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    Sonikko got a reaction from Milo in Sonic Mania Plus: Official Trailer   
    Amen to that. Someone finally said it lol!
    I like Amy and all, but unless she gets a proper overhaul I don't want anything that plays even remotely like that in a classic game that is supposed to be about a pure Sonic experience.
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    Sonikko got a reaction from MainJP in Sonic Mania Plus: Official Trailer   
    Amen to that. Someone finally said it lol!
    I like Amy and all, but unless she gets a proper overhaul I don't want anything that plays even remotely like that in a classic game that is supposed to be about a pure Sonic experience.
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    Sonikko got a reaction from Syntax Speedway in Sonic Mania Plus: Official Trailer   
    Amen to that. Someone finally said it lol!
    I like Amy and all, but unless she gets a proper overhaul I don't want anything that plays even remotely like that in a classic game that is supposed to be about a pure Sonic experience.
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    Sonikko got a reaction from Tracker_TD in Sonic Mania Plus: Official Trailer   
    Amen to that. Someone finally said it lol!
    I like Amy and all, but unless she gets a proper overhaul I don't want anything that plays even remotely like that in a classic game that is supposed to be about a pure Sonic experience.
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    Sonikko got a reaction from Red in Sonic Mania Plus: Official Trailer   
    Amen to that. Someone finally said it lol!
    I like Amy and all, but unless she gets a proper overhaul I don't want anything that plays even remotely like that in a classic game that is supposed to be about a pure Sonic experience.
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    Sonikko reacted to Milo in Sonic Mania Plus: Official Trailer   
    I'm not opposed to a playable Amy (I'm arguably among many others that if I was responsible for adding new characters, I would had picked her first as an extra playable character for the Mania Plus DLC over Mighty and Ray) but the point of Mania was to get back to the classic gameplay and avoid hamming up the gameplay with the design choices from the post-Genesis/modern games. So demands for Amy playable with her gameplay from the Advance games in this particular project are completely lost on me. Especially since her gameplay in those titles were built on a significantly different set of mechanics from the rest of the  cast that --for the most part-- didn't feel like they were designed for a Sonic platformer at all.
    And I'm gonna be blunt, trashing the whole project (and other people's enthusiasm about it) solely because your favorite character isn't playable in it honestly comes off as rather entitled and shitty.
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    Sonikko reacted to Sean in Sonic Mania: Version 1.04 and Plus DLC PS4 Leaks (SPOILERS)   
    That's been fixed for a while.
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    Sonikko reacted to Slingerland in Sonic Mania: Sequel Speculation (Spoilers)   
    Be smart like Sean.
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    Sonikko reacted to Hunty in Sonic Mania: Sequel Speculation (Spoilers)   
    Brad has to pay rent confirmed?
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    Sonikko reacted to Slingerland in Sonic Mania: Sequel Speculation (Spoilers)   
    Be smart like Zaysho.
    @Jack the Maniac You know I am Brad, right?
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    Sonikko reacted to JosepHenry in Sonic Mania Plus: Official Reveal (Coming July 17th) - NO SPOILERS   
    It really sucked, this guy is cursed to always have underwelming bosses that do nothing to show how powerful and menacing he is. The spike walls were more menacing than him.
    People love him for some reason but not even once in a game that you fight him he was a challenge. 
    Give me a challenge Metal Sonic! Be menacing, be difficult, be fast, be merciless, be memorable!
    I hope they change him for Plus.
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    Sonikko reacted to Indigo Rush in Sonic Mania Adventures   
    This was so wonderful. Animation is about movement, expression and action, and the lack of dialogue forces this cartoon to dial it up to 11 to compensate, and I have to say that I haven't been this charmed in a good while. Sonic Mania really is the gift that keeps on giving. Looking forward to more. Feels good to be a Sonic fan right now. 
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    Sonikko reacted to Diogenes in Sonic Mania Adventures   
    It's so good.
    It's so expressive and stylish and fun and it totally nails the characters and the playfulness of the series. This is exactly the kind of stuff the series needs more of.
