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  1. I've got to give 06 props for having a pretty cool logo, totally movie material. Too bad that if they used it, well... Yeah...
  2. Ok, updated it a bit and added the rest of the name.
  3. Gave it a crack at it myself!
  4. BxB-Meister

    Team Sonic Racing - Reveal Trailer

    I'm sure that Forces' first trailer definitely used it. The eyes are kind of a giveaway. I'm not quite sure about the rest of Forces' CG since those have a different look, although they also look different from their regular CG work so I'm getting mixed signals here.
  5. BxB-Meister

    Team Sonic Racing - Reveal Trailer

    So, this has nothing to do with the actual game but... It seems Marza is really pushing for their Unity Movie Pipeline considering both Forces and this game's marketing have been using it.
  6. Eh, it depends. SEGA was really strict with BRB's Sonic redesigns for Boom.
  7. Not an incredibly useful fact but still something strange I noticed: There is a layering/alpha error in Night of the Werehog. Not sure how to explain it, but I've encountered this same issue when working in 3D myself.
  8. So, who do I contact on here? Should I message someone specifically?
  9. It's funny you bring this up since this is actually one of my videos. In fact, I'm currently in possession of more footage that I'll be uploading soon. Don't want to go off-topic, but Chris Colfer was actually dropped from production in the early stages. If you compare his voice to any of the clips from that video you can easily tell that's not him. I actually only own one piece of short footage that has his voice. Since this was gonna be their first film they completely made on their own, I believe things got messy and the studio got busy with other projects. Something had to be dropped and since they weren't paid by some other company to make this film it was the least risky to cancel.
  11. So something I'm scared of, that is completely unrelated to the actual quality of the movie once it comes out, is that Paramount would label this as part of their Paramount Animation works. "No, it's animated by Marza, that'll never happen," you say. Well... If you actually look at the works under Paramount Animation, almost all of them are actually being made by separate studios. I've never seen any of them, but can someone who has let me know if they do credit these other studios upfront or just in a small section in the credits? I wouldn't want to see Marza only listed in the credits and not have their logo show before the start of the movie. They are extremely underrated and completely unknown to the general animation community.
  12. BxB-Meister

    Centered Mouth VS Side Mouth

    I feel like it's time for them to take a note from the CG side of things(CG cutscenes or Boom) and use the technique of squash and stretch. Whatever team is in charge of in-game cutscenes keeps doing this thing where they restrict the movement of characters down to a very basic rig. This makes the animation just look stiff and boring as they don't, for some reason, allow the models to stretch and bend in order to create some dynamic movement. Why am I saying this? Well, because it's this same stubbornness that adds to the mouth problem. The technique they use for the mouth is to just simply swap out the mouth model with another instead of finding a way to create a model of the mouth that can be rigged to be deformed and stretched to whatever side or form they need. I believe it's about time this technique is ditched. I understand that this is a very common way to change the way a model looks in video games, but it only works well with objects that either don't need to be seen at all times or don't require a lot of movement. I think it's about time that the mouth got the rigging it deserves.
  13. BxB-Meister

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    If they're trying to tie it into the main series, or at least base it on it more closely then the logo works then. Though, maybe they should remove the white border around it. That way it'll blend in better and wouldn't cover the entire space it takes.
  14. BxB-Meister

    Sonic Channel

    Looks like those Sonic Channel character comics are being localized:
  15. While I'm not completely ruling it out as we don't know anything of how this is all gonna work and of the inner workings of how such a project would go, I really doubt that they would allow for major character design changes. My proof: Sonic Boom. It has been stated that SEGA was extremely strict when it came to BRB redesigning the Sonic crew. Considering that they were that strict for a series that was supposed to be almost entirely detached from the main universe, I'm willing to bet that they would be even stricter for a movie that's supposed to represent the main face of Sonic. I also really doubt Marza would not have any say in the look of the characters as they'll be that ones that are gonna animate them.

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