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  1. Tails, Sally, Alter-Ego and Kyubey were soon joined in the Command Room by Omega. "IT APPEARS I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO HAS CHOSEN TO AVOID THE FESTIVITIES!" he commented, before letting Tails know of his 'gift' in the workshop. "I HAVE DELIVERED E-121 TO YOUR WORKSHOP, TAILS. DO WHAT YOU WANT WITH HIM." Although telling Omega's expressions was a difficult task for many, he sounded particularly uncaring about that last part. Meanwhile, Marine had begun to wander around Club Penguin, taking in the sights. She hadn't actually spoken to anyone about joining the Skylanders, but there was no way she was going to miss the chance to explore a brand new island! ...Even if it was rather chilly. Eventually, she came across Sonic and another hedgehog... @Jovahexeon Ghost Trick @Polkadi "Sonic!! Amy!!" Marine yelled, surprisingly recognising the latter. She ran down a hill to greet the two, but ended up tumbling down instead, forming a large snowball!
  2. Silver, in the midst of trying to find the gift shop, soon noticed a familiar pink face in town. "Wait, isn't that...? When did she get--" he thought, before remembering what was going on. "...Right. Valentine's. Heh, well at least Sonic's gonna have a fun time..." Silver chuckled, having a good idea of how the Blue Blur may react... Meanwhile, a certain duo were making their way into another part of town. It was none other than Crash Bandicoot and Aku-Aku, who had seemingly disappeared briefly. "Now then, Crash. Are you sure you're still ready to help these Skylanders?" Aku-Aku asked the Bandicoot, who gave a thumbs-up in response. "...I thought you might be. In that case, perhaps we should see what they are up to now." The two proceeded further, curious to see how the Skylanders have been doing since they last met.
  3. While he was about to head over to the HQ, Omega made a brief stop at the workshop to drop off Chi. Though it was less like 'dropping off', and more like 'slamming him onto the floor with no remorse'. With that taken care of, the walking arsenal made his way to the HQ, thinking it would be the best place to avoid the celebrations. ======================================== Meanwhile, locked up in Cloudcracker Prison, Eggman Nega simply sulked at his predicament. With nothing else to do, he began to think about the one part of his defeat that just didn't add up to him. Namely, the sudden disappearance of his Death Egg. Nega thought back, to the time just before the Genesis Wave activated... "...No. He couldn't have. I... I had the Skylanders eliminate him for me!" Nega mumbled to himself, before putting the pieces together. "Unless... Metal Sonic was...!" Epilogue 2: Dead Bots Tell No Tales Elsewhere, in another point of time and space, a battered-up vessel lay dormant on a somewhat slanted island... "Such a pity..." a lone figure commented, from inside the hollow dome. "...Had I opted to kill the doctor before they arrived, mayhaps I'd have a fully functional Egg O' War! But, I s'pose that'll have to wait." He walked over to a monitor, one of the few things still working aboard the ship, and used it to scan his surroundings. [COMMENCING SCAN... SCAN COMPLETE. HIGH-LEVEL ENERGY SIGNATURE DETECTED. UNABLE TO DETERMINE EXACT LOCATION.] "Hmm... interesting." On screen, the scanners had detected a large, likely-sustainable power source somewhere in this world. "This energy... why, it could fuel me Egg O' War fer generations!" the figure noted. "Harr! Even the Sol Emeralds be nothin' but trinkets, compared to this!" "I best be thankin' those Skylanders, should we cross paths again! Thanks to them, the multiverse will soon learn to fear the name... Captain Metal!" CHARACTER BIO:
  4. Stepping out of the Gesellschaft, Silver, Omega and Von Schlemmer looked around to see the Valentine's decorations all over Club Penguin. "Valentine's, huh? Oh boy..." Silver commented, with a slight expression of worry. The Professor didn't seem to mind too much, though was more interested in getting back to his lab. And then, there was Omega. "PASS! I HAVE BETTER THINGS TO DO!" he quickly announced. It was safe to say, he wasn't exactly in a 'loving' mood. As Omega left, though, someone could be heard shivering behind the Skylanders. Someone who probably shouldn't be there... "S-s-strewth! D-did you have to land on s-such a c-c-cold island!" Marine stuttered, after stepping into the snow. Seems like the others forgot about her. Again.
  5. With Eggman Nega finally taken care of, Silver breathed a sigh of relief. It was over. His worst enemy was behind bars, where he belonged! Looking at the others, he gave a smile. "...Well then, should we get going?" he asked. "INDEED! I MUST PREPARE FOR THE NEXT MISSION!" Omega replied, eager to get back. "Ya, ze sonner ve get back, ze sooner I can get a better look at zis marvellous machinery!" Von Schlemmer added, eyeing some of the spare parts. "Alright then! Let the pilot know that we're ready to go!" Silver told the others.