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    Sonikko reacted to Strong Guy in The problem with translating super speed into fun 3D gameplay   
    Sonic was made to be fast, we all know this. Though the way they’ve translated that speed to gameplay has been pretty hit or miss. During the genesis era, this was through rolling, using the terrain to your advantage, and spin dashing. I feel that the concept of super speed is in general much easier to deal with in 2D than it is 3D. I’m saying this as a primarily 3D game fan. If you consider a game like Sonic Advance 2, or the Rush games, both are completely different to the classics, and yet both pull off high speeds very well. Some might not consider Advance 2 to be good necessarily, but it cannot be denied that the way the boost was handled was definitely innovative and might be worth trying again, and upon replaying stages to learn the layout more and more, can make completing the levels at high speeds very satisfying even if that style of game may not be everyone’s cup of tea. The game has merit and charm if you don’t treat it like a genesis style game.
    Anyway, when you take a look at most of Sonic’s outings in 3D, they often use heavy scripting and boost pads to convey that sense of speed. Sonic Adventure had kind of bigger slightly more open areas, some of which were much more platform heavy but they also had moments within these larger levels to remind you that Sonic is really fast, purely for exhilarating spectacle. Like the whale in emerald coast, running down the building in speed highway, and running through those hallways is final egg. Also every loop. This was understandable given it’s the first time Sonic’s been in 3D and honestly this seems like a pretty intelligent workaround. Especially for the time. Otherwise movement can be pretty twitchy and platforming can be a bit rough around the edges because of it. Some platforms even have this magnetizing effect where you just kind of get lightly pulled towards the platform in midair. It’s kinda weird when you notice it.
    Though going forward the levels have gotten narrower and more heavily focused of scripting events and boost pads. People love to bring up how Sonic Adventure 2 featured virtually no branching paths in most stages aside from a few minor detours in a few areas. That the levels were basically straight lines where you just kinda go go go forward. While this is true, I still commend SA2 for nailing Sonic’s movement. At least in my eyes. He feels so fun to run around with, rolling down hills trying to control yourself, and bouncing along the terrain with the bounce bracelet. Sonic does turn on a dime, but as I’m totally used to it I’m probably not fit to try and defend this too much. That aside, I can see slowing down for bigger wider open areas with the way he controls in this game to not be totally ideal.
    Sonic Heroes had sort of flying obstacle courses, similar to Mario 3D World. I actually really liked this approach. The stages were really long, and for how fast your Speed type characters moved it was necessary. There’s tons of platforming in these games since there’s so much time to slow down having to switch to your slower Power and Fly type companions. Not to mention the greater emphasis on combat this game has. Most Sonic games don’t function like this so Heroes is a bit of an odd one out. I should mention Sonic Heroes is probably my favorite Sonic game, so I’ve played it a ton and I’m completely used to the way it feels. But I can understand many peoples complaints of slippery controls which can be rough considering how fast the Speed types can move. And most of the platformy bits are left to the Fly type characters which are super slow, and their flight providing an obvious safety net.
    After this there’s Shadow the Hedgehog. Shadow has some decent sized levels, he moves super fast once he gets going, albeit at the expense of control. If you thought Heroes was slippery, Shadow takes it to another level. Running around at high speed it’s nearly impossible to properly control the guy. Even the games slower sections can still be a pain. Quite a few levels have the most basic block platforming you can have, and doing simple basic jumps on these blocks can be a handful despite this game having floaty ass physics to I assume try and make things a little easier though it still fails at that.
    06 isn’t worth mentioning but Sonic and the Secret Rings and Black Knight both have potential to move at incredible speeds. Though the levels are literally straight narrow hallways so the only place you could possibly go is forward. 
    The boost games have sort of evolved the concept Secret Rings and its sequel have laid out and made you blast through narrow corridors at high speed, though with more control and freer movement. Though levels again are mostly straight lines with the occasional scripted loop thrown in for good measure. Generations was better about alternate paths but controlling Sonic was kinda rough. Unleashed Sonic is super loose and moving him around open areas where you’re meant to platform can be wild enough to throw you into a panic. Basic movement shouldn’t be this way. Generations tried to remedy this by making Sonic unbelievably stiff and tight, so slower platforming is basically on the opposite end of the spectrum. You really gotta rely on your jump dash in this game to make it to platforms since your basic jump will more often than not be too stiff to platform with confidence. Colors is mostly 2D and is still oddly slippery and the few 3D segments don’t control well at all. Sonic gets flung through narrow corridors like he’s on a pinball machine no matter how hard you try and keep still.
