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  1. Elsewhere in the Sky Eater, Quint had been studying many of the Skylander profiles LOSE had. However, his attention remained primarily on Mega Man's and Proto Man's. "One day..." he thought. "I will defeat you! I'll finally put you in your place! Even if I have to do it by myself..." Quint then returned to Wily's Lab, only to see... Quint could only sigh at this point. There was only so many times he could say "I told you so" without getting scrapped. As Quint placed the files down, he also witnessed the new energy signal being detected. Whatever this strange gem was, it was certainly garnering attention. And if Wily wanted it, then Quint had to be ready to oblige. The boy took another look at the gem on the screen... until a Quick Boomerang whacked him in the head. "OW! WILL YOU TWO QUIT IT, ALREADY?!" Quint snapped.
  2. Though Omega wasn't exactly the friendliest Skylander out there, he didn't want to leave on sour terms. He accepted Hsien-Ko's handshake and said, "AFFIRMATIVE... PARTNER." After bidding farewell to Hsien-Ko, a portal opened up in front of Omega. But before leaving, Omega gave a request to A-E. @Failinhearts "IF ANY OF THE OTHER MEATBAGS ASK WHERE I AM, TELL THEM... I'LL BE BACK." And with that, the walking arsenal headed through the portal, returning to G.U.N. HQ. All that was left for him to do, was await his next orders... ------------------------------------------------------ Over at the workshop, Silver and Professor Von Schlemmer were putting up the last few decorations... away from the equipment, of course. "Aaand... there! That should do it!" said Silver, happy to have finally finished. "Thanks for the help, Professor!" As he said this, he felt a couple of pokes coming from behind him. "Oh, you guys too!" The pokes were coming from Von Schlemmer's three little lab assistants, the Bits. "Okay, you little rascals. Zat's enough vork for today!" said the Professor, calling the three back to him. "So... you really mean it, Professor?" Silver asked Von Schlemmer. "You're gonna stay and help out?" In response, the Professor gave a jolly smile. "Ooh-hoo-hoo! Of course, mein friend!" he replied. "Zhough... I vill need to gather my belongings from ze lab back home. If only zhere vas a vay..." "We could ask to use the portal over in the HQ. I'm sure it's not too busy over there..." said Silver. Though he couldn't help but feel like he was going to regret those words.
  3. Once the connection was established, Omega was in contact with... some random soldier. "H-huh?! Who is this?!" the soldier asked. "This'd better not be another prank--" "THIS IS E-123 OMEGA, G.U.N. ELITE DARK UNIT! I'M REQUESTING CONTACT WITH MY TEAMMATES!" Omega demanded, immediately interrupting the soldier. "--o-oh, Agent Omega!" the soldier replied, not expecting to find the E-Series bot on the other end of the line. "*ahem* Er, apologies, but I think Agents Shadow and Rouge are occupied with another mission right now." Omega sounded disappointed by this. "...UNDERSTOOD. IN THAT CASE, I WILL RETURN TO HQ WITH--" "--ONE MOMENT, PLEASE." Omega turned around to acknowledge Hsien-Ko's appearance. "NEGATIVE. I CANNOT GET 'SICK'." He paused, before explaining. "I AM REQUIRED TO BE DEBRIEFED BY THE G.U.N. COMMANDER, REGARDING MY MISSIONS HERE. AFTER THAT, I CAN RETURN TO MY REGULAR MISSIONS." Omega didn't go into detail as to what he meant by 'regular missions', but reassured Hsien-Ko. "THIS WILL MERELY BE A TEMPORARY ABSENCE. NOTHING MORE." Turning back to the screen, Omega gave the soldier one last demand. "INFORM COMMANDER TOWER THAT I WILL BE RETURNING SOON." The soldier acknowledged the request, saying, "Roger that. I'll inform the Commander right away. Cutting communications." And with that, the screen returned to normal.
  4. Elsewhere on the island, Omega was observing all the Christmas decorations presented across the town. He wasn't exactly someone who enjoyed the holidays, nor did he follow most of the traditions that would come with it. But it did remind him of one thing: his friends. His team. Not the Skylanders, but rather Team Dark. Feeling that he'd been out of contact with them for too long, Omega headed for the EPF HQ. With all the newcomers making their presence known, chances were likely that the room was no longer filled with Skylanders celebrating. Once he reached the HQ, Omega went up to the computer to make his request. "NICOLE. A-E. I REQUEST TO SEND A TRANSMISSION TO G.U.N. HEADQUARTERS IMMEDIATELY." @Failinhearts @Polkadi Meanwhile, Aku-Aku was peacefully wandering across the island, though Crash was nowhere to be found. It was as if the bandicoot wasn't even on the island anymore...
  5. "I should be able to repel the poisonous effects, at least..." said Aku-Aku, "...though I may require your assistance in healing her wounds, Alisa." As he began to use his magic to try and heal Toko, he overheard Makoto explaining Kotoko's secret. He tried not to let it break his concentration, but it wasn't easy to ignore such a revelation. Meanwhile, Crash had to think for a moment to understand what Makoto meant by 'sexual harassment', but he couldn't quite get it. He almost looked like he was going to ask another Skylander what it meant, but Omega, who'd given up on trying to leave, stopped him. "DO NOT BOTHER. THIS SITUATION IS... DIFFICULT TO EXPLAIN."
