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  1. "Thanks. I will. And same to you!" Alt!Chi replied, heading over to his allies. "Oh, one more thing!" he added. "Keep that dark side of yours in check next time you visit!" "Yeah. Your Edgeworth should be glad to have a team like you guys!" said Alt!Silver. "INDEED. LET HIM KNOW OF YOUR ENDEAVOURS HERE!" Alt!Omega added. As the three alternate Skylanders bid farewell to the others' counterparts, something felt off about what they said. Was it bad timing on their part? ...Eh, probably not.
  2. "It's just... I don't know the exact details of what I've done in this timeline. But..." Alt!Chi paused, before continuing. "...I know that it was messy. I just want you to promise that you won't let me... the other me... become anything like what I was before today." He then looked at his fellow Skylanders. "Same goes for their counterparts, too." There was a pause, before Chi spoke up again. "...Oh, what am I babbling on about this for? Of course you'll keep them all safe!" he said, sounding more optimistic.
  3. "Heh, maybe. In the meantime, we'll guarantee the safety of this timeline!" Alt!Silver replied, with a clear sense of confidence. "...I mean, that is what I'm used to." Before the heroes left, though, Alt!Chi approached Sonic one last time. "Uh, I hope you don't mind me asking this, but..." he said, sounding a little worried. "...does your multiverse have a Chi like me? Rebellious, hates Eggman, all that stuff?" Alt!Chi asked the Sentinel. "I only ask this because... there's a favour I'd like to ask of you."
  4. "...OH. MY BAD. I FORGOT TO SET IT TO 'NON-LETHAL'. I'M SURE HE'LL BE OKAY..." Omega said sheepishly. "I guess some things never change with you..." said Chi. Meanwhile, the alternate Silver walked over to Sonic. @Failinhearts "I guess you'll be heading back to your multiverse now, huh?" he said, already knowing the answer.
  5. "Hmm... hey Omega, do you still have a taser in your arsenal?" Chi asked his 'brother'. "AFFIRMATIVE. WHY?" Omega responded, to which Chi pointed at Yuta. "HOLD STILL, INTERDIMENSIONAL BOY. THIS WILL ONLY STING FOR APPROXIMATELY 3.33 SECONDS..." he said to the frozen Yuta, before shocking him.
  6. "Ugh... h-huh?!" Among the group of reformed Skylanders, this world's Silver and Chi looked at themselves with astonishment. "I'm... me again? H-ha! I'm myself again!" said Silver, happy that he'd been restored. "I... FUNCTION? AT LAST!" said the reformed Omega. "WEAPONS ARE OPERATIONAL! TIME TO END THE REIGN OF DESPAIR!" There was a pause, before Omega continued. "...THOUGH PERHAPS, THESE SHOULD BE USED AS A LAST RESORT." It seemed like some of the pacifist Omega still lurked within his systems, though given a new purpose. Meanwhile, the alternate Chi was filled with both joy... and sorrow. "All this time... all that time I spent..." "Forgive me, Skylanders..." Alt!Chi said to the counterparts. "Please, forgive us all. We will work to repair what's left of this multiverse."
  7. As the two clashed once more, there was a powerful struggle. Chi tried to fight back... but it was no use. Finally, the bootlegged Gizoid reverted to his 'regular' form, outmatched by Next Purple and plummeting back down to the ground. Laying there, Chi could only repeat one word over and over. "Despair... despair... des...pair..."
  8. "GAH--hahahahah!" The knockoff clearly felt a lot of pain from the blade. But with each attack, he seemed to get crazier. "HAHAHA! This pain... I've longed for it for so long!" he remarked. "Now let's finish this! One of us is gonna be feeling despair at the end of the day!" With one last dash, Fake!Chi flew straight towards Next Purple. "I--I--I--" It seemed as though Fake!Omega's thoughts prevented him from functioning properly. Suddenly, the robot punched a hole in his chest, terminating himself... Or rather, shutting down his body. Surprisingly, out of the robot's centre popped out a small Pocky. The little animal didn't say anything, but a certain bootlegged hedgehog certainly had something to say. "H-hey! What did you do with that idiot?!" he asked, angry at both 'Sally' and the Pocky. "Can't you do anything right?! You worthless pieces of--GAH?!" Fake!Silver was then interrupted by the Pocky suddenly jumping onto his face, punching and kicking him over and over. The sudden attack left Fake!Silver unable to retaliate, and looking rather pathetic to the other bootlegs who witnessed this.