  6. "...That's it? You're just going to try and lock me up in some prison?" said Eggman Nega. "HA! Like that's going to stop me!" He seemed pretty confident that he would escape, but Silver thought otherwise. "Really? 'Cause I don't see anyone coming to bail you out, so..." the hedgehog noted, with a bit of a cocky grin. And it appeared as though Silver was right! While waiting for Snap Shot to arrive, there was no sign of any last-minute rescues by LOSE this time. It looked like, after many evasions, the Skylanders were finally going to successfully capture a dangerous villain! Even Nega seemed to realise that he had no way out... Frustrated, the mad scientist gave the heroes one final, serious threat. "...Enjoy your victory while it lasts!" Nega said coldly. "It'll only be a matter of time before I come back. And when I do, I can promise you one thing. Your friends, your families, your worlds... I'll make sure to burn them all to ASHES! Heheheheee..."
  7. With seemingly no way out of his current predicament, Eggman Nega's expression was one of absolute anger... combined with a hint of fear. He wasn't liking this one bit. "And why should I bother telling you that?!" Nega retorted. "You may have me outnumbered, but that doesn't mean you can make me ta--!" But then, he heard Mikan... For a moment, Nega's fear made itself much clearer after seeing Mikan's face, and hearing her threat. "...W-wait! There's no need to make things messy!" he quickly blurted out, before reluctantly agreeing to provide an explanation on the E-Series Gizoid. "E-121 Chi was a failure! My idiotic ancestor never bothered to finish him, before moving on to other projects!" he explained. "...So I finished the work for him! I used him as a scout to monitor Sonic's world, after settling down in this world. But when I heard about your little playgroup, I figured that the best way to study you all... was to send a 'Skylander' of my own." "Oh, the secrets he spilled!" Nega continued, while eyeing certain Skylanders present. "The tragic history of the Sentinels. The utility of the Roboticised Masters. The wonders of Enchantus! And that curious 'LOG' fellow..." he paused for a second, before grinning. "...Why, he even let me know when Blaze had returned here a while back! @Polkadi All thanks to that communicator he gave her. Hehehe..." But then, he looked over at the non-functioning Chi, with an expression of disappointment. "...It's a shame then, that he start to blend in TOO well! The poor thing started thinking he was a real hero! I couldn't let that happen, so I... recalled him, let's say." Nega then turned to face the majority of the Skylanders, his look of anger returning. "And yet, he STILL managed to get that belated message to you! Thanks to him, I had to cut corners! If only I had more time, then I would have finally won! NO MORE LOSE, NO MORE SKYLANDERS! I WOULD HAVE--!" Nega's rambling was finally cut off by Silver, holding him in place with his psychokinesis. "We get it, Eggman Nega!" he said. "I'm done with your excuses!"
  8. "O-oh, uh..." Great, now Silver was beginning to stutter too! He felt embarrassed for asking about it, and wondered what to say next. Meanwhile, Marine had also exited the Fokkerwolf, and soon spotted the two conversing. But wait, was Blaze... blushing?! While she'd seen the princess stutter before, this was notably different. Seeing this, a potentially knowing smile grew on Marine's face... Silver couldn't help but share a similar thought to Tron's, as the monitor came up to reveal who was outside... It was none other than... Eggman Nega! It looked like the mad, mad doctor had also survived the Genesis Wave, and was now hopelessly trying to escape in his battered-up Eggmobile. How sad... "...Stay here. I'll take care of this!" Silver told the other Skylanders, as he levitated himself and zoomed out of the Gesellshaft. On the monitor, the Skylanders could now see Silver land on the Eggmobile, disable it with his psychokinesis, and grab Nega out of it, before making his way back. Upon re-entry, Silver tossed Eggman Nega over to the Skylanders. "I promised that I wouldn't let you escape again, Eggman Nega!" he said, sternly. The doctor just growled back, before turning back to see the many, MANY Skylanders in front of him...
  9. "THAT REMAINS TO BE SEEN!" Omega replied, to both Jessica and Star. "THE FIRST PRIORITY WILL BE TO FIND OUT WHO THE 'REAL' E-121 CHI IS..." Meanwhile, just outside the Gesellschaft, a small hovering vehicle was detected nearby. Judging by the size of it, it appeared to be... an Eggmobile, perhaps?
