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    NegaMetallix reacted to Ryannumber1gamer in PlayStation 5 Official Topic - Coming Holiday 2020   
    The money you save on buying a digital-only console will be off-set by having to pay far higher prices for digital titles, because Sony and Microsoft always artificially up the prices for no reason. Even right now - The Last of Us Part 2 is being sold physically for £50, if not less - if you shop around. It's £55 on the PlayStation Store.
    Cyberpunk 2077 and Square-Enix's Avengers is even more ridiculous, costing £60 each for the regular editions, when on Steam, and physically - they're being sold for £50, as always.
    There's zero reason or justification for this. Digital games is literally throwing a game up on a server and selling a license for people to download said game. There is no reality where digital gaming should cost more than a physical game. Where if you sell it physically, you have to deal with printing and distribution costs. 
    At the rate things are going with digital games, especially when Sony's concerned - if you went fully digital, you'd end up spending far, far more than you would just shelling out the extra money for the version with the disc drive. And on top of that, the disc drive doubles as a 4K Blu-Ray player as well, meaning it's also a media solution.
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    NegaMetallix reacted to Sean in PlayStation 5 Official Topic - Coming Holiday 2020   
    But you can buy digital games on the physical variant too. I don't know what Sony's end goal here is other than to eventually drive off physical as a future option for consumers, and I'm not liking it.
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    NegaMetallix got a reaction from KHCast in The PlayStation/Xbox theme topic   
    I'd been using the PS2 Legacy theme on my PS4 for quite a while, though before that I had the free 20th Anniversary theme:
    Currently, I've switched to one of the Persona 5 Royal themes provided as you play through the game. A couple of them are rather spoiler-y though, so into the spoiler box they go:
    As for the other consoles: My current PS3 theme is the 20th Anniversary one (it's about the same as the PS4 version, just without the background music) and while it's been quite some time since I last had/set up an Xbox, I believe my last 360 theme was the Sonic 15th Anniversary theme, while the One had some Titanfall 2 concept art (via one of the game's achievements).
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    NegaMetallix reacted to KHCast in The PlayStation/Xbox theme topic   
    I think the last theme I had for 360 was the Sonic Generations one. I LOVED how creative it was, especially when you went to the friends section. The Apotos Unleashed one was also pretty awesome. Also had a soft spot for the 1 vs 100 theme that I think came with all 360’s
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    NegaMetallix reacted to DabigRG in Popular and unpopular Sonic opinions you agree and disagree with!   
    Honestly, it's another area where Sonic Forces wasted a good opportunity.
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    NegaMetallix reacted to Blacklightning in My biggest desire for a sonic racer   
    It honestly beggars belief to me that a boost title hasn't been done as a racer yet. It's quite literally built to function on long, linear stretches of track, if not circles and helixes when the curves are generous enough for it, and the self contained "meta" within Shadow's fight in Generations speaks to me that there's still plenty of room to flesh things out in a mode actually dedicated to it.
    At worst you might argue the playing field would be uneven just by virtue of maybe 5 characters in the franchise being boost capable or some equivalent of it, but I don't mind if the remaining cast have it just for this game so they don't have to drudge through the headache of balancing characters up to that level without it.
    I don't have a hard time imagining Death Egg Robot scaled down to the size of his egg pod and being tuned more towards going fast, but even that aside I could still see him slapping extra thrusters onto his SA2 walker to make it a lot less clunky to use.
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    NegaMetallix got a reaction from Jango in Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled (June 21st, 2019)   
    The Crash, Cortex, Crunch and Geary ones are unlocked with the update, yes, but the Megamix skin has to be bought.
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    NegaMetallix reacted to Monkey Destruction Switch in A Total Beginner's Guide to the History of Sonic   
    First of all, make sure that you don't think of the movie being intended to take place in the same continuity as the games. The movie, like most adaptations, is its own thing, and in this case it's not a very close adaptation.
    Secondly, well... honestly, for the most part, what you see is what you get. The early games don't focus on story a lot, and ironically, once the games start focusing on story more, it only becomes LESS coherent, not more. The best way to make sense of it is with headcanons, honestly. Or just appreciate the more minimal stories in their intended context of the game and the overall experience. That's how the classic games' stories work best.