  6. Seeing Toko's weakened state, Aku-Aku offered his assistance. "Your wounds appear to be getting worse, Miss Toko. If you will allow me, I can help to heal them temporarily." Though Aku-Aku was more adept at protecting over healing, he hoped to at least provide Toko with some support in the meantime. @DantaJ86 Meanwhile, Crash wasn't sure what this whole ordeal with Kotoko was about. He was still upset, sure, but seeing a young child upset over something was enough for him to show concern for that child. Ultimately oblivious to Kotoko's situation, Crash merely waited to see what would happen next. Omega, on the other hand, seemed perfectly content not knowing Kotoko's secret. Instead, he started looking for a way out of the room.
  7. Crash had a look of total horror as Kotoko chose to kill herself. Aku-Aku attempted to console Crash, seeing tears well up in the bandicoot's eyes. Meanwhile, Omega just glared at the dying girl. It was impossible to tell how he was feeling at that point, though with his weapons ready, one thing was clear. If Kotoko hadn't chosen to take her own life... Omega would have fired. But the choice was made. Now he just waited for the final opponent to show themselves...
  8. Omega looked at the door Kyubey was pointing at, then back to Kyubey. "IF YOU INSIST, PROGRAM!" he replied. Targeting the door ahead of him, Omega fired at it with everything he had. Missiles, lasers, chainguns... the whole package! Surely enough, the door didn't last long against the barrage of attacks it received. "NOW WHAT...?" Omega asked Kyubey, curious as to where this was going.
  9. "HA! AND I THOUGHT THIS WOULD BE A CHALLENGE!" Omega taunted, gleefully mocking the Juggernaut's design flaw. Wasting no time, he blasted the heavy Monokuma with everything up his arsenal. Meanwhile, Aku-Aku finished healing Crash. "There. You should be fine now." Crash leapt up with joy, ready to continue! ...And then they noticed the crack in the window. "Oh no..." said Aku-Aku, while Crash began to panic a little. After all, the poor guy forgot to bring his diving gear with him!
  10. "Whoa!" said Crash, as he was flung into the air. When he fell back down, the bandicoot ended up landing on his face in a comical fashion. With Crash down, Aku-Aku - having been unaffected by the Juggernaut's ground-pound - went over to check that Crash was alright. "Hold on, Crash!" he said, using his magic to heal the bandicoot. Meanwhile, upon landing himself, Omega realised that his missile barrage was getting nowhere against the numerous Crackler illusions. So he put aside his hatred of illusions for the time being, and went back to focusing on his original target: the Juggernaut. "SWITCHING TARGETS!" Omega announced, firing a series of missiles that flew... over the Juggernaut? Regardless, the E-Series took the opportunity to tackle his foe, before throwing a punch towards the Juggernaut's face.
  11. Omega quickly dodged the Juggernaut's laser, but wasn't able to completely avoid it, as the blast managed to burn his back. However, Omega simply shrugged it off, caring only about the Monokuma's destruction. But while he attempted to keep his focus on the Juggernaut, Aku-Aku was more concerned about the Crackler's illusions. "As I suspected. A trickster..." the mask said, shielding against another laser. "We must find a way to stop its illusions!" Upon hearing the word 'illusions', Omega glared at the Crackler(s) with fury. "NOT AGAIN!" he shouted, before randomly firing missiles wherever he saw a Crackler. "ERADICATE ALL ILLUSIONS! ERADICATE!" While this was going on, Crash noticed the Rip-Rotor distracting the others. Once he had a chance, Crash intercepted the Rip-Rotor's spin with his own spin attack.
  12. "WELL, AT LEAST THIS DAY WON'T BE A TOTAL LOSS!" said Omega, who was glad that he didn't miss out on all the action. Observing the competition, it soon became clear that Omega had a 'favourite' choice of opponent, with his optics focused on the Juggernaut Monokuma. "I WANT THE BIG ONE!" he insisted, pointing at it. Crash, on the other hand, didn't really want to fight any more of them. However, the Monokumas didn't look like they were going to budge anytime soon, so he prepared for another round of whack-a-bear. Crash wasn't exactly one to just 'pick' an opponent, though he was rather fixated on the Rip-Rotor Monokuma's design... Aku-Aku was ready to assist Crash and the others, though he also kept an eye on the Crackler Monokuma.
  13. Crash and Aku-Aku followed Makoto to the next train car, while Omega took a moment to look at the broken remains of the Orb, Ultron and Duelist Monokumas. Seeing all the scrap parts only made him feel one emotion: Anger. "...DID I JUST SKIP AN ENTIRE COMBAT SCENARIO?!" he furiously asked, following the others. "THAT MEATBAG IS GOING TO PAY FOR IMMOBILISING ME, AND MAKING ME MISS EVERYTHING!!" It was clear that Omega did not enjoy missing moments like these...
  14. Crash and Aku-Aku did everything they could to keep the Ultron Monokuma busy, though it proved to be difficult to defeat. Once an opening was available, Aku-Aku notified Crash. "There! You have a clear shot!" he said to the bandicoot, who prepared to fire a juicy blast from his Wumpazooka at the Ultron Monokuma. Meanwhile, the combined efforts of Tron, Tails and Daniel's Cosplay, were finally paying off. Omega was able to speak properly now, and was no longer giving off the warning signals he had earlier. "SYSTEM REPAIR AT 98%... 99%... 100%! ALL SYSTEMS ARE AT FULL POWER!" he shouted, immediately charging towards the battle.
  15. As Aku-Aku saw Makoto heading off, he could tell that the boy was worried for his sister. After all, while Omega's situation wasn't good, Komaru's was undoubtedly worse. "Makoto is right," Aku-Aku told the other Skylanders, "we have other matters to attend to." He then followed Makoto, as did Crash. The most they could hope for now, was that Omega stayed motionless for the time being...