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  1. I have been a longtime fan of the series, but the reboot always rubs me the wrong way. I'm intrigued with the plot but I couldn't hate the gameplay more. I don't know how I feel about this, they promised it's more puzzle oriented but I am expecting the same bullshit all over again lol. Also, wtf is up with the 48h early access.
  2. Amen to that. Someone finally said it lol! I like Amy and all, but unless she gets a proper overhaul I don't want anything that plays even remotely like that in a classic game that is supposed to be about a pure Sonic experience.
  3. I'll never understand how people legitimately defend the classic USA Sonic artworks.

    1. Osmium


      Because they're cool 

    2. Pawn


      The first time I saw Sonic, it was the American art. I was thoroughly put off by it until I had the opportunity to actually play the game.

    3. Sonikko



      @A crocodile This is bad art.

      @Pawn I was incredibly turned off by the American and European artworks as a kid too. Not to mention the USA cartoons, I found all the western media related to Sonic incredibly off putting and disorientating.

    4. Osmium


      That one is bad yes, but they're not all like that. I don't even think that's from Greg Martin.

      When I'm talking about the cool ones I'm talking about Greg Martin. Like this. 


      This kind of stuff appeals to me, but I think my sensibilities are slightly different from some of yours. I find this old United States art appealing after the endless ocean of stuffy people going on about how "Toei Sonic is the greatest evarrr" 

    5. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      I grew up with it ?

    6. JezMM


      I can see both sides, even in that "good" example above, there's a lot of wonky anatomy and stuff compared to the clean, disciplined Japanese artwork (like, look how long Tails' torso is).

      But at the same time, nostalgia is a factor and I can see how many might enjoy or prefer the slightly more chaotic style of the US artwork, it certainly goes hand in hand with how he was marketed, his personality in US spin-off media, etc.

    7. Sonikko


      Yeah, I figured nostalgia would be a big factor in this equation, but I used to think the USA artworks were ugly (and nothing like the ingame/"official" stuff) even as a very young kid.

      I guess it varies from person to person, but I'm still convinced that Western Sonic is an abomination lol. It only remotely looks good when it's closer to the Japanese counterpart (in the artwork posted just above for example).

    8. Monkey Destruction Switch

      Monkey Destruction Switch

      I agree that there's plenty wrong with the style, and there are some downright ugly pieces, but some artwork has a certain legitimate charm and appeal. Also, to be honest, I just grow tired of how people overreact about how bad it is, to the point where it causes me to like it more.

    9. Blacklightning
    10. Tornado


      There also should be delineation between the actual USA classic Sonic artwork (which was a different style from the Japanese but generally consistent with itself), and the bad attempts to copy it that the European releases got that I'm pretty sure that Tails is an example of.

    11. Mr Loopone

      Mr Loopone

      Apart from glimpses of the Sonic 1 box art, I didn't really see that much of the Japanese artwork when I was younger so I grew up with the US artwork (e.g. Sonic 2 [both versions], Spinball, AoSTH/SatAM) or even European (e.g. StC, Sonic 3, that yakky Sonic 3D render). It's only from the Adventure era that I got to see the Japanese box arts of the games as well as the rarer Sonic games, aside from the odd import of Sonic 2 when I had the Internet. Considering that I was a fan without seeing those glorious artwork, it doesn't matter as much. Except that Sonic 3D render but that's not American, in fact the American one looked quite nice for an early CG rendered artwork.

      Some like Sonic 1 (Genesis, Game Gear not as much) and 3 do bother me a bit with their design but don't mind the Sonic 2 ones, Spinball, Mean Bean Machine, Sonic 3D/Blast. Plus one of my favourite box arts from a Sonic game is American (Sonic Triple Trouble). I think a lot of the faults regarding US Sonic artwork until 1994 is actually to do with the Sonic 1 title screen, like how people mocked that one pose of the Mania title screen. One of the poses matches the typical US face while the others don't. I guess Greg Martin and others used that one pose as a reference.

