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  1. Sonic Runners Adventure has been added to the US Wapstore! $5, or free with Gameloft Club (Basically, the same drill as the Russia release). Here's the Store link! I guess this means the official reveal/release is somewhat close?
  2. I don't know if this has been pointed out yet, but there is a new Hidden Message in the Mighty No. 9 tweet. Any guesses on what it means?
  3. I feel that we will get a Blaze reskin for Team Future. I mean, with the other characters that we have seen, it would make the most sense.
  4. I personally recommend Sonic/Shadow, or Sonic/Tails, with Chip and Shahra. But, that's just my personal recommendation.
  5. So I've ranked up to S***, and leveled up to Rank 63. I've also gotten Chaos from the wheel! Now I just hope to get Shadow.. Oh, I've got to make a roulette joke... Uh.. This how I think the Wheel is affecting us: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9KGfgg-d8s
  6. Is anyone having a problem on IOS with the notifications on Streamlined mode? I can only get past the first post, then the game crashes...
  7. Let's take a moment and bask in the major translation issue.
  8. It uses 3D models, puts an outline around them, and sometimes uses sprites for objects. IE: Rings, Crystals, probably enemies.
  9. Someone ripped the models from Runners! Link: http://www.models-resource.com/mobile/sonicrunners/model/10239/
  10. I wanted to ask a question about Runners, and this is the only topic I found for Runners, so... Has anybody gone through the files again lately? You know, to see if anything has changed since the last time we checked.
  11. I believe Hardlight made this game, while Sonic Team made Runners. So, there is not really any correlation between the two.
  12. Whenever you go to the page, it requires permission to access. "Want in? Ask the owner for access, or switch to an account with permission."
  13. The game looks nice from the screenshots. I'm wondering how grinding will play out in it.
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