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  1. Scanned the CGWORLD magazine. PDF in the comments. On another note, looks like they built an entire scene from Sonic Generations assets as a mock-up:
  2. This might be a stretch, but it's probably because this is supposed to be in cooperation with Sega Sammy as a whole instead of just Sega games, as seen in the trailers. They probably thought that it wouldn't be appropriate when speaking about the conglomerate as a whole.
  3. It was just Sony Pictures. Their animation studio had nothing to do with the project, which was actually pretty weird considering that they worked on the live action Smurfs. I guess SEGA was able to at least negotiate what animation studios were going to be involved. I'm a believer of that while SEGA clearly didn't have much control in regards to all decisions, they still had control over who was actually brought in to make the film.
  4. That sweepstakes page has the first instance of an actual billing block. It's cool that Marza Animation Planet is finally being heavily featured, since before the new trailer came out they were rarely even mentioned. In fact, most thought that Blur Studio completely took over. Oh look, Takeshi Ito is mentioned. [Night of the Werehog producer]
  5. If real, it's possible that they could still be mock ups. They probably have to go through that whole process again.
  6. Time to update this thread, this time with artwork! Here's some concept art that was illustrated by Luc Desmarchelier. More images here: https://imgur.com/a/VzmJl3z Let's add some color keys done by Lorenzo Paoli while we're at it. More images here: https://imgur.com/a/OToNZTb
  7. They are. It's listed on their page, and that's even after they redesigned their page.
  8. Oh, no no no... The film wasn't canceled due to workload. I don't want to get my source in trouble so I can't say much. I'll just say that I feel for everyone who believed in this project and Marza's future. They put a lot of work in only for it to be taken away.
  9. I do remember that now, though I would count that as an offhand mention rather than a direct one. Although, now that I know the TRUE reason the film was shelved, that statement kinda makes me sick.
  10. In 2013, Marza Animation Planet Inc. announced that they would produce their first original animated film feature, Robodog. Starring the voice talent of Chris Colfer (later replaced) and Ron Perlman, the story was described as: "A classic, heart-warming adventure story about an unlikely duo who couldn't be more different. KC (Kinetic Canine) is a bright, energetic but overzealous robotic dog, while MARSHALL is an old, curmudgeonly real dog, set in his ways and has little patience for anything new. This canine odd couple embarks on the adventure of a lifetime where each will learn the true nature of friendship, and not judge a book by its cover." It was set to release in 2015...and then it never did. It was clear the film was shelved, however, there was never an official announcement. The only things ever released were a few promotional images, a spot in Marza's 2015 demo reel, and a storyboard uploaded to their channel. And so, I decided to look into this. I wasn't expecting to find much, but I was hoping to at least find some information or maybe even some clips. As someone who was interested in the film, I obviously wanted to know more. This leads us to today. After years of searching, I've made a compilation of scenes I've been able to uncover. These are still very much incomplete, but they are the longest sequences of footage I've come across. That's not all though, I've found some short clips, a trailer, and various concept art. I will be posting these here at a later time. I'm not sure how many of y'all are interested in this like I am, but I hope this thread at least reaches those that are. A big shout-out to those who worked hard on this film, and a thanks to those who have shared their work.
  11. I'll be honest, the more and more I look at it... The more "appealing" it becomes for me. Not that it makes it "good", but I've seen a fair bit of other character redesigns that I still think look horrendous to this day.
  12. Gave it a go now that we have the final(?) design.
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