    12. Osmium


      Also Richard Elson's Western Classic Sonic is bloody fantastic 


    13. Sean


      The US box art for Sonic 1, 2 and CD were great

    14. Marcello


      The US Sonic 3 boxart is my favorite boxart in the series ._.

    15. Kiah


      Some have preferences and likes that differ from that of ourselves no matter how impossible we think it could be for someone to like or prefer said thing. Same thing with opinions. If we all liked and disliked and thought the same thing the world would be much less interesting. 

      As for the style in question this was the only Sonic that I knew of until 2010 and by then I was already deeply attached to the character in both appearance and personality so it was okay and even influenced my drawing style at the time as I loved what I saw with Sonic. 

    16. Ryannumber1gamer


      As someone who grew up with Heroes as my first Sonic game and therefore my first glimpse was always Modern based art, I can't stand the US art for Sonic. It's the same way I really dislike the SatAM and AoStH designs, they just don't look appealing aesthetically to me. Sonic's designs usually end up screaming as a desperate attempt at attitude and Knuckles usually ending up looking like a smug arrogant prick, which I get might be the point but it was more trickster than arrogance in Sonic 3. 

      It screams of an era I dislike a lot and when I first saw the Japanese artwork, I just liked how much better I think it looked from an design viewpoint. Not to mention the designs just looked better IMO.

    17. Sonikko


      @Tornado That Tails artwork is American, actually.

      But yeah, the European artworks were much worse than the American ones, I'll give you that.

      My point is that the American artworks do a very bad job at depicting the games, they're almost completely different. Not only in character appearance.


      Look at this bird from a Sonic 2 USA Artwork.


      Or this Crabmeat which is supposed to look like this latest?cb=20111217162128

      And stylistic choices aside, while the backgrounds look good and are usually very detailed and lifelike, the characters themselves have obvious issues with perspective, and they hardly have a clear design, it varies from pose to pose. It's heavily inconsistent.

    18. Osmium



      There's also this one with the realistic rabbits. I honestly like the uncanny nature of it all, at least just in the context of itself. 

  4. I agree with you 100%, but we did have a game that didn't include Eggman at all, S&TBK. Not saying that's a good idea anyway! As for an answer to the opening post, I don't want the cast to grow that big, not this soon, not "just because it can be done". Modern Sonic has tons of characters that end up being unused after a couple of games, simply because you can't support a cast that large, either they all make an appearance and nothing else, or they're just padding for the game at one point. I don't want that to happen to Mania, and I'm pretty sure the Mania team knows better than that. Mania is explicitly tailored towards a different audience, if you want that kind of experience, with an overblown cast of questionably "interesting" characters, you should look at the modern Sonic games and spin-offs, Mania will probably not be your thing. I can see some characters from the past being brought back from time to time, like Mighty and Ray, but I honestly don't think we'll see modern characters classicized, and I feel that's for the best, even if I really love Blaze for instance and would like to see her appear in a new game. They should just stick to the main cast, maybe introduce Amy if they can make her not a chore to play as, and that should be it. Mario manages to do it consistently fine, I can't see why Sonic can't do it too.
  5. I believe Ray might play similar to the Flying Squirrel powerup in NSMBU Would be kind of cool actually! Also, I'd love for all those unused animations to be implemented, the Tails one in Chemical Plant especially, love that.
  6. I can't believe this is happening, I'm really hyped for it. Loved the OVA, and this reminds me of that, so I'm all in for it!
  7. Just finished FFXV, I feel like it's the Sonic Forces of Final Fantasy games.

    1. Badnik Mechanic

      Badnik Mechanic

      ""That's it! I've come up with a new Emerald!"

