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  1. Posted part 1 of my review on Mania if anyone's interested:


  2. Sonic Mania SPOILERS/Impressions Thread

    (Because the review would be pretty long, I decided to make it in 3 parts. I'll make the other two tomorrow.) I got and finished this game last week and I wanted to post my thoughts on the game. But first, I want to adress something. My history with Classic Sonic. Unlike some of you guys, the games that got me into Sonic were Colors and Generations. So you could definetly say I'm a 3D Sonic fan. That doesn't mean I never played Clasisc games before. I mean I did, but barely... I played around half of Sonic 1 on my phone. (Up to Starlight Zone or how it's called) Didn't even touch Sonic 2. Played the Sonic CD demo on my phone. Played the first act of Sonic 3 & Knuckles. "You really don't appreciate the classics then." I do, but they kinda bored me. I liked the new graphics that Colors and Generations had, not this. But what about Mania? I liked it! Really, really liked it! It was a great game, a great Sonic game. But not my favourite. My top 3 would be someting like this: 1. Colors 2. Generations 3. Mania (These are all the 3 Sonic games I've ever completed) Now, I want to discuss about each zone one by one. Green Hill Zone I'm not really sure what to say about it. It's a great first level, but there isn't much to say. It's great for it to not introduce gimmicks since it's at the start of the game. The bosses were easy too. And after you finished the game, Green Hill is a great zone to farm lives and Chaos Emeralds. Chemical Plant Zone I don't like it. At all. I just can't like it. The underwater sections are annoying, the whole different-colored chemical was annoying and the act 2 boss was annoying. No, it's not a fun refference to me, it's annoying because he defeated me on the first try. He somehow managed to keep making combos while I couldn't. Studiopolis Zone Now this is a great zone. Here you have grear music, great level design. It's fun. Both bosses were great. While the Heavy Gunner was a more serious fight, the EGG TV one was a complete joke. And the buzzing sound on the TV at the end was great.
  3. I'm gonna write my review on Mania right now. 

    Hopefully you guys like it.

  4. What if, after Forces ends, Silver goes back to the future and has a nice year, but after that a dark clone of Sonic attacks? The dark clone would be called Sonic Black.


  6. Dragon Ball (Warning: Untagged Spoilers)

    I think she's supposed to be a gag character at this point.
  7. Sonic Forces Digital Comic (Monent of Truth, Stress Test)

    I hope that we see more interactions between Knuckles and Silver. They make a great team.
  8. Angry Knuckles best profile pic.

  9. I like how in a way Knuckles and Silver act like little kids.

  10. So 06 is canon?

    Knuckles remembers Silver...

    1. Jovahexeon Cala Maria
    2. Mister X

      Mister X

      Didn't they interact in Rivals

    3. Limit Breaker Diamond

      Limit Breaker Diamond

      Oh right. Never really cared about that game.

      What was the story with Silver again?

    4. Jovahexeon Cala Maria

      Jovahexeon Cala Maria

      Came back from the future chasing after Eggman's  insane descendant. 

    5. RedFox99


      I think Nega Eggman was using the Ifrit to destroy the world.

    6. Mister X

      Mister X

      Rivals 1 was him coming back in time to stop Nega screwing with the past

      Rivals 2 was him trying to stop Nega from releasing a demon

    7. Joseph Henry

      Joseph Henry

      They interacted in Rivals 1 and 2

  11. FighterZ already has 17 characters announced.

    If we can get 24 that would be great.

  12. Posted an concept for Buutenks in FighterZ if anyone's interested:


  13. I've just come up with an interesting character concept for this game. Buutenks. The reason why I chose him, you will see later. For his special attacks, he could have Gotenks' Galactic Donuts and have himself split in half. For his Meteor Smash, maybe the Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack? Now, the fights in this game last 5 minutes. Let's say, after 2 minutes he trasnforms into... Buucolo. That's right. If you remember, after Gotenks' fusion ran off, Buu became Piccolo since he was the strongest out of the three. However, he was weaker. So he would be weaker than his previous form, but to give him an advantage, he would be faster. He could still use the splitting attack that Buutenks has and get the Light Grenade, with the Special Beam Cannon as his Meteor Smash. Let me know what you think about the idea.
  14. I'm so bad at fighting games I'm not even sure who to have on my FighterZ team...

    I guess Goku, Yamcha and Frieza?

    1. CleverSonicUsername


      Mr.Satan, Ginyu, Nappa dream team supreme.

    2. Limit Breaker Diamond

      Limit Breaker Diamond

      The first one isn't even confirmed though.

    3. CleverSonicUsername
  15. Ginyu is definetly gonna be tournament illegal.

    Body Change is too trollish.

    1. Remy


      So how does it work, you force someone else to play as Ginyu for a bit?


    2. Limit Breaker Diamond

      Limit Breaker Diamond

      We didn't see it in action yet besides one screenshot but if it's like in the anime, Ginyu and the character change bodies.

      Let's say the other guy plays as Goku.

      You play as Goku with Goku's HP before the change, while the other player plays with Ginyu with his HP.

      The change lasts until the end of the match.