    Lost World tried to fix the problem with Sonic’s control by significantly slowing him down. If it wasn’t for the few levels where you’re always running forward, you wouldn’t know Sonic was supposed to be someone with supersonic speed if this was your introduction to the series. They gave Sonic a run button, which to me feels clunky and horribly unnatural. And still too slow. Sonic has the most pathetic peel out the series has ever seen, and his spin dash can be held permanently essentially making it a boost in a ball without any of the benefit of actually being a ball, ie no rolling physics. I will say Sonic’s basic movement and control when you’re not holding the run button is pretty good. He controls as he should. Not too tight, not too slippery, turns appropriately. Only problem is he’s painfully slow. Even by most game protagonist standards. 
    To briefly mention Forces, it’s the boost control at its worst. But one thing I will say is that during bosses where you can freely move around, like Zavok, and the final boss as the OC, 3D movement is slowed down, but it feels quite good. Not as painfully slow as Lost World, and you’re still in control. At least on the ground. When you jump, modern Sonic has to rely on his double jump to manual correct your movement, and the OC is basically stuck moving in the direction you jump which sucks.
    Basically with great speed comes poor control. SA1-Shadow/06 had Sonic turn on a dime at higher speeds which can be jarring. Secret Rings and Black Knight you couldn’t turn left or right at all. Boost games give you greater high speed control with quick stepping, veering left and right, and drifting for tight turns, but at low speed the games are very poor. Lost World had good low speed movement, but it was too slow to the point where it’s a pain to play. I’m not saying it’s impossible for 3D Sonic to totally nail control. Sonic Utopia was a great example of this. Sonic has weight to him, can roll down hills and build massive speed. Jumping I feel could have used some work, but it was a wonderful step in the right direction. But how feasible would it be to make an entire game like that with Sonic’s speed? Green Hill in Utopia is massive, but it’s just a big playground to test his moves. The creator has said he plans to scale back stages for the final game. 
    Hypothetically speaking, how many levels could be in a final product that could warrant a full price tag or even feel like a full experience? What would be the best trade off? Slower paced levels with bits of scripted events to show off speed? A Utopia style game where the potential for great speed is always there?  How huge would the stages have to be to accommodate for the high speed? How many levels could feasibly be made like this? How can they come up with a good control scheme for high speed movement that also works well for slower jumpy bits? Should larger more open levels be made, what can be done to give you reason to do more than just reach the end as fast as possible? Boost doesn’t sit well with lots of people anymore. The Adventure games I felt did pretty good, but could use loads of improvement in control and level design.
    In short, speed pads and scripted events are easy workarounds to show your characters are fast, so they do lots of it. This is just the way the series has evolved.  Platforming is tricky, yet necessary. Fusing 3D platforming with high speed seems like a really difficult task. They can slow the game down, yet that wouldn’t make Sonic stand out from the rest much. Not really sure what else to say. But super speed is a really rough concept to work with when it comes to video games. 
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    Sonikko reacted to Milo in The problem with translating super speed into fun 3D gameplay   
    My opinion on Sonic and 3D gameplay has pretty much been solidified over the past couple of years or so in that I'm honestly coming from the different direction: the worry/focus on preserving Sonic's speed into a 3D space has actually been one of the leading causes of harm to the design of the 3D games. Because Sonic's speed has been given so much priority in the game design it came at the cost of butchering design elements that are critical for not just Sonic game design, but standard platformer design in general. Some of the design decisions made with 3D Sonic gameplay have been argued as necessary for a 3D space; but I highly question how necessary they are due to not only the overall lackluster quality and reception to most of the 3D games, but also how those design choices have gradually overtaken the formula for the 2D games (and how their own quality and reception has declined as well).
    The most egregious example of this I've seen in action --if you ask me-- is seeing people put Sonic gameplay on a special pedestal and use it to shoot down comparisons to other platforming series and dismiss people bringing general standards that are to be expected from the genre, solely made on the basis of Sonic having faster gameplay. To say nothing of the pervasive "Sonic is all about speed" meme train that's been tarring the entire Sonic series as little more than shallow speedrunning games; even including games like the original Sonic games and Mania (and to a lesser extent, I'll even say Adventure 1) where they are obviously the complete opposite (note how several reviewers recommended Mania as not only a great [classic] Sonic game, but also as a great platformer overall).
    Just design a good 3D platformer in the first place. Super speed is a trademark, not the only thing that matters.
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    Sonikko got a reaction from jgcatindig in If Sonic Forces has been commercially successful, what do you want Sega to improve in a follow up?   