    The cartoons and comics often present a somewhat more coherent continuity, but they're usually much different from the games and in many cases have little in common with them.
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    NegaMetallix got a reaction from Monkey Destruction Switch in A Total Beginner's Guide to the History of Sonic   
    Okay, let's see if I can tackle some of these inquiries in order:
    I'll just tell you up front; if you're looking for any big, long-running and coherent storyline in Sonic the Hedgehog... you're not gonna find it. The early games are fine, but later on things start to get messy. VERY messy!
    Regarding Sonic's home; some early material mentions that he was raised on "Christmas Island", but we haven't ever seen that location in the games. He's more of a free spirit, always running from one adventure to the next, so he doesn't really have a home.
    As for the Chaos Emeralds, most of the early games treat them as bonus items you can obtain throughout the journey, in order to unlock the best ending (and get a snazzy power-up for Sonic).
    Yeah, disregard any mention of Mobius and Princess Sally. Those two names were added to Sonic CD's US manual to try and connect it to the then-current Sonic cartoon (which, as a heads-up, NONE of the cartoons over the years are canon to the games' storyline).
    The pink hedgehog from CD is Amy Rose, who goes on to be one of the series regulars over the years. And the planet... well, it's either just called "the earth" or "Sonic's world" depending on what the characters feel like calling it that day.
    Just to clear up the island names: Sonic 1 (and a few 8-bit titles) are set on South Island, Sonic 2 is set on West Side Island, and Sonic 3 is set on Angel Island.
    For most Sonic games? Yeah, it's basically the latter.
    For Sonic 3 specifically, though, there is a reason for them being here. Sonic actually has all 7 emeralds at the beginning of the game, but they're very quickly taken from him by Knuckles, who hides them away in the bonus stages.
    So uh, yeah. Hope that answers at least some of your questions.
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    NegaMetallix reacted to KHCast in Sonic Live Action Movie Thread (Read OP for topic rules) "Trailer 2 on Page 482)   
    So yeah the movie...it’s pretty meh to below average imo. I genuinely found myself bored for most of it. It’s not terrible mind you, it’s not the trainwreck we were all thinking it’d be, but it certainly isn’t close to what I was hoping.
    So right off the bat, yes, I’m a bit biased because I’m still not a fan of the live action direction, however with that said, the live action was never gonna kill it immediately for me. However, I was personally hoping for a more aesthetically pleasing live action take on Sonic. Something that compliments Sonic vs contrasts him. I was hoping for something akin to Detective Pikachu, a film that created its own original world and take on Pokémon in a live action environment. I appreciate those type of live action endeavors personally more than “drop them in the real world” stories. As it is, the setting came off super bland and uninteresting to me, not helped by the Green Hill Zone intro which gave the world life, and personality and visually kept me engaged. It’s one of my most wanted hopes in a sequel that they give us more visually engaging and interesting settings and locales that can compliment Sonic and friends. (It’s why I prefer animation for sonic cause stuff like that is easier to do) something akin to Unleashed’s world but translated into live action would be awesome. Problem is, that’s more difficult to do now that the world is established as reality, which makes me kinda expecting more of the same on that front. Again, much like detective pikachu, I kinda wish this film never had sonic be from a separate world, and instead Sonic and his friends just co-existed with humans. Then we possibly could have had more of a Sonic feeling setting.
    Aside from that complaint of mine, the rest of the movie was still a bit dry to me. The humor was super hit or miss, the characters outside Eggman and Sonic did not hold my interest at all, and the story overall was as I expected, generic. 
    I’m fine with Sonic. At first I was offput by his radical difference to the game versions, but eh, this is their take. My only hope going forward is we possibly get a more mature Sonic in the sequels. I didn’t like all that much the hyperactive child like aspect of his character. Eggman’s alright, he’s Jim Carrey, so it really falls onto if you like his style of acting or not. If you do, you’ll like him, if you don’t, he won’t really make you feel much. I personally enjoyed him enough. He did Eggman justice.
    its obvious love and effort went into this, I won’t fault them on that. It’s fun for the kids especially, and I’m happy it’s doing well, potentially opening up the way for a bigger sequel with more of a Sonic emphasis...but I can’t personally put this in my favorite video game films group. It’s better than most yeah on a objective front, but subjectively, eh. It just doesn’t stick in my mind all that much compared to a lot of video game movies that are objectively shittier.