    2. Rusty Spy

      Rusty Spy

      Can't be that bad

    3. Ryannumber1gamer


      I swear I feel alone when I say I loved FFXV

    4. Bobnik


      Then what do you call FFXIII

    5. Radiant Hero Ike

      Radiant Hero Ike

      I liked it. Not perfect, but the combat was fun and I loved the characters.

    6. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      What? Do you spend a third of the game as Black Mage with poor controls and terrible NES-ish music?

    7. Shiguy



      Join the club mate.

  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  9. My big gripe with this if it turns out to be true is that the SEGA characters not only bring more variety to the characters roosters, but also to the stages included. I'm honestly tired of seeing old Sonic locales return, or be reimagined, we've done this song and dance hundreds of times. Also, what stages do you think they'd pick if this is a Sonic only game. Lost World from SA1? Hang Castle/Mystic Mansion from Heroes? Starlight Zone? Ice Cap? No, it's gonna be Green Hill, Chemical Plant, City (what a nice name btw) from Forces, Death Egg, Seaside Hill! It's not like I'm a huge Skies of Arcadia fan, but seeing those characters and stages in ASRT made me smile for instance. And the same happened with all the other franchises. EDIT: It looks like I'm negative about this game from this post, but I'm not, I'm just a bit disappointed. I'm sure it'll play great and it'll be lots of fun, I can't wait for the announcement and the actual release. I'm excited!
  10. That's an issue in my eyes, since if I wanted to design a Sonic character, I'd want it to look official, not a cheapo knock-off. The Forces avatars look like a different franchise that's badly imitating Sonic. What Diogenes is suggesting would make it at least in line with the main characters' design convenctions.
  11. Generations didn't have a gameplay style whose main focus was combat though. The avatar makes no sense no matter how you look at it. It focuses on combat, so it expands on attack moves and has a weapon, but the enemies die in one hit and none of them pose a threat whatsoever. It's just a shallow, bad thought out gameplay style that, again, has no purpose, makes no sense and most of the time just cares about faking "gameplay" instead of actually letting you play.
  12. Sonic 1 and 2 don't have those weird issues. I played Sonic 2 just the other day, and the paid version works just fine, no ads displayed whatsoever. I wonder why they did that with CD. That's definitely bad.
  13. I'd be fine with Sonic Kart even if I'd prefer All-Stars Racing. I love the other characters and they all bring a different aesthethic, themes and music to the game. I am afraid that a Sonic-only Kart racing game would be full of GHZ, CPZ, SSZ, and anything else they can reuse from Lost World/Generations/Forces.
  14. A mod I've been working on 


    Mirage Saloon act 1 for Sonic and Tails.

    1. Stelgard Maximus7

      Stelgard Maximus7

      Mmm. Interestic

  15. Might have something to do with Tetris, though, not with Puyo. I heard its license is weird. Anyway, I'm excited for this release, Denuvo or not, it's the first time Puyo gets released on PC, that I'm aware of, so I'm just happy to see this happening. I'm hoping they port Project Diva on Steam next.
  16. The reason we're in this state where lots of fans say "Sonic can be anything, any element could be part of the Sonic franchise as long as well executed" is Sonic Team's lack of direction and understanding of their own franchise. Sonic's identity has unfortunately been stripped away a long time ago, any gameplay feature that made Sonic what it was became just a visual prop, it led fans that came in touch with the franchise during the 2000s to believe that what made Sonic, well, Sonic, is the cool attitude, and it being a blue hedgehog. I don't agree with it one bit, Sonic has a clear identity to me, one that has been ignored for 20 years now, but at the same time I feel like the fault for people thinking "any game can be a Sonic game, even a reskin of Dark Souls/Tetris/Mario (Lost World)/Ratched and Clank (Avatar in Forces being a lame attempt at that)/Jak & Daxter (Sonic Boom RoL) if well done" is not on the fans, it's completely on Sonic Team. They made Sonic the empty template it is now, so yeah, to someone who grew up with Adventure/Heroes/06/Unleashed, Sonic can be anything, as the core gameplay presented in those games had literally no identity besides "character that moves fast and is slippery to control". EDIT: On topic post: I wouldn't trust Sonic Team with a SA1 remake, I feel like they'd screw up either with a 1:1 recreation which would be a bad thing as anyone here before me already said, or a remake a-la Generations but focusing on the wrong points. Also, SA1 is the only 3D game which lets you play with physics (even if broken and janky) and experiment with level design in some points, and I don't think they're able/ want to do anything remotely similar right now, after we've seen the direction they're going in with Forces. Sonic Team doesn't understand Sonic, and SA1 is the only official 3D game that has some semblance of Sonic-y gameplay. Please don't touch that.
  17. Sonikko

