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  1. How would you rank the Sonic tv shows? My favourite is Sonic X. Nostalgia? A little. It was full of action, but funny too. Second is Sonic Boom. I still cant wait for the finale. It airs this sunday. The third ans last one is Underground. It was...okay. Satam and AoSth arent on the list because they never aired here so i never watched them.

    1. Ripe


      Honestly only ones I like are Boom and SatAm. AoSth is just, well crazy. X while I thought it was ok at first I have started to see more and more problems. At least japanese version has some very good moments. And Underground. I watchet it at a total of one episode before deciding that it's probably better not to watch more.

      And which one of these have aired in my country? None as far as I'm aware. Thank god for the internet.

    2. DiamondX


      None of them?

    3. Ripe


      Yes, none of them.

    4. DiamondX


      Maybe you guys get Boom?

    5. Ripe


      I really don't believe that. In wikipedia page there is a part for premiere in Finland in the episodes list but in all of those there is ?. And if it comes in CN here, well I don't know anybody who has that channel.

    6. Speeps


      They all have some pretty good moments.

      I haven't seen too much of Satam but I did like watching AoStH for the funny moments.

      Sonic X has the best style, but the english dub did kill the writing a bit.

      And finally Boom is honestly where all the writing from recent games should be going. It fits there a whole lot better.

    7. jords


      Sonic boom is the best by far.

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