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  1. So far I only unlocked 2 characters (Ness and Bowser) and lost agaimst one (Zelda).

    Yoshi is my favourite to play as so far.

  2. Smash Bros. Ultimate arrived.


    But I need to finish homework before. šŸ˜•

    1. Kiah


      Priorities. They suck sometimes. Especially if it involves homework!

  3. I feel ashamed for just now realizing the "Silent Green Hill" pun.

  4. Unless Sonic wears some really tiny socks, him wearing the shoes should be extremely uncomfortable.

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      It's even moreĀ uncomfortable for us to look at him.

      It's even moreĀ uncomfortable for us to look at him.

  5. Well, I dislike the movie design in general, like the new shoes, fur and the eyes, but the athlete body is also problematic in my eyes.
  6. My biggest problem with the design is the more muscular body. As big of a change Knuckles' redesign was, it fit because he is about fighting and punching. Sonic isn't the case, at least he wasn't until now.
  7. I know it's not really the same thing, but which is worse to it's original design:

    Live Action Sonic or Ukog (AKA DB Evolution Goku)?

    1. Unidus


      I'd say, though an atrocious design, Sonic's is the more faithful of the two. I doubt anyone who saw Ukog for the first time would be clueless as to who he is supposed to be.

    2. Zaysho


      I dunno. When Chatwin puts on the dogi he at least looks like a teenaged Goku. Evolution's main problem is the writing.

  8. I am a Sonic fan for around 10 years and this movie is now how I want to celebrate it.

  9. Well, apparently the movie releases here shortly after the US based off a movie website (15th November).

    This is not such a good thing since that means I have to watch it that soon.

  10. DiamondX

    Mortal Kombat 11

    @-dan- eSports are competitive events. Kinda like EVO and such.
  11. Sonic Movie Staff: "Here it is SEGA."


    SEGA: "What is that?"

    Sonic Movie Staff: "Sonic, of course. Who else can it be, silly?"

    SEGA" "I'm not okay with this."

    Sonic Movie Staff: "Oh, sorry about that."

    SEGA: "Okay, good to see you understand. Now go fix it."

    Sonic Movie Staff: "How about no?"

  12. If the entire series and the fanbase will recognise Sonic with this horror design, I'd rather want it not to happen.
  13. Japan is getting it in May 2020. They definetly don't wanna see it.
  14. Isn't Marza working on this movie though? I may be wrong but I hear so.
  15. I was okay with the Boom designs even though almost everyone hated them.

    I really like Forces even though the majority dislike it.


    This, I am not okay with.


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