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    NegaMetallix reacted to Strickerx5 in Rebecca Sugar's Steven Universe (Warning: Untagged Spoilers)   
    According to this press release, we're in for 10 more episodes with the final being on March 27th. Turned out to be around the length I expected. 20 episodes with a somewhat minor (as far as this show is concerned sadly) hiatus in the middle.
    As for the actual quality of Future, got to say that I'm sort of surprised to be learning that it's as mixed as it is. I mean, I can see why some have problems with it, but imo it's been pretty solid.
    The main criticisms seemed to be centered around Steven's attitude which is something I honestly found to be pretty refreshing all things considered. Don't get me wrong, I love Steven's purpose in the main show as an anchor for everyone else around him but like damn, the kid was only 14. I honestly have to chuck a lot of his ability to handle such events to him simply being a bit too naive to fully understand their implications. Though even then, a lot of the real heavy shit started going down in the last season of it so those reactions to that news never really had time to settle in him.
    Fast forward two or so years into Future and yeah, that shit is coming to a boil after the events in the movie. Steven has grown, is still going through big changes in his own life (like most do at that age even without the super saiyan pink thing), and is starting to have to focus in on himself now that the Gem threat has mostly died down. That is a recipe for conflict that I was hoping Future would tackle and I'm, so far, pleased with what it has shown. Steven's attitude and reactions to certain things feel justified considering the life he's had up until now.
    I'm just hoping we get a solid conclusion to some of the plot threads left out there. Mainly some closure for Pink. I can understand trying to leave things on the ol' "it's left ambiguous for you to come to your own conclusions" bit but tbh, I'd actually like to get some final word on that front. The character has been a driving force since the first gd episode and has been through so many twist and turns without even being around. I want some damn closure on it all lol.
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    NegaMetallix reacted to JezMM in Sonic Live Action Movie Thread (Read OP for topic rules) "Trailer 2 on Page 482)   
    Regarding the risk thing, I think the fairest compromise between the two sides of the argument would simply be that the answer is more complex than a straight blanket yes or no.
    Was the movie risky in terms of Sonic's brand identity?  Yes - Obviously Sonic needed no more bad press, and the live action animation hybrid had risk of alienating fans.
    Was the movie risky in terms of execution of the concept?  No - As said, the movie's humour goes for broad appeal and is rarely very clever, the plot is a pretty basic good vs evil, "real power of friendship" deal, the film does not challenge audiences in any way whatsoever (that's fine of course, not every piece of media has to be challenging to be enjoyable).
    Was the movie risky in terms of budget?  No - or at least, my understanding is no.  The scope of the film was influenced by it's budget anyway and we know Detective Pikachu was much higher, etc.
    The 2 x "No" and 1 x "Yes" here doesn't infer an overall "No" by the way, I think these three categories are fairly seperate from one another.
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    NegaMetallix reacted to azoo in Sonic Live Action Movie Thread (Read OP for topic rules) "Trailer 2 on Page 482)   
    This movie is definitely a film.
    There's definitely an arc, and there's a resolve. There's a lead character, supporting characters, and your background characters. There is a plot. It completes. It follows many of the constructs of a common cgi/live action hybrid film starring B/C-list celebrity actor and cartoon animal as they go do a shenanigan, except this time there's action in it. There's even advertisements in it! Remember, when you're looking for housing, try using Zillow, but first try Olive Garden's endless pasta bowl.
    The movie stars James Marsden as Thomas Wachowski, the cop. Sonic the Hedgehog is played by Ben Schwartz. Jim Carrey plays as Dr. Eggman. 
    It is definitely a film for kids to love, for boomers / gen-Xers to go "ah I remember my Genesis" to, and for the gaming faithful to salute to as if video game movies are saved. And Sonic fans, having not seen very much if any content outside of their walls, will see it as a success on their part. Bonus points for the people claiming it as "the best version of Sonic ever" who know exactly what they're saying and what it entails.
