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  1. Oh my gosh, I remember using sprite sheets that you ripped and seeing your hoaxes way back in like 2006!!

  2. I stepped away from Sonic for years after life circumstances left me depressed... my last Sonic game was Sonic Colors. But for Christmas I got a shiny new DS2 XL and I bought Sonic Generations... Game sent me into an emotional rollercoaster. I kinda wish they put something in from Sonic 3 without skipping over it though but yeah. Anyway yeah, will I start writing guides again? IDK
  3. I'm back on here, but I don't know for how long

  4. Happy birthday!!!

  5. I thought it was just something more for the fans to complain about.
  6. The timer thing is driving me nuts! Refreshing, refreshing... etc...
  7. I went to sleep early then woke up... anyway, the anticipation is killing me, though tomorrow I get my tax return money, so I'm pretty excited in general.
  8. latest tweet says they have almost reached 1,000.
  9. check out the SEGA page, they told someone with an "theneedlemouse" account to keep up the tweets... unless they made the account, lol
  10. LOL Anyway, I think it's important then we rally as many people on Twitter today to vote! I'm not familiar with Twitter, but I got an account, so at least I can try
  11. I have a feeling we aren't going to make it, but did you see how many views that topic got??? Not many people wanted to make an account just to post for this quiz.
  12. LOL, I did make a twitter account just to vote tomorrow.
  13. I just got annoyed because I had an account on there and couldn't log in, had to make a new one. Anyway yeah, I wonder what tomorrow's number is going to be? I would be guessing you would need a Twitter account, which I don't have yet.
  14. My favorite Omochao moment: College roommate playing Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. She says "Come here little fella, I won't hurt you..." *throws Omochao down hole*
  15. Yes, I love the storylines a lot. I just wish some of them made more sense... I hate the plotholes, it's as if they don't care sometimes.
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