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  1. Oh my gosh, I remember using sprite sheets that you ripped and seeing your hoaxes way back in like 2006!!

  2. I stepped away from Sonic for years after life circumstances left me depressed... my last Sonic game was Sonic Colors. But for Christmas I got a shiny new DS2 XL and I bought Sonic Generations... Game sent me into an emotional rollercoaster. I kinda wish they put something in from Sonic 3 without skipping over it though but yeah. Anyway yeah, will I start writing guides again? IDK
  3. I'm back on here, but I don't know for how long

  4. The timer thing is driving me nuts! Refreshing, refreshing... etc...
  5. I went to sleep early then woke up... anyway, the anticipation is killing me, though tomorrow I get my tax return money, so I'm pretty excited in general.
  6. latest tweet says they have almost reached 1,000.
  7. LOL Anyway, I think it's important then we rally as many people on Twitter today to vote! I'm not familiar with Twitter, but I got an account, so at least I can try
  8. I have a feeling we aren't going to make it, but did you see how many views that topic got??? Not many people wanted to make an account just to post for this quiz.
  9. LOL, I did make a twitter account just to vote tomorrow.
  10. I just got annoyed because I had an account on there and couldn't log in, had to make a new one. Anyway yeah, I wonder what tomorrow's number is going to be? I would be guessing you would need a Twitter account, which I don't have yet.
  11. Yes, I love the storylines a lot. I just wish some of them made more sense... I hate the plotholes, it's as if they don't care sometimes.
  12. I already wrote three chapters of this story, but it's so short... the problem is I can't think of "filler", interesting stuff that happens between the main story scenes. Anyway, I'll put up Chapter 1 and I can get some ideas from you guys, or if you think this is a good story, before I put it on FanFiction.net. Catch me if you can! By Angnix Chapter 1: Crash!!! The sun was shining brightly and reflecting off the various metallic surfaces in Metal City. In 10 days was the Ex World Grand Prix! Various Extreme Gear riders were doing various things including polishing their beautiful boards, practicing tricks off ramps, and making sure that the gear was in top mechanical shape. Many of the gear riders didn’t have the ability to build their own gear, so they had gear specialists customize the perfect gear for them. One of these mechanics was Tails, working from his brand new workshop in the middle of the city. “Okay ma’am, now try out your new skate gear!” Said Tails to a mink lady in a cheerful voice. “Thank you very much!” The lady immediately sped off and landed a triple flip off a ramp. Various judges were rating the flips for fun. “S level trick!” roared the crowd, but the judges held up cards that said AA. The crowd booed while a skunk guy got ready to do his trick with a standard board. After the skunk guy crashed during his flip… it was Sonic’s turn next! “Heh heh!” Sonic smirked as he did a quadruple flip and landed perfectly, and then did a circle on the ground. The crowd roared. “XX! XX!” The judges agreed, it was the nicest trick they had seen in a long time. Next was a little yellow bird girl that couldn’t have been more that 5 years old. The crowd had a look of shock… such a little thing wanting to complete with grownups! “Watch this!” said the girl. She made one sideways flip, with pretty sparks flying from her hands like fireworks, but something went wrong! One side of her board lost power, and suddenly it lost control. The girl started to scream before smacking straight into a building. The gear was totaled, and the girl was lying on the sidewalk unconscious. “Are you okay?” Said Tails in a concerned voice. The girl slowly opened her eyes. “Wow, it’s Tails! You are so famous! I loved how you saved Station Square! I am your #1 fan!” Said the girl jumping up and down, she was a little bruised, but she didn’t care, it was Tails! “By the way Tails, my name is Sparkle the Goldfinch. I made my gear all by myself, it’s called the Electric Slider.” “Wow really!” said Tails in an awed voice. “You must be very smart, but you probably still need help with your gear.” “No! It’s my gear, and I will fix it! But can I use your workshop, I’m far away from home, I live in Spagonia.” The girl had a wide anticipating grin on her face. “Sure, my workshop is your workshop! Your parents can see it too!” Tails pointed in the general direction as the girl picked up what was left of her yellow and white board. “I don’t have parents… They both died in an accident. I was living with relatives, but I packed up my bags and left home. I built my house and workshop all by myself.” The girl’s memory brought tears to her eyes. “Awww, well, dry your eyes out, and get to work, that will make you feel better.” Tails was now sad himself, Tails and Sparkle entered the workshop and her fact lit up. “This, this is more mechanical stuff than I have ever see in my life!” But the girl’s attention was turned to a beautiful yellow gem behind glass, slightly glowing. “What is that Tails?” “That is a Chaos Emerald, its infinite power runs my workshop!” Tails smiled. ‘It’s beautiful, no?” “Can I touch it?” The girl pressed her hand against the glass. “I’m sorry, but it’s off limits” Tails put his arms on his hips and shook his head no. Suddenly, Tails could feel an electric surge throughout his body. He looked over, and the girl had electricity flowing from her hands! Tails fell to the ground as the girl threw a wrench at the glass, shattering it to pieces. The girl grabbed the Emerald with a silly grin on her face. “Chaos Control!” said the girl in a loud voice. Suddenly the pieces of her Extreme Gear came back together! As Tails was getting back to his feet, then the girl flew out the door on her now fully functioning Extreme Gear. Tails yelled “Stop that girl, she’s got the Chaos Emerald! And she knows Chaos Control!” Sonic a little shocked, sped after her. Tails was following close behind, and Knuckles who heard what was going on too was in third. Sonic and company were impressed by the speed her gear was traveling at, but Sonic soon was behind her. Luckily he has his own Chaos Emerald, the blue one. “What are you doing girl?” Sonic was still in shock. “None of your business. Chaos Control!” The girl stopped time for a few seconds, freezing Sonic. When Sonic was unfrozen, he was angry. “Chaos Control!” Sonic warped right next to the girl. “Sonic, try to stop me! Ha ha!” The girl had a suspicious smirk on her face. “CHAOS CONTROL!” both Sparkle and Sonic yelled at once. Suddenly a small swirling hole of light appeared and Sonic and the girl were sucked through it, leaving Tails and Knuckles behind. Tails and Knuckles stopped, mouths slightly open. “What are we gonna do?” Tails was concerned. “I’m sure Sonic is alright, he’s gotten through tougher situations before.” But Knuckles was secretly worried. “Well Knuckles, let’s go back to my workshop, we might be able to track where they went.”
  13. I only got that code to work once. And the Barrel of Doom, I read the trick to it years later, but there was a point of time I got good at it, but I still didn't do it the correct way and it was silly how I did it. It reminds me though there was a game I played a long time ago called Sheep Raider (Where you were Ralph Wolf from Looney Tunes and you had to steal sheep from the sheep dog) that gave a clue to the boss... but I didn't get the clue, so I somehow beat it anyway, in a ridiculously hard way, lol.
  14. I've written a few stories, but very few have I enjoyed reading myself. I need to work harder at making the stories better. I'm not claiming it's good, but this is my Sonic X universe "Christmas Angel" http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1633695/1/Christmas_Angel
  15. I got bored today and started some 3d modeling again like I did in the past... but it takes SO long to model for me.
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