    The thing is, it seems that to make a Sonic movie you don't need to establish anything about Sonic properly. You can make a Sonic movie that apparently does it justice just by having a maybe-one-sentence-long-or-less understanding of what the series, it's characters or it's world, is. Anything else you (or the audience you're selling this to) doesn't know can just be made up for this particular instance; and it especially works since Sonic fans are so used to wildly different continuities and zero consistency that this is considered fine; a good thing, even. Who cares, yeah? It's never stopped us before! 
    Let it be remembered that film is the most influential genre, and how despite video games being the most financially viable market out there right now, film shapes entire generation's worth of cultural influence at a time; from it's interpretations of story, to character motives, to character designs. Entire status quo of franchises shift in the wake of what a film does for it's IP, with numbers increasing in profits and views for films to such heights as they do, entire franchises drastically change under the zeitgeist of what they introduce.
    And so a series that has consistently fallen in the eyes of the general public gets a milquetoast movie, only to get toted highly for passing the bar of basic competence into an ass-smashing $100M weekend. Hm! Interesting. And yet nothing conceptually about what was once seen as a bad idea changed besides a character design.
    Do I think Sonic will fall into this? Idk, maybe! It's not out of the question considering Sega's kinda adamance to see something successful and then violently grip onto it with it's (right-the-bumfuck-out-of-nowhere-tragic-bird-mom) talons for the next better end of a decade. I mean, they could always not, but it's best to not give them the benefit of the doubt on these things. Or maybe you can? Then again, I'm sure many are happy with this, if what I can tell from my scan over it all.
    So what did I think of the film, you're probably not wondering at this point, yeah? Yeah, I'm sure you get it. Happy ya'll are able to enjoy it. Jim's pretty fun in his role, Tyson did good with what he had, and Ben's got a good voice for the hog.
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    NegaMetallix reacted to Won't Stop, Just Go in Sonic Live Action Movie Thread (Read OP for topic rules) "Trailer 2 on Page 482)   
    The Sonic movie is built off of tried and tested Hollywood tropes for family movies that have been popular, consistently, for over 20 years. There's nothing risky about it outside of the bubble of online Sonic discussion. 
    A fully animated feature would have been riskier by itself by virtue of being more expensive and time consuming to produce without even getting into the story or artstyle.
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    NegaMetallix reacted to Won't Stop, Just Go in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - PLEASE SPOILER TAG LEAKS   
    I was expecting the reaction to be negative here but I'm annoyed with the community overall on twitter/reddit/yt for their behavior about this. There are 6 more coming if you don't like this one. Get some air.
    I was annoyed by the pick but the character looks decent in action. I'd be more annoyed if Byleth was another shallow rushdown character like the other FE reps but they actually finally worked the other weapon types in along with a couple other things I've wanted them to try. Looking at her kit I can't see her being very useful against the stronger characters so we're looking at another hero/banjo where she's underwhelming power wise but has some goofiness to make up for it. I don't see myself using her too much but there's enough there for me to want to try her out. 

    It would be ideal if they were released earlier but I imagine they just bring these characters out in the order that they're ready to be presented and there's not a lot of forethought about how the hype cycle will be. Once again I find myself being put off by people being more critical of Smash bros's marketing than they are of it as a game. It's just a commercial. It's not meant to be entertainment. 

    anyways fuck fire emblem CUPHEAD IS IN SMASH
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    NegaMetallix reacted to Blue Blood in Pokémon Sword & Shield (Isle of Armor: June 17th, 2020)   
    Of course. Pokémon are never truly exclusive to one version or another; it's just a matter of which you can obtain natively. This is just the same case as Applin evolving into Flapple or Appletun.
    This is the kicker. The Wild Area is large in literal terms of space. But as far as content is concerned, it's incredibly barebones. It's doesn't offer up any interesting or fun gameplay that does anything to shake-up or add to the formula. The first time I went through the Wild Area, it definitely felt great to be surrounded by something that seemed so open and full of challenging battles. But in practice, it wasn't anything like that. It's only got 3 connecting cities of interest, one of which being the starting town area that you'll never return to, and the other two are specific story locations. There's nothing to actually do in the Wild Area. There's lots of Wild Pokémon and random items strewn on the ground. That's literally it. It's a glorified route. There's nothing to explore, no new gameplay, no secrets... not even any of the incredibly boring and linear story actually takes place there.
