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  1. It could just be the former, but it wouldn't surprise me too much if they've given Farfetch'd version-exclusive evolutions, similar to Rockruff in Sun/Moon.
  2. Ugh, think I might really need to switch internet providers soon. A lot of the household phones take ages to recognise the wi-fi, and the PS4's connection speed recently has just been... hoo boy...

  3. It took a while (mostly thanks to procrastination) but I'm finally done with the first palace in Persona 5.

    Now to prepare for the exams...

  4. Pay day's arrived for me, so time to get some Smash DLC!

  5. DAMN, that was a good watch! Doom 64? SNES games finally arriving? A remastered Xenoblade Chronicles? Banjo & Kazooie releasing TONIGHT?! (Plus some Mii costumes I've been waiting a long time for.)

    ...Yep, I'm satisfied.

    1. Jovahexeon Ogilvie Maurice

      Jovahexeon Ogilvie Maurice

      Actually, it's a remake that Xenoblade Chronicles is getting.

    2. NegaMetallix


      Ah, gotcha. I wasn't sure which one it falls under at that moment, I just know those graphics aren't Wii/3DS quality anymore.

      Either way, I'm looking forward to it.

  6. Huh, I forgot there was a Nintendo Direct tonight.

    Guess I'll go watch it now.

  7. Just a heads-up: The creator of that video has since stated that the lighting issues in Spyro 1 are no longer a problem, but there are still major issues when playing with unlocked framerates.
  8. Got it. My main concerns with the port are with those games, tbh, due to their differing quality in the other console versions. (Well, Spyro 3 mainly.)
  9. @Ryannumber1gamer Hmm, I dunno then. If I were playing it, it'd be primarily in docked mode, so as long as the frame rate dips aren't too noticeable, then I may be tempted. Have you tested all three games in the trilogy?
  10. Yeesh! Sounds like I'll be better off sticking with the PS4 version. Shame, since I was pretty interested in getting Spyro on Switch. Though I am curious to see how the PC version turns out.
  11. Why is it that whenever I finally start to catch up with one show/game/whatever, another two or three manage to show up on my radar? At this rate, I'll never catch up with everything I want to.

    Can life just... I dunno, slow down a bit?

  12. I'm enjoying this game so far, despite the fact that my phone can barely run it, resulting in some very laggy battles and cutscenes. Still, at least the data is backed up on my Nintendo account, which should be useful if/when I eventually upgrade. ...Anyway, the game. I'm having a decent amount of fun with the story, primarily thanks to the way some characters bounce off one another. It's nothing exceptionally great, per se, but I like it. The gameplay wasn't too hard for me to get the hang of, but seeing all these Pokémon now only having one weakness did throw me for a curve ball to start with. If there's one major, MAJOR gripe I have with the game, though, it's the Gem system. For context, the Gems are basically what you use to recruit new characters and Pokémon to your team, but for some asinine reason, DeNA decided to separate these Gems into two categories: Paid & In-Game. So while you can still earn Gems to unlock a random character (though it's not guaranteed to be new; you could just get a repeat of one of your team members), certain "event" options for recruiting characters (such as the ongoing Launch Celebration) are permanently locked behind a paywall, because you HAVE to use Paid Gems on those! It's absolutely ridiculous! ...Aside from that, however, I think the game's pretty enjoyable overall. For the moment, at least. Yeah, there's a few remixes scattered throughout the game, usually when you battle certain characters. For example, if you battle Nanu (from Sun/Moon), the music will be a remix of the Island Kahuna battle theme.
  13. (Dammit, beaten to the punch! Stupid wi-fi...) Well, guess I can provide a list of the confirmed games and features coming to the collection, courtesy of IGN:
  14. Guess Spidey really IS far from home now...

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