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  1. Sequel to the 2019 video game "Judgment" by RGG Studios, Lost Judgment follows the ex-lawyer Yagami once again. This time the game takes place in both Kamurocho and Yokohama, with the second location returning from "Yakuza: Like a Dragon". New elements such as skateboarding and pretty much a revamp of the investigation sequences seem to be added. Fighting wise, the game keeps the brawler style of most Yakuza games as well as "Judgment", but there is a new style introduced: Snake, which is about timing and parrying. New minigames are added, mostly to the new school location including dancing and boxing.
  2. Here it is. Judgment sequel let's go!

  3. Considering Colors was one of my first Sonic games (that or Generations, can't exactly remember), having it get a remaster feels so awesome. I hope it does well so that we may get other remasters.

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I feel so old reading this. 

      If you don't mind me asking, how old are you?

    2. DiamondX
    3. Kuzu



      I was 17 when Colors came out...

  4. Braum is a weird choice IMO because other champions would be more fitting (Graves or Twisted Fate) and we already have a tank (Illaoi) but I don't necessarily mind. Hopefully it makes sense story-wise. Sadly, an interview makes it seem like he's there as comedy relief, which is not really sounding that great.
  5. Playable characters: RISE AGAINST RUIN Unite a party of League of Legends Champions, explore Bilgewater and set sail for the Shadow Isles to uncover the secrets of the deadly Black Mist.

    I really dislike timed exclusivities. I know this might come across as pointless but Yakuza is a franchise that used to be PlayStation exclusive for a good while now. Having the games on PC and Xbox is great, but why do Xbox users get the game 3 days before the PS4 (IIRC the game releases on the 10th on Xbox and on the 13th on PS4) version and like 5 months before PS5 does?

    1. Bobnik


      They announced this right after, so no 3-day exclusivity crap

      Which makes the next-gen timed exclusivity make even less sense now if it was MS just buying that exclusivity. Hell, companies usually don't say the release date for the other platforms till after the game's released, not before. Hell, it's not even 6 months, it's just a little bit less than 4, which is just unusual for a marketing deal.

    2. DiamondX


      I forgot the game releases in November for a second, I thought it was October so my bad on the number of months.

    3. Conando


      Sony came out the gate swinging with timed and flat out paid exclusives. It’s not really going to end anytime soon. But hey, it’s 5 months rather than a year.

    4. Thigolf


      I'm still waiting for FF7R.

    5. Conando


      Yep. The exclusivity doesn’t end until April 10th, 2021.

  7. SEGA is making a Yakuza movie...



    1. Jovahexeon The Undyne

      Jovahexeon The Undyne

      And so the SEGA Cinematic Universe shifts into high gear with Phase 1.

    2. Teoskaven
    3. Thigolf
    4. KHCast
  8. Nocturne HD's death screen is 4:3....why?

  9. Hey Ryan! I know it's been some time since you platinumed Persona 5, but I was wondering if you have any tips for me. I'm almost done, but I have some difficulty with the fishing and the twins fight. Do you have any advice for me?


    1. Ryannumber1gamer


      I actually haven't platinumed Persona 5, that's what I'm currently attempting to do, I'm just past Madarame's change of heart.

      That said, I've been following this 100% guide, and it's amazing for the boss set-ups, and fishing and all of that. I'd give this a look, as it's what I'm using for my own run atm:


    2. DiamondX


      My bad then. I thought you did. Thanks for the guide and I wish you luck in platinuming the game.

  10. For those that played Persona 5: 

    I am currently doing a Merciless run in the game. I reached a flu season day. I already did the Reaprr trick 4(?) times, but I want to get to level 99. Would putting myself on easy mode count as cheating considering all it does is make it take less time (Merciless halves the normal EXP you get) since I'm not actually fighting the Reaper but waiting for the Despair trick?

    1. Polkadi~☆


      It's your game, play the way you want to.

  11. Atlus actually did it



    1. Teoskaven



      Harsh but sadly true.

    2. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Featuring Dante from Devil Lusts for Cash

  12. True but the way the story is written both characters share the same role in the story. Having them both would require changing one of them. They also have the same attacks with different animations so it would be having the same character twice. While I agree $10 may be too much, it's not exactly "cut content". The remaster is based on a version that didn't include Dante at all. And he's not owned by Atlus either so this might have been done at Capcom's request.
  13. Dante from the Devil May Cry series returns to Nocturne in the HD Remaster as DLC. Priced at 980 yen (around $10), the "Maniax Pack" will give you the option to play the "Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne Maniax" version of the Remaster instead lf the Chronicles one in the base game. (Raidou and Dante won't be both available in the same version) Therefore, the DLC will change Raidou's cutscenes with Dante and make him playable instead. For those that played the original, his kit got an upgrade. One of his attacks got the Pierce effect added so that he's as good as Raidou. His cutscenes also include voice acting now.
  14. Of course they had to show the Matador fight in the Nocturne livestream.

    Gonna be interesting to see the reactions to that boss fight when the game launches.

  15. With Yakuza 7/Like a Dragon getting a dub, I can't wait to see who will voice some certain characters.

    Kiryu, Majima and Saejima.

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