    The two new DLC areas sound nice on paper, just as the Wild Area did. I need to see how they actually pan out though, because if they're as linear and light on content as the base game then I'm not sold. I want to know what there actually is to the new dojo, the legendaries and the Dens. 
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    NegaMetallix reacted to Ryannumber1gamer in SSMB General Christmas Discussion and Wishlist - 2019   
    The true miracle of Christmas, someone else getting to play this amazing series
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    NegaMetallix got a reaction from Ryannumber1gamer in SSMB General Christmas Discussion and Wishlist - 2019   
    Got a couple things this year: A Nintendo Switch Lite (to replace my old Switch, which is now owned by my youngest brother) and Gravity Rush 2 on PS4.
    Other than that, it's been a pretty normal day so far.
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    NegaMetallix reacted to Tara in Sonic Live Action Movie Thread (Read OP for topic rules) "Trailer 2 on Page 482)   
    I've mentioned in this thread before that I agree with the general philosophy of designing the movie with more than just the core fanbase in mind, if for no other reason than the fact that making an esoteric work that is overwrought with lore and internal references that only a niche population will understand has a tendency to lead to stilted writing and unsatisfying buildup and payoff.  I think if you make a good film, both fans and people who have never even heard of Sonic will enjoy it because it will have all the proper buildup and resolution that a good movie tends to have.  "Pleasing the fans" and "pleasing general audiences" are really not a mutually exclusive goal.
    But that doesn't mean you need to focus group test it to the point of being an abominable mess that overflows with cliche writing, vapid dialogue, and generic set pieces.  That's not even mentioning the horrible design.  What the recent news indicates is that they essentially did just that, which is what we've been saying since the inception of this threasd is a bad thing that leads to bad movies.  Like even ignoring the various problems with this type of focus group testing that have been documented for ages, I don't understand why there are people in this thread who see "they made something commercially viable at the expense of making an actually enjoyable movie" as something that we're supposed to laud them for?
    And then they make statements like "people liked the TMNT and Transformers designs" not realizing that, like, no.  People didn't.  Perhaps they think people did because they can somehow ignore the fact that both those films were heavily marketed to put it mildly.  Like, they put adverts for those films on everything.  TV and radio commercials, billboards, YouTube ads, toy lines, fast food toy lines, everywhere.  If you have a budget for that kind of mass marketing, a high turnout is almost inevitable.  And on a personal note, I've never met one single solitary person, even people that liked TMNT 2014, would have said "Yeah, I like it because the design is more realistic and appeals to me."  Like, for the most part, I see people who like it in spite of the designs.  And even that is a small number.
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    NegaMetallix reacted to Shaddy Zaphod in Sonic Live Action Movie Thread (Read OP for topic rules) "Trailer 2 on Page 482)   
    I've been seeing that "make sure to support this since it cost a lot and they listened to criticism" tweet going around a lot, and I just wanna remind people: don't go see the movie if you don't think it's gonna be good. If you thought the creepy Sonic was the only bad thing about the first trailer, you're good. But nobody should feel obligated to monetarily support a studio just because of a change that should never have needed to happen in the first place, made to a film that is still fundamentally flawed. The multi-billion dollar film studio and holdings company that own it are not going to be bullied by your actions either way.
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    NegaMetallix reacted to Stay at Home Ultima in Sonic Channel   
    Here he is!!!
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    NegaMetallix reacted to Blue Blood in Pokémon Spoilers Topic (Current Info Leaks: Sword & Shield)   
    So, I beat Shield. Random and incoherent thoughts follow:
    Sword and Shield are good games. They're better than XY and SuMo in my opinion. But they feel lazy, phoned in, unambitious, short, shallow and safe. This was Pokémon's time to really step forward, and it really didn't. They jump from SuMo to SwSh feels like going from DP to HGSS. That's pants.