  10. As Blaze stepped out of the Fokkerwolf, Silver approached the princess. "I believe this belongs to you..." he said, finally handing the Jewelled Sceptre over to its rightful owner. While Silver gave Blaze the Sceptre, he also noticed the cape she was wearing. "Huh. When did you get that?" he asked Blaze, out of curiosity. Soon, Omega had made his way onto the Dreamcast, opting to pick up Chi's body for the time being. As he exited with Chi on his shoulder, he could be seen by Star...
  11. "Oh... I see..." Von Schlemmer replied. Clearly, something wasn't fine. But the Professor wasn't exactly in a position to question it any further, so he dropped it for now. "That funny-haired bloke with the floaty powers has it!" Marine replied, hearing about Silver having it over communications. "He's on that other ship, though." Speaking of Silver, the psychic hedgehog knew that he couldn't hold on to the Sceptre forever. As the Dreamcast landed inside the Gesellschaft, Silver headed out to meet up with the others leaving the Fokkerwolf. All he had to do was find Blaze, and hand over the Jewelled Sceptre. "Hey, Blaze! Are you in there?" he called out.
  12. Silver wasn't quite sure himself, but thinking about it... the flash of white, and the slight feeling of time shifting... it had all the telltale signs of a Genesis Wave. So then... why is everything good now? Shouldn't the world be changed to what Eggman Nega wanted? It made no sense! But then, Silver looked at the Sceptre again. "I don't know what exactly happened, but... the Jewelled Sceptre... it might have just saved us from that Genesis Wave!" he said to the others.
  13. "Right..." Silver replied, with a concerned look on his face. He was admittedly worried about Chi's true nature. "...But, is it even worth fixing him?" he thought to himself. "Oof... my head..." Von Schlemmer muttered, still recovering from the effects of the wave. While he did so, he just about heard Sally mention something 'happening again'. "Er, excuse me..." said the Professor, approaching Sally. "...But, did you say 'happened again'? Vat do you mean?" he asked. Omega soon noticed Blaze getting up, and went to see how she was doing. "YOU ARE AWAKE?" he asked the princess. "THAT IS... GOOD TO SEE." Just then, another face came over to check on Blaze. "Hey! You're okay!" Marine shouted, getting overly excited. "That was one bonza move you did, blowing up that big egg with your super fire power!" There was then a pause, as Marine realised that she may have gotten ahead of herself a bit. "...You did blow it up, right Blaze?"
  14. "I've still got the Sceptre!" said Silver. As he said this, the glow surrounding it started to fade. "As for Chi, well..." He then pointed at the motionless Gizoid, which had ended up inside the Dreamcast after the wave. Luckily for the Skylanders, it didn't appear as though Chi was going to be reactivating anytime soon. Curious to see what was going on outside, Silver looked through one of the windows. What he saw, however, gave him a surprise. "Hey... look at this!" he told the others. Outside, the once-stormy skies of the Sol Zone were now gleaming with sunlight! Down on the surface, the large purple cracks had also disappeared. Granted, there were still some signs of visible damage to the islands below, but it looked like the world had finally reached a more peaceful state.
  15. The impact from Sonic's attack left Chi incapacitated, and unable to function any further. He then quietly muttered one word, before shutting down. "For...give..." Silver, struggling to stand, used the Sceptre to keep himself up. He entered the Dreamcast - with some help - and sat down, exhausted from the struggle. Eggman Nega could only watch as Burning Blaze turned her attention to him. "Go ahead... finish it!" he taunted. It looked like he wanted Blaze to do it! However, before she could go through with it, a booming voice was heard across the Death Egg. A cold, vaguely-familiar pirate voice, to be exact. "That needn't be necessary, fair princess!" he called out to Blaze. "Ye won't be destroying MY new Egg O' War! Not again!" By now, the reactor had started to glow immensely bright! It was almost as if... as if the Genesis Wave was about to take effect! Sure enough, before anyone had the chance to react, a flash of white light enveloped the Sol Zone! ... Seconds later, the flash of light disappeared. When the Skylanders awoke, they found themselves... exactly where they were just before the flash. The Gesellschaft, Dreamcast, Fokkerwolf and Jessica's ship were still high above the Machine Labyrinth, but... something was missing. There was no egg-shaped vessel in sight! "Wha... what just... happened?" Silver looked around the Dreamcast. It seemed like the Skylanders who were still on the Death Egg before the wave, were now on board each of the ships. Still confused, the psychic hedgehog saw the Jewelled Sceptre was still in his hands. Though it was glowing, for some reason...

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