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  1. Seems like Kakarot isn't coming soon, so I canceled my order.

    Most likely will buy it digitally. Sad that I lost the pre-order bonuses but they were only early unlocks either way.

  2. Pre-ordered Kakarot and yet still didn't get the game.

    Next time I'll just buy the game digitally most likely.

  3. When you guys pre-order a game physically, does it usually arrive on the day it launches? The last time I did that with DB Xenoverse 2 it was the case.

    However, I pre-ordered DBZ Kakarot and I didn't get any sign yet. I assume it won't arrive until Monday.

    1. Sean


      Never, which is part of why I almost never do it.

    2. DiamondX


      So it was an exception and not the rule. I see.

      I could've bought the digital version (I dought the deluxe edition with the season pass) but the physical one was cheaper (maybe because of how the PS Store converts prices into other currencies).

    3. E-van


      I usually get games day one from pre-orders on Amazon but that's most likely only because I have Prime.

    4. Strickerx5


      Honestly depends on how close you are to a shipment facility as far as Amazon is concerned... for the most part. Usually I get some sort of notification the night before about it being in the facility and then, sometime in the morning, I get an "out for delivery". I imagine that this is less of a norm the farther away you are from one.

      So far, I've only had one game arrive late (MK8 Deluxe) which took an extra full 3 days and I still don't know wtf happened there.

      Though keep in mind that I still usually buy a game straight from Best Buy nowadays if I'm dying to get my hands on it. Really, ordering online has always been more of a convenience thing for me.

    5. Harkofthewaa


      The only two games I've ever pre-ordered were Smash 3DS and the Crash N-Sane Trilogy. Both were through Gamestop, and both times I had to drive to the store and pick it up. Which is a half hour drive and out of state, have I ever mentioned that I live in the middle of nowhere? Don't ever visit southern Illinois, there's nothing here but corn, deer and people who think they're rednecks but really aren't.

    6. E-van


      Yeah I got MK8 Deluxe late too when it came out. Must have been some sort of distribution problem there.

    7. DiamondX


      I preordered from a different store this time than when I preordered Xenoverse 2. None are Amazon, Gamestop etc. as we don't have that here. 

      It's not really that big of a problem if it arrives on Monday or anytime really but I can't stand seeing it everywhere I go as I think I already saw half the game only from youtube thumbnails alone.

    8. FReaK


      For me it's usually better to not pre order, most shops in my area sell games 3-5 days prior to release. The only exception of that was MediEvil, probably because it released on the same day as the last CoD. Nobody knew it would be coming out, lel.

    9. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      It really depends on the country, your region within the country and the retailer and shipping. In mainland UK, games arrive on (or before) launch day around 99% of the time. Retailers always say "pre-order for guaranteed delivery by launch day". I've only ever had one game arrive a day late.

  4. Perhaps I had too many expectations (I really wanted Dante,Phoenix or Kiryu) but after 4 third party characters, this announcement feels out of place.

    If Byleth was in the 2nd pass I'd completely understand. Maybe even here but not at the end.

    Still hoping for 2nd pass to be great but I will try to lower my expectations.

  5. 0f2hp9ht3q941.gif

    ATLUS decided to confirm Scramble is basically a sequel to Persona 5.

    Wonder if it's canon.

  6. Now Joker from Persona 5 gets a 3rd name: Mao Tomokawa will be his name in Persona 5 the Stage.

    Why can't they just choose a name and stick with it?

    1. Ryannumber1gamer


      I don't even get why, if you go by the only name actually featured in a game - his canon name is Ren - which appears in both Dancing in Starlight, and Dancing in Moonlight.

    2. Kuzu


      They did this with the last two protagonists.

      The only reason Narukami kept his name is because it was the most consistently used.

      But you still have debates over what the P3 Hero's name is, and now the same is happening with Joker.

  7. Still can't believe that Shun Akiyama (Yakuza) and Beerus(Dragon Ball) have the same voice actor.

    Their voices don't even sound similar.

