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  1. I'm pretty proud of this run. Really wish I broke 300 million, but that's for another day I suppose. I'll try for another high score once I reach rank 999 ;)
  2. With this simple trick, you can earn at LEAST 100 Red Star Rings an hour. What I use: SPEED AND FLY TYPE STAGES Halloween Rouge & Vector Red Star Ring Battlecruiser & Black Knight Equip a laser and run through like normal. Once at the first Eggman, switch to vector and keep tapping the screen while accurately avoiding springs. This will cause Vector to charge multiple times which in turn causes you to reach Eggman faster, thus giving you more chances to get more red rings. After the first segment is complete, use your laser to skip over most of section 2. Then do the same thing with the next Eggman. After that, you should have easily collected at the very least 5 red rings (hopefully more than that) and you can go ahead and kill off your characters. POWER TYPE STAGE Halloween Omega & Omega King Boom Boo & Boo Just get 10,000,000 pts as fast as you can for an easy pick up of 5 red rings for completing the episode. I hope this helps you guys out. I'm able to successfully obtain 100 red rings on the hour easily, sometimes more with this method.
  3. This combo is completely insane. 50 million points in under 10,000 meters. I wonder when and if it will get nerfed...
  4. I'm scared to go for a high score with King boom boo and boo...I really want to try, but I'm not sure if they fixed the auto ban
  5. That one should work. 2 King Boom Boos show in not banned and the world/history rankings aren't messed up anymore either.
  6. http://images.tapatalk-cdn.com/15/11/04/f8fb2fde048e8a7d893c367551bbe3d5.jpg]
  7. I can just see it now... -Halloween Night- SEGA: Happy Halloween! Sorry we 'tricked' you with the ban. Now here's a 'treat' User receives 200 RSR and 200,000 rings and gets unbanned* ...hey I'm allowed to dream.
  8. They don't let you know you're banned, you just kinda find out by looking into the World/History Ranking. If people are getting scores you have never seen before and/or their rank is F*, you're banned. Seeing that more people are getting banned by the day, I have no doubt that this is going to get fixed. The question is when?
  9. I tried that, but my tickets get closed out before I can reply. And if I start a new ticket, it either gets closed or it says that it's been 'escalated to a supervisor' then that said supervisor closes out the ticket. It's all just a huge joke.
  10. Yeah, I'm done playing for now. They lost my support until they fix it.
  11. I got a notification this morning saying I'm in the same league, but my leaderboards are still broken and I didn't receive any rewards for placing 1st in the Runners League or anything. SEGA still isn't getting back to me, I don't know how to use the Japanese page even when it's translated. Now I can't even play the game properly anymore...I'm pretty much done. Very upsetting
  12. Well here's an update on my account. My issue has been escalated to a supervisor, and I hope it's being handled. However, now I'm noticing some familiar faces in the world ranking, but the cheaters are still on top...is anyone else seeing people as F rank sitting at #1 in the world rankings? Also, it's letting me play the event and I'm being rewarded for it...so I'm not sure if I'm in the banned servers or not. Guess time will tell, but if anyone here has more information please let me know. Hope everyone is enjoying the event!
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