    That's an issue in my eyes, since if I wanted to design a Sonic character, I'd want it to look official, not a cheapo knock-off.
    The Forces avatars look like a different franchise that's badly imitating Sonic. What Diogenes is suggesting would make it at least in line with the main characters' design convenctions.
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    Sonikko reacted to Blue Blood in Should Sticks join Main universe?   
    Please God no. One of the few things worse than the writing in recent Sonic games is the brand of "lol so random" humour that Sticks is supposed to bring in. There's virtually nothing redeeming about her character. Her entire schtick is to spout random, insane and incredibly forced one-liners. When she does anything of value in Boom, it amounts to her saying something crazy that everyone scoffed at but then it turns out she was right all along. I don't see anything of value in a main character that's like that in any series. It's just annoying and generic. She works in the confines of what Boom is, but I still don't think she really brings anything to that show.
    Let's imagine a world where Sonic games have decent stories and use their characters effectively. In that exceptional circumstance, Sticks could be made into something that isn't awful (along with everyone else). But I really dislike the entire premise of her, so I'd still choose anyone over her.
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    Sonikko reacted to Indigo Rush in Sonic Mania Plus: Official Reveal (Coming July 17th) - NO SPOILERS   
    You're supporting community members and sending SEGA a message that there's no replacement for passion. And physics. And good level design.
    I think you should be proud.
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    Sonikko reacted to TheOcelot in Sonic Mania Plus: Official Reveal (Coming July 17th) - NO SPOILERS   
    Definitely not dumb.
    Lets see. Last year I purchased the collectors edition (PS4) which was £80, bought the PSN version £15 and on Steam £15. 
    This year I've pre-ordered the Physical release on PS4; about £27.85 and Switch £29.99. Will also probably upgrade the Steam version with the "Plus" content which might be an extra £5?
    So I've spent about the same as you and I have no regrets. SEGA can have my money if we continue to get games of this quality.
    There is an area late-on in act1 where Knuckles is forced to glide a long distance (whist moving to the left). So changes to the layout would need to be made for both Mighty and Ray. 
    It would be fun trying to climb the vertical parts of that act with Mighty's wall jump, which is one of (if not) the best character moves in Chaotix. 
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    Sonikko got a reaction from UpCDownCLeftCRightC in Nostalgia Goggles   
    Ahahaha, it was an exaggeration. I don't think they really made the game with the lowest possible effort, but I do think SA2 was a downgrade in almost every aspect.
    I find it funny that they fixed some of the issues in how Sonic handled in SA1, rolling doesn't break splines anymore for instance and it works better all around, but at the same time they streamlined the level design so much that it's almost not noticeable.
    I also think the Utopia comparison is fair, Utopia's aim is to go back and see what made the Sonic formula good in the first place, and reinvent that in 3D, kinda like BoTW did for Zelda. I think SA1 was originally going to be exactly that, hardware limitations and corporate meddling got between us and the perfect 3D Sonic formula.
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    Sonikko reacted to mikeblastdude in Nostalgia Goggles   
    Here are some Sonic games that I would consider my judgement for to be a bit clouded from nostalgia.
    1.       Sonic Adventure – This game seemed so amazing to me at the time of its release (and, considering all the high scores that it got from critics, I wasn’t alone in thinking that). Everything about it, from its graphics, to high-speed 3D gameplay, to its rockin’ soundtrack with a rad vocal theme; this seemed like a true evolution of the series. I was somehow blind to all of the glitches and horrible camera for years, and in that time, I would have definitely considered Sonic Adventure to be my #1 favorite video game. Then, as I kept coming back to it and the enchantment of it all started to wear off, I started to see it for what it was. It took a while, though. I still love Sonic Adventure, but, it’s aged very poorly. I still play it though, and enjoy the hell out of it.
    2.       Sonic R – While I never quite considered this to be a great game, especially when compared to other racing games that came out around that time like Mario Kart 64 and Diddy Kong Racing, I still thought that Sonic R was pretty good when I got it new as a little kid. Just controlling Sonic and his friends in 3D race tracks, that seemed fast-paced at the time at least, was enough to get me excited. I actually hated the vocal tracks at the time, and they slowly grew on me over the years, so my admiration of this game’s soundtrack is kind of reverse from the rest of the game. I don’t know how I thought the gameplay was fine as a kid, because, ugh. The awkward “steering” of the characters with that weird slippery feeling is just awful. Also, having only five tracks is just unacceptable by any standards. I still have some fond memories with this game and everything, but, I would definitely consider Sonic R to be a bad game.
