewhere if this is not the right section for it. I have too much free time on my hands, and the symphony from last night got me hyped, so I collected all the Japanese Sonic Twitter artworks by Yui Karasuno and since we have no lossless versions of them, or releases big enough we could use as wallpapers, I took it upon myself to fix that. Using ESRGAN, an AI image enhancement algorythm, I cleaned up the artworks from the JPG artifacts, and then upscaled them to 1080p. The results are immaculate. Gonna post the collection of the source pictures, the native resolution lossless versions and the 1080p upscales (or downscales in the case of the Symphony artwork). The Sinbad and Symphony artworks were posted as lossless PNGS on Tumblr, so those ones are only present in the source files and 1080p versions folders. Source files: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/19HjL2ejAh5I9yjweMDpGtm1HNg8fM3tb?usp=sharing Native resolution lossless: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Wrq8OB6OX9UAOjNC1ksQz6SdFAVlzLdc?usp=sharing 1080p upscales: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1O0EMOHCu65EnLHXO6NSQwq3Lu5a9dOav?usp=sharing 1440p TEST: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1PWyh-zKhzSfAezvpSX4ZTBOpeMAEcDak?usp=sharing Gonna be updating these as new artworks come out. If anything is missing please let me know :). Hope you enjoy.
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