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  1. Managed to snag a copy of Pokemon Soul Silver for... well, probably the best price I could realistically get nowadays.

    Still ridiculous how much it goes for now.

  2. A portable Steam console does grab my attention quite a bit, especially as someone who doesn't currently have the space for a proper PC. That said, the button layout on that model looks really awkward to use, even more than a Wii U gamepad. It could be more comfortable than it looks, sure, but I think I'll wait and see what people think after this thing is released.
  3. Wait, people found differences in that trailer? It looked exactly the same as it did the first time to me, plus I'd think any differences would be pretty hard to find considering the gameplay was shown from a distance. The fact that Serebii is so desperate to quell any criticism towards the upcoming games is just sad.
  4. While I'm a little disappointed that this isn't a big upgrade, I'm mostly relieved that my current red Switch isn't obsolete yet. The new model looks fine, and both the built-in LAN adaptor and adjustable stand for tabletop mode are great, but it's certainly not enough for me to consider getting one, especially since my current model isn't old at all. That said, my brother's OG model is starting to falter a bit now, so he may get some use from upgrading. Depends on the price.
  5. First vaccine get!

    Now to wait for the next...

  6. Suddenly I'm in the mood for chili dogs...

  7. This is what I'm thinking, tbh. If they do bring Ridley back in, having him appear in a fully robotic from could work considering all the other mechanical menaces like EMMI around too. That said, I'd personally prefer for Ridley to not suddenly show up for once, or at the very least not be shoehorned in for no good reason.
  8. Well, this isn't something I thought I'd be doing today. I headed down to my local comic store today and managed to buy a copy of the 30th Anniversary one-shot a day early! So I figured I'd give my thoughts on it while they're fresh: (SPOILER WARNING) Overall, I think this is a pretty fun comic, though after the first story it started to falter a bit. Still, while it's not what I'd label as a "must-have", it is something I can see myself coming back to read every now and then. Not bad for my first IDW Sonic comic.
  9. Huh. Just to go on a side-tangent for a second - has anyone noticed how, just before entering Sweet Mountain Act 3 in the video @Sonikko posted, a Rival Rush option pops up for that Act? Considering it only seems to show up on this Act (it doesn't even remotely pop up when Sonic moves over Acts 1 and 2 in the video) I suspect this means that the new mode has you facing off against Metal Sonic in just some of the Acts across each world. ... Oh, and if anyone's still wondering about the console/controller they're showcasing, I'm certain it's Xbox and/or PC. The buttons shown at the results screen (RB to restart and (≡) to continue) are definitely from an Xbox One/Series controller.
  10. The Treehouse demo confirms he will be. When the player reaches a communication room, Samus will upload Adam into a large device, similar to Fusion. Apparently he'll be giving out lore details throughout the game, but won't be actively directing you to your next destination. The player has to figure that out for themselves.
  11. This will likely be a day one purchase for me! Everything about it just looks so wonderful; the robotic enemies bring a slightly more underused element of previous games to the forefront, I love how the EMMI appears to act like a spiritual successor to Fusion's SA-X encounters, and Samus' new suit is just... oh, I love it! Legit would love to see this suit (or at least the colour scheme) come to a future Smash game! Hell, I'm even tempted to get the Amiibo figures too, just to have them displayed.
  12. There were a lot of great games shown off at Nintendo's Direct...

    ...but there was no Splatoon 3, so 0/10 worst stream ever

    Nah, it was fine. I am a little disappointed S3 didn't show, but everything else was generally pretty good.

  13. Iirc, they had to shift around a lot of stuff with Team Rocket and Team Plasma fairly early on. Initially there was supposed to be a large rivalry between the two teams, but the episode starting that rivalry was cancelled/banned/re-edited after the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake, thus forcing them to remove that whole arc. That's why the only time Team Plasma show up is the N arc.
  14. So, it may be a bit early to celebrate... but I might have just secured a PS5!

    1. Ryannumber1gamer


      MY BOY

    2. NegaMix


      Yup! Got the order confirmation soon after purchasing, so hopefully that means I've got it secured. If so, it should arrive on Friday.

      There is a downside however: I could only get the Digital edition, as all the disc editions (and bundles) were either scooped up immediately, or GAME's stupid "you tried to purchase too many items, please wait a bit" warning prevented me from getting one.

  15. The point of Gamma's rebellion was that, after witnessing many different things in what appears to be a short amount of time (like his fellow E-Series units getting demoted after just one single failure, Beta being forced to get an upgrade likely against its will, and the bird with Amy possibly triggering some memories of its former life) Gamma ultimately deduced that Eggman was the enemy and that he needed to save his "friends" by releasing their animal batteries. Eggman may have cared about Gamma, but only because he appeared to be his most loyal, efficient E-Series bot. Witnessing Gamma failing (and especially rebelling) would have likely led to a far more tragic end for the bot than what he got; one where he's forced to follow Eggman's orders without question.
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