    3.       Sonic Unleashed – A bit more of a recent example for this one. I still like Sonic Unleashed, but when it came out, I absolutely loved it. I still hated the werehog from the very beginning, but I loved the daytime stages so much that I just kept replaying those over and over again. The boost gameplay seemed so new and fresh, and running through the levels felt so exhilarating. I also think the fact that this was the next main Sonic game to come out after Sonic 2006 helped make it seem that much better. Now, after playing so much of Generations and Colors (yes, I still love those games), going back to Unleashed is just kind of… eh. Boosting through doesn’t seem as exciting anymore, and, well, that’s most of what the game is. There’s very little platforming, and way too many QTE’s thrown it to make everything seem more dynamic, which just end up getting annoying. Way too much of the game also relies on well-timed homing attacks, which also gets tiring after a while. Again, lots of very good memories with this game though, that still kind of continue to make it seem better than it actually is in my head. Sonic Unleashed just relies a bit too much on the “spectacle” aspect, which, doesn’t really make it hold up as well. I would still consider (half of) the game to be good, though, just not amazing like I once thought.
    I didn’t include any of the classic games, since in my opinion, they all hold up amazingly well (except maybe Sonic 1, but that was always my least favorite of the classic games anyway). Most of the games that were considered horrible by the general gaming public (Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic 2006, Sonic and the Black Knight, etc.), I also hated when they came out, and still do now.
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    Sonikko reacted to UpCDownCLeftCRightC in Nostalgia Goggles   
    Haha, wow you've got an equal hate boner for SA2....exaggerating of course because I don't actually 'hate' SA2.
    I also wouldn't call SA2 a low effort game. Definitely not nearly what SA1 was in scope and ambition. In some ways its better for it...though in most ways it isn't, as we agree.
    What's interesting about SA1 conceptually is that that game can work in principle with minimal padded content. I think Sonic Utopia, even though just a bare bones concept, shares a lot of what the team back then envisioned (which probably why Yuji Naka "liked" the game on facebook). But the team then didn't have the technology to handle what they wanted to do, even though the marketed the dreamcast as being capable of such.
    SA1 was going to be flawed no matter what in the same way that Sonic 1 was. It was Sonic's first true 3D outing. It never needed to be perfect and I think its true that if it had prioritized gameplay polish a bit more and correctly built on that foundation....like Mario 64 did for Mario....we probably forgive its flaws much more easily because the follow up games would be much improved like Sonic 2 and 3 were for the classics. Many have raised this point and its why SA1 probably more than any game specifically deserves a chance at a ground up remake...although for today's industry, I'd probably consider a brand new title based on those principles over a direct remake and avoid the fluff, padded content.
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    Sonikko got a reaction from UpCDownCLeftCRightC in Nostalgia Goggles   
    The way I see it Adventure 1 would have been flawed even with more focus. It would've been definitely better without all the padding and stuff that was in it just to showcase the new technology, but there's a reason they scaled back the level design quite a bit from WV beta to what's in the final game, and it's cause they just couldn't make it work right back then.
    I mean it makes sense, I'm not blaming the developers or anything, I can also see why they decided to include all that random stuff, the game wasn't meaty enough with stages that linear. It's probably a very different product from what they originally envisioned.
    You've got a good point though with "if SA1 had more focus Sonic today would be much better". I completely agree with that statement.
    Most of today's issues in 3D Sonic have their roots in either SA1 or SA2. I blame SA2 more than anything 'cause instead of fixing the flaws and workarounds introduced in SA1, the game embraced them fully and made them part of the core experience.
    SA1: We really want to build these big stages/playgrounds in which you play with Sonic's physics based moves but we can't so we'll make linear stages that have some Sonic-y elements here and there, although we'll have to script some of them.
    SA2: Oh wow that worked lmfao, ok let's make money with the lowest effort possible.
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    Sonikko got a reaction from UpCDownCLeftCRightC in Nostalgia Goggles   
    Great post.
    I have nostalgia for a couple of Sonic games aswell:
    1) Sonic Advance 2
    This was my first Sonic game ever, I remember I was very young, and I was at my aunt's. My cousin was playing Sonic Advance 2, Music Plant to be exact, and I remember not being able to keep up with how fast Sonic was running, I immediately fell in love with it. To this day I love the aesthethics and the music, and I look back to the game fondly, even if whenever I get to actually play it, it always feels a bit like a disappointment.