    The series has totally done away with the concept of Pokémon being animals (/wild beasts), and your adventure is little more than a series of linear challenges that's laid out for you, just as in SuMo. I don't like these aspects, but they're amongst the most subjective of issues. The Gym Challenge you go on here is like the Island Challenge of SuMo in terms of how it's set up and conveyed to the player. You start at A and the game clearly tells you which order you'll go in. Once again you're not on an adventure as you were in Kanto, Hoenn, Johto or Sinnoh. It's not even like Unova where you were on an adventure that just felt linear. The adventure is gone. 
    The games are still made with the mindset that they're sprite based GameBoy games. Seeing NPCS rigid movement as they slowly turn, stop, walk, stop and turn just to speak to you in cutscenes is almost embarrassing.
    The excessive hand holding and exposition of SuMo have thankfully been rectified, but the game still feels limited and linear. The world never opens up for you to explore, evolution methods and Pokémon locations can still be so obtuse you need to consult a guide to find them. Moves and Pokémon have been cut out of the games seemingly arbitrarily. There's a huge lack of content. The EXP share kills any potential difficulty, and simply makes the game worse (I stopped fighting trainers and most wood Pokémon by gym 5 because I was constantly over levelled). The Wild area is a great concept that's undermined by the lack of content and linear nature of the game (not to mention the hideously bad performance if you're online). And in addition to that, just like all of the other recent games the are no dungeons or places to really explore. You get two linear caves in the middle of routes, Glimwood Tangle which is functionally just a regular route and that's it. No Granite Cave (RSE not the remakes) begging you to come back to explore later, no dangerous long routes with no Pokémon Centre/healer, no bases or hideous.  It's really disappointing.
    I don't know how bad the hate got... But I think it might just be warranted? I really enjoyed playing truth Shield for the first time. I understand why others might not. And I have no faith that Game Freak will do any better next time.

    On the subject of new Pokémon... This is the worst batch of starters to date. I picked Sobble, and while Inteleon has grown on me, I don't particularly like it. It's so human shaped, and not based around negative emotions like the two previous evolutions. Grookey gets the best deal, but it's still a bit rubbish. Cinderace is barely a Pokémon. What knock off cereal mascot did they steal? All of the final starter evolutions are pure types which is a bit of a shame, but not the worst thing ever. Cinderace looks like it wants to be a fighting type yet again though, so go figure. It's quite similar to Incineroar.
    The new Pokémon are pretty hit and miss. My team ended up being Inteleon, Perrseker (love it), Galarian Rapidash, Runerigus (his would anyone figure out how to evolve this?), Falinks (again, love it) and Boltund.
    Early on, a lot of Pokémon were looking like the base starter forms with big, spherical heads on top of tiny bodies. It was really annoying to see these similar designs pop up all over the place. And when the eventually started to kick in, the artstyle of Pokémon design is so soft, round and exaggerated compared to the older games. This has been an increasing trend with every Gen. Pokémon design quality probably started to dip in Gen 5 imo. I think that Pokémon designs now seem like they start with an idea first, and are worked backwards from them. Less and less often do the Pokémon look like "believable" animals now. They're more like individual characters.
    There were still very few new Pokémon. About 80, I think? Plus some Galarian forms and evolutions, bringing up the number a bit. I dunno. It feels like the Pokémon aren't the focus of Pokémon games any more. It's the region instead. And that's strange. Also 50% of Galarian forms/Evolutions are from Gen 1, and all Gigantamax forms are Galarian or Gen 1. Urgh.
    And Gigantamaxing as a concept... They all look like shit k bye.
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    NegaMetallix got a reaction from Kuzu in Pokémon Spoilers Topic (Current Info Leaks: Sword & Shield)   
    Ah, so Meltan and Melmetal ARE transferable? That's good to hear.
    Seems a little odd to me that only the Unova and Alola legendaries are transferable, though. At least my event Lunala isn't solely relagated to the 3DS now...
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    NegaMetallix reacted to Tara in Sonic Live Action Movie Thread (Read OP for topic rules) "Trailer 2 on Page 482)   
    I don't really care too much about the Eggman dancing thing as a standalone concept.  Namely, because when he does, it's usually pretty self-aware about it and the cringe is part of the joke.  But in the context of numerous other by-the-books and cliche trailer fodder, it just comes across as even more cringey than it otherwise might have.
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