    Sonic Utopia

    ...so the best iteration of actual 3D Sonic-y gameplay in a polished form and true to the classic aesthetics and design? You might think it's a patched SA1 without the glitches, but it actually goes much further than that and expands on Sonic's moveset in a way none of the official games ever did.
  18. A friend gifted me Forces for my birthday.

    Oh boi, here we go.

    1. SSF1991


      Sonic Forces a friend to buy you Sonic Forces

    2. blueblur98


      despite how much you seem to detest it, i still hope you have fun!


      (oh, and happy birthday.)

    3. Ratcicle King

      Ratcicle King

      Are you guys still friends?

    4. Gabz Girl

      Gabz Girl


    5. Dee Dude

      Dee Dude

      who knows? maybe you’ll ironically end up having fun despite all your analyzations.

    6. Sonikko


      Sonic Forces me to wait until someone gifts me Sonic Forces 'cause I didn't want tu support SEGA on that one.

      And I've never felt so bitter after finishing a Sonic game before. I mean, I didn't exactly have a bad time, but I didn't enjoy myself either. I feel like I just... wasted a couple of hours of my existence.

      Most of the stages end so abruptly and so quickly that there wasn't enough time for it to become boring (given how bland all of them are), but there wasn't enough time to... do anything.

      The plot is a joke to me, I can't take it seriously and, to be fair, the extended cast... they don't do anything, they just appear.

      It's still Lost World/Colours all over again to me, just with more characters.

      It's like, "Hey, remember these guys? Here they are, now watch Sonic be an unfunny prick to Infinite and Eggman all the time.".

      I don't wanna write one of those very long posts, so to be short, all the things I guessed before playing the game, they were all true. I let go of the controller for so long during most of the stages...

      Btw, thanks everyone for the happy birthday wishes!

  19. Absolutely yes, I love their stuff. I would like to see how they adapt to game music. Can we please have some Anamanaguchi too one day? A man can dream.
  20. That's what I believe too. If "popular" just meant that it did well score-wise it wouldn't be in the sales section. I believe it means that it's either getting a constant stream of sales, or it sold more than any other Sonic game in the last 15 years. But I think they'd have said something by now if it sold more than Generations/Adventure 2.
  21. Probably because Mania sold very well and they would lose money with the bundle? I am not sure, maybe boundling it with a phsyical Mania release would be more interesting and end up helping Forces aswell?
  22. I wonder why this is a thing. It's pretty unusual, and as @Blue Blood said their strategy is confusing. Forces has been in full development for roughly a year, which means that the overall budget shouldn't be too high, the almost absent marketing for the first few months seems to point to that too. I wonder if Puyo Puyo will help sell more copies of the game? 50€ doesn't sound like a good deal though, Forces is already going to be discounted at almost half the price during this black friday, so you could probably get both games at a lower price than that.
  23. I didn't get it, still convinced on not getting it until it hits 10€ or less.
  24. I swear this game is as broken as 06. I am reconsidering its potential, glitching 06 was pretty fun. Also, why is the falling animation composed of just one frame? Oh and one thing that really bugs me, I don't know if anyone noticed, but when you stomp, the impact sound plays as soon as you do the action, not when you land.
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