    2) Sonic Adventure
    This was my second Sonic game, I was still very young, and used to spend hours every day just playing the PC Demo ver.A (the one that only had Sonic, Tails and Knuckles, one stage each). When I got the full game a bit later on, I literally spent hundreds of hours on it, and studied every nook and cranny, looked into the game's files, followed hacking topics and whatnot. I loved the game to death, with all its flaws and imperfections, and I still do to this day. I still believe it was the best 3D Sonic incarnation we've ever had, it just needed more polish and a more focused direction. I wish we could go back to square one like we did with Mania and build on that.
    3) Sonic Heroes
    As you could've guessed by now, I was born in the late 90s (1994), so I grew up with the first 3D Sonic games, for the most part. Sonic Heroes has what I think are the best aesthethics and music in any post 90s Sonic game. It's so imaginative and spot on that I don't think Sonic Team ever came close to that greatness. Gameplay-wise it's a mess, with a huge focus on combat and no Sonic-y gameplay in sight, but still, I go back to it regularly and I have a good time with it. Hang Castle/Mystic Mansion is one of the best looking stages and best concepts of any Sonic stages, fight me.
    4) Sonic the Hedgehog 2
    It was my first real Sonic game, and I had a blast with it. I enjoyed getting my ass kicked again and again until I finally beat the game the first time, and I went back to it right after that, and I had gotten better. I realized I had to try over and over until I could beat every stage as fast as possible, and I did. I still play Sonic 2 regularly today. Mania took its spot recently as my favourite 2D Sonic game, but Sonic 2 still holds a special place in my heart.
    5) Sonic Mania
    As crazy as this sounds I do have nostalgia for Sonic Mania. From the moment I saw "Sega Proudly presents... In Collaboration With-" I knew what was coming. I could just tell what was going to happen.
    And boy, did it happen. I was blown away, I could barely contain my excitement at 3am that July 22. And the buildup until the game release, the first time I actually got to play it first-hand. I feel like Mania one handedly saved the franchise I hold so close to my heart, and for that I'm thankful. I just love Mania so much, it's a special game.
    6) Sonic Unleashed
    I honestly don't like this game as much as I did when it came out, but I do remember it fondly, especially the hype trail leading up to release. I wish I could still play it from time to time, I remember the story mode being interesting, and the hub worlds were just stunningly beautiful. 
    It's not among my favourite Sonic games though.
    Games that legitimately get me angry:
    1) Sonic Forces
    I hate how it is considered acceptable. When I think about that game, I feel like Sonic's now become a zombie and is still running, but rotting at the same time. I mean he did become a Werehog, didn't he?
    2) Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice, Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystals.
    The fact that these two games are written off as "not bad actually" "pretty decent" bugs me to no end. Both games are so far removed from what Sonic should play like that it gets me angry. Why are they Sonic games in the first place? That's "how to milk a brand 101" kind of stuff. I hate it.
    3) Sonic Colours:
    It's the emblem of mediocrity, yet it is regarded as the second coming of Jesus Christ.
    4) Sonic Adventure 2:
    People say that Adventure 2 is better than Adventure 1, when all Adventure 2 did was taking every good thing from Adventure 1, completely missing the point of why it was good in the first place, and pad everything out 10x as much. Such a bad game.
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    Sonikko reacted to UpCDownCLeftCRightC in Nostalgia Goggles   
    We all have them for various things and for various reasons. And there's nothing wrong with it. It adds to the enjoyment of life, in many ways.
    Simple: Which Sonic games, in which order, do you have the most nostalgia for? The ones which, regardless of your objective feelings about the games impact, cloud your ability to have neutral or even critical discussions about them? Of course this does not mean you cannot actually be rational when discussing them, but your love and memories make it much more difficult. In order please and give a good reason if you can. This does not mean that these games are what you think are the actual greatest games in the franchise....in fact, they can be, but these ones are the most special to you for any number of reasons. 