    1. Zaysho


      He's also Spike Spiegel



      and Japanese Donald Duck

    2. Jango


      The guy who voices Sponge Bob also voice Goku here in Brazil, so yeah... Versatility is key

  8. The show is available to me already due to timezones. Only dubs available are english, spanish and german. Kind of a shame. Expected japanese to ba an option at least.
  9. Is there any way to see which languages it will be released in? It will be on Romania's Netflix as well starting December 1st and I wonder if a dub might happen since when we got the show here they only aired the first 15 episodes and then just stopped.
  10. And now I can't unsee this.



    1. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      It makes Sakurai cooler

  11. I never owned a backwards-compatible console so I would want to know the following:

    If the PS5 ends up being backwards compatible with the PS4, does that mean I can just put PS4 disc games like God of War and Persona 5 and they work? Or does it work for the games I own digitally only?

    1. Lord-Dreamerz


      PS4 disks & digital games both will work on PS5 if the backwards compatible rumor is true.

    2. DiamondX



      I hope it ends up being the case.

    3. Harkofthewaa


      I hope that Scarlet can actually pull game data off of BC discs instead of having to download everything like the Xhox One does. Imagine having to download friggin Red Dead 2, all 100 GB of it. Also PS5, how each system handles backwards compatibility will probably determine which one I get. After all, if I can catch up on all the PS4 games I've missed without having to buy a PS4, that would be nice.

  12. TIL Lotus Juice sings Overdrive from JJBA Battle Tendency.

  13. First look at Golden Wind's english dub.

  14. Persona 5 Royal DLC includes Boss Fights against Yu Narukami and Makoto Yuki.

    *cries in Naoya, Tatsuya and Maya*

    1. Teoskaven


      Once again:

    2. DiamondX


      Well in a meta way (spoilers)


      Innocent Sin didn't happen.

    3. Teoskaven


      Again i must stress: if Atlus wants to capitalize only on the more recent 3 Persona titles, why don't they just rebrand the subseries completely? Because being a leech over the legacy of the MegaTen franchise and the first two Personas without bothering to aknowledge them is really a cruel joke at this point.
      The games existed. They had their merits. Flaws were even fixed in the PSP re-releases. Stop pretending they're the neglected deformed children that need to be hidden in the attic while the rest of the family parties in the living room.

    4. DiamondX


      I would say it's possible due to the favt they had 3D models already for Yu and Makoto from Dancing, but they still should've made a P1 and P2 dancing game then.

      They might fear of low sales but I think with P5, P2 at least gained a bigger fanbase. (I see P2 being discussed more nowadays).

      They say they have more DLC announcements coming and I really hope they decide to include the 3 remaining protagonsits.

    5. Polkadi~☆


      P-Studio still reference P1 and 2. They haven't been forgotten, it's just that they're not doing anything with those titles.

    6. Thigolf


      ...so they're releasing a definitive version...

      that isn't definitive because they are gonna push DLC out afterwards.


    7. DiamondX


      It's not really a definitive version. It's just a different version of the game. You still have to buy the DLC from P5 (for a smaller price if you own the P5 ones)

    8. Thigolf


      It seems pretty scummy to me.

      "Hey, here's a new version of the game that is basically the same game as the one before with some extra content but it's still full price and you can't keep your DLC if you previously bought it and we're even gonna nickel and dime you for even more money with EVEN MORE DLC"

      Like, why can't it just be "Here is the definitive P5 experience with all the old stuff and some new exciting things, 60 bucks, no DLC"? Why do they still have to try to squeeze money out of the consumers? Seems lame to me, tbh.

    9. DiamondX


      They did this with Persona 3 and 4 as well. It's not a new thing.

      At least the story ia different.

  15. And I watched End of Evangelion.

    While it cleared up some things, I feel like it only gave me more questions.

    1. Polkadi~☆


      Anno can't keep getting away with this.

    2. Balding Spider

      Balding Spider

      Feels like that's the Evangelion experience in a nutshell.

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