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  1. NegaMetallix

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (December 7th)

    This is honestly all I could possibly ask for from a new(-ish) Smash title! I especially can't wait to try out Ridley (or more specifically, Meta Ridley)!
  2. Seeing Pirates of the Caribbean return in KH3 is great and all, but...

    Where the hell is Baymax?!

    Why haven't we seen ANYTHING Big Hero 6 related since that concept art reveal years ago?!

    1. Ferno


      must be trying to match the insane visuals of that movie

  3. Let's see here...

    - A Forza Horizon game set in Britain

    - Kingdom Hearts 3

    - More Cuphead

    - Battletoads

    - And a pretty sweet-looking cyberpunk game called... er, Cyber Punk

    ...Huh. Not bad, Microsoft.

  4. Pfft! I swear, Omega's car looks like it was built out of kids construction toys! ==================== Anyway, I'm not entirely sure how I feel about the Team mechanic so far. While it helps prevent this from simply being "All-Stars Racing 3 minus the All-Stars", I do hope that the game includes a non-team-based mode as well, at least for variety's sake.
  5. NegaMetallix

    There is a ghost browsing SSMB

    I've been seeing this in every topic I've visited in the last couple of days. Even this one...
  6. NegaMetallix


    ...Something's wrong here. No in-your-face explosions? An adorable little Bumblebee? Starscream actually looks like Starscream?! I... I think I'm legitimately interested in seeing a Transformers movie. Whether they manage to keep me interested remains to be seen, but... damn.
  7. NegaMetallix

    PlayStation @ E3 2018: 4 Games, 4 The Players (June 11th/12th)

    "When do we get to see the game?" Kojima: "This is the game!" ...In all seriousness, I'd definitely prefer to see some actual gameplay this year. Besides, I don't think I want to know how they could possibly top having a baby give me a thumbs-up from inside a man's belly.
  8. NegaMetallix

    PlayStation @ E3 2018: 4 Games, 4 The Players (June 11th/12th)

    The way I see it, there may be more game announcements from Sony before/during E3, but these four will be getting the primary focus during their conference. Everything else will likely get a trailer at least, but not much else until after the conference.
  9. Yeah, I couldn't think of a more clever title. Sue me. E3's fast approaching, and I think it's about time we took a look at what ol' Sony has to offer. And in a twist, they've already given us a heads-up on what to expect from them! https://blog.us.playstation.com/2018/05/11/playstation-at-e3-2018-the-journey-begins-june-11-at-600pm-pacific/ TIMES: Monday 11th June - 6pm PT (Pacific Time) Tuesday 12th June - 2am BST (UK time) ==================== Personally, I'm excited to hear more about Spider-Man, but not as excited for the rest. What about you guys?
  10. The more I hear about this game, the more it starts to basically sound like "Pokémon Go: Story Mode Edition". The small amount of Pokémon available, the lack of many online features, the connectivity with Pokémon Go. It honestly wouldn't surprise me if they also removed EVs/IVs too, in an attempt to streamline this game.
  11. Typical. I spend one week away from home, and the place is completely trashed!

    And of course, I'm expected to clean it all up...

    1. MightyRay


      Yeesh... Sorry you have to deal with that Nega. That's really lame of others to do that.

    2. Failinhearts


      So sorry that you have to go through that, man. That sucks, big time.

    3. Harkofthewaa


      Yeah, my brother did that to me and my dad a few years ago when we got back from church camp one summer. Really sucks to come home to see moldy rice and all other manner of crap everywhere.

    4. NegaMetallix


      Problem is, I know why my mum always leaves the place in such a state. But bringing it up to her is... difficult, given the subject.

  12. Can't join in with Mario Kart sadly, but I'm definitely up for some Splatooning tonight!
  13. I think it's sounded like that since the XY anime, at the very latest. Maybe earlier. ... Anyway, to me this just looks like a game designed to get Pokémon Go players interested in the main series, by bridging the two styles together. They probably just figured that Gen 1 was the simplest game/region to remake, as uninteresting and nostalgia-grabby it may be. Can't say I'm too interested in this, but I might keep an eye on it.

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