  9. Upon being pushed back, Fake!Chi gave a grunt of annoyance, soon followed by laughter. "Heheheh... Impressive tech!" he noted, before spinning around to face the back of Next Purple. "Why don't you share them with the whole class, huh?!" Fake!Chi remarked, as he attempted to rip the wings off her back in retaliation. "VIOLENCE... IS USED... FOR DESPAIR." Omega didn't really sound confused by Nicole's statement. "I AM... AWARE. HOWEVER, IT IS... A NECESSARY VIOLENCE. EVENTUALLY, ALL WORLDS WILL SUCCUMB TO DESPAIR." However, something didn't quite sit right in the robot's mind. "IT IS NECESSA...NECE...NE..." he continued, seemingly glitching out. Was this really the right thing? Was this really his decision? These questions started playing in Omega's head. "...ERROR! ERROR! ERROR!"
  10. "Restrain... me..." Fake!Chi seemed oddly amused by this. "You... will... try..." he said, before activating his third eye. However, unlike the regular Chi, this one's third eye caused a strange transformation. Standing in front of Next Purple was a horribly deformed Gizoid, one half bright silver with a grey eye, the other jet black with a red eye. "Heheh... I can't be restrained! I am... UNCHAINED!" said the now-Unchained Chi, dashing towards Next Purple with fury. "I'll enjoy tearing you all to shreds!" Omega grabbed the weapons, and looked at Nicole. "MONOKUMA REQUIRES MINIONS TO SPREAD DESPAIR. DESPAIR HALTS VIOLENCE. WITH ENOUGH DESPAIR, WORLDS WILL BECOME PEACEFUL." It seemed like this Omega truly believed that he was doing the right thing. "DO YOU NOT SEE WHY IT IS NECESSARY?"
  11. "Perfect..." said Fake!Chi, rushing over to Sonic's knockoff. In a surprise move, he grabbed the defeated 'Sentinel' and held him up. Turning to Sonic, Fake!Chi pointed his weapon at the knockoff. "You have a choice, Sentinel copy! Either I kill 'you', or you kill me! Either way, someone perishes from your mistakes!" he announced. "THANK YOU FOR THE KIND WORDS, MISS SALLY. NOW THEN..." said Fake!Omega, turning his attention to the surrendering Nicole. "YOU WILL RELINQUISH ALL WEAPONS CALMLY. DUE TO YOUR STATUS AS AN A.I., YOU WILL NEED TO BE REPROGRAMMED. REST ASSURED, THE PROCESS IS... MOSTLY HARMLESS."
  12. "DO NOT WORRY. THE PAIN YOU FEEL IS ONLY TEMPORARY..." the bootlegged Omega stated to Nicole. "SURRENDER, AND THE PAIN WILL STOP." "Pathetic..." said the bootlegged Chi, walking over to Sonic while Neptune was preoccupied by his Knockoff. "As I said, it is a pity. You clearly had an advantage, yet you held back like a fool. And now, because of your failure, you lay defeated." As he said this, Fake!Chi's left eye started glowing a crimson red, reminiscent of Monokuma. "I should kill you right here and now. But perhaps the despair of watching your friends be killed, will unleash your true self..." "I don't think so!" said the bootlegged Silver, grabbing the two with his psychokinesis. "You'll have much more fun over there!" he added, tossing them away.
  13. "Impressive, Sentinel..." said Fake!Chi, while also blasting Neptune. "It is a shame, though. This... worthless copy almost seemed competent for a moment. A pity..." "THAT IS ENOUGH!" said Fake!Omega, standing in the way. "THIS VIOLENCE IS UNCALLED FOR!" The robot then fired a spark of electricity at Nicole to subdue her.
  14. Well, I did have a ridiculously long post trying to express why I stick around, but I've edited it so many times now that it's not worth listing. I guess, the more I think about it, I have no idea why I stick around. I only ever played the worst (ports of) Sonic games as a kid, so maybe playing the better ones later on got me interested? I dunno. All I really know is that I've been losing interest in the current franchise more and more lately, with some very rare exceptions.
  15. Before more fireballs could strike Sonic's Knockoff, they were caught with psychic energy, then tossed right back at him. "Aww, did I ruin your little comeback?" the Bootlegged Silver remarked, with a smug grin on his face. Then suddenly, a blast from behind Sonic knocked the Knockoff's sword out of his hand! "Pathetic. You only succeed by stealing that which does not belong to you!" said the Bootlegged Chi, whipping out his own Energy Blade to strike the Sentinel from behind. Meanwhile, the Bootlegged Omega hesitated to join the fight. "WHY MUST YOU ALL RESORT TO VIOLENCE? CAN WE NOT FIND A MORE PEACEFUL SOLUTION?"