    For me:
    1) Sonic 3 and Knuckles - I do genuinely believe this to be the best Sonic has ever been (so far...hopefully), but this game in particular has influenced me very much on a number of levels. For one, my primary career and occupation was inspired by what was my first exposure to outer space, ever, in the doomsday zone. The music and themes were astoundingly atmospheric and I still regularly listen to the entire soundtrack. The level menu theme always seems to brighten the day whenever I hear it, maybe the most relaxing music I've ever heard. I'll never stop playing the game even to my eventual old age, its just automatic fun regardless of how you play it.
    Ironically, as much as I love this game and feel it doesn't get enough praise outside of the fanbase for being among the best ever 2D platformers, I've always dreamed of a 3D game that could actually surpass it. And that brings me to my number 2 choice..
    2) Sonic Adventure - Probably tied with Sonic 2 as my #2 overall favorite Sonic game; this was the game that I think I've experienced the most personal hype for, ever. My dream for Sonic was always to have a game with the same essence as Sonic 3K but successfully (not 1:1 necessarily) translated into 3D. This game represented that for me, prior to actually playing it leading up to 1998. And even after I played it, the game showed a lot of promise in many of its ideas...but the actual execution here causes my nostalgia to fiercely battle with reality and there was a certain hollowness in gameplay that definitely let me down overall back then. Still, I often look back at it for what it could have been with more time and focus, and maybe what a future title could stand to gain from applying the lessons learned by Sonic's first true 3D outing...lessons that Sonic Team still has not completely seemed to learn from, especially in their progressive abandonment of Sonic's platforming roots thereafter. 
    3) Sonic 1 - Not my first video game (Mostly Nintendo before my older brother got a Genesis for Christmas one year) but quickly surpassed Mario for game most played in my life. Still has the most charm out of every game in the series. Instantly brings me back to that time period in my life as a wee lad, especially when I hear the labyrinth theme and the boss theme.
    Although I think Sonic 2 is the better game and more often find it easier to play, 1 for some reason I seem to appreciate its basic themes slightly more. Nostalgia makes me say I like Sonic 1 more than 2, but actual use tells me I enjoy 2 more than 1.
    4) Sonic 3D Blast - I think the soundtrack here is pretty stellar for both Genesis/Saturn but......the game really does suck. Even when I got it for Christmas in '96, I knew it was actually not a good game and suspected SEGA really just wanted to put out a 3D Sonic game to stay even with the competition. But I loved the atmosphere and still had fun when I lowered my expectations. Played it recently and, hoo boy, its hot trash. Dumpster fires can be fun for minutes at a time though?
    5) Sonic Unleashed -  Still think one of the best presentations for a Sonic game in the franchise. Very epic feel and this was a bold new gameplay style (well...one of them was) for Sonic that nearly redeemed the previous 6 years of inconsistent and buggy 3D gameplay. Too bad the game was mostly boring fluff under a flashy exterior. Generations showed how the more enjoyable half of this game could be improved to near perfect within its own conceptual walls, even if it almost completely abandoned the philosophical approach of the classic games.
    Bonus: The game(s) that nostalgia causes me to dislike the most
    1) Sonic '06 - Even more than it being a literal disaster in videogame history, I cannot stand the attempt to turn Sonic into something resembling a knock off final fantasy with awkwardly tall Sonic characters. I have only ever played the demo myself and it will remain that way forever.
    2) Sonic Adventure 2 - I do enjoy the game overall when playing just the Sonic levels and the chao stuff. It can be good fun. But the 'bland realism' art direction with muted and darker colors and generic robot mech enemies; the cheesy music which was much more focused on 80's buttrock and not on the usual diverse atmospheric themes that complimented previous games so well; the mostly boring and tedious Knuckles/Rouge levels; the painful, absolutely-can't-stand-to-play-them Tails/Eggman levels..... immediately cause me to remember this game as the first one that didn't mostly feel like the Sonic I already knew. Not among the games that I actually dislike playing (which is a separate list) but it is memorable for being the first one that caused a personal stir in a negative sense.
    3) Sonic Forces - Phenomenal in the sense of disappointment it brings, mediocre in every other sense. I hate everything about the approach to design in this game, in almost every way. The actual gameplay overall is certainly not the worst for the franchise....but I get irritated with that as an acceptable standard for evaluating a franchise I regularly patron and support with my heart's desire.
    Strangely, even though Shadow ('05) was a bad game in my opinion, my little brother is a huge Shadow fan and got that as a gift when it came out. I watched him play through most of the game, including most of the alternate lines, and enjoyed seeing him happy. So I have strangely positive memories of that game. Weird